Well would you look at that!

Here’s a thing, laughingmango! Whee!

Ok so I’m posting this because I kinda need to bump the previous post down so that nobody gets in a “looking at my usually SFW blog with parents around and getting a surprise” situation …again. >_>

I’ve been reading the Cybersix comics illustrated by Carlost Meglia lately and I decided to try and mimic his art style kinda unsuccessfully but yeah here is a thing that takes space hahah

So yeah do not scroll too fast ok?

Aww Slimm you make me miss my RO days of youth so much.

One stupid thing I really miss is, picking up a bunch of newbies in Prontera like a trail of ducklings and tanking for them until they reached job level. And using my super crappy crusader healing powers to fix up random people. It made me stupidly happy.

Also, doing an haphazard boss run with the guild and getting everyone but me and my brother wiped (crusaders, fricking hard to kill) because we were so badly organized and the healer was way too low-level. Hahah. Fun times.