Ok so I’m posting this because I kinda need to bump the previous post down so that nobody gets in a “looking at my usually SFW blog with parents around and getting a surprise” situation …again. >_>

I’ve been reading the Cybersix comics illustrated by Carlost Meglia lately and I decided to try and mimic his art style kinda unsuccessfully but yeah here is a thing that takes space hahah

So yeah do not scroll too fast ok?


Two silly little things I drew as thanks for squigglydigg and altairattorney’s help! What nice folk!

I’ll try to get around and color my crap eventually but I should be working of my project that’s due tomorrow at this very moment so…I should be off…yeah…


Anyhow, thanks again!

You two… huff… are so cheating…


For guiltylove from CelebrenIthil

Here is your prompt 1, with a side order of Yomiel with his hair down. Well, down-ish. Lynne tied it for him. You can play twister in suit and sunglasses, but not gathering your hair at all so you step over it all the while? That’s just plain silly!

I hope you enjoy! :)

P.S. Clicking the picture should lead to full-sized version. Theorically.

Gosh I’m so sorry everyone, I didn’t expect that would get as popular as it did, so now I’m there, all late trying to come with a colored version while ya’ll reblogging the uncolored thing

guhhh…. better late than never? I guess? Sorry!


Really crummy sketch of Dâgalûr, daughter of Azog (Jr) and I-suppose-sister of Bolg in @Determamfidd’s story, Sansûkh (wow I think I wrote both the username and title right first try nope I typo'ed).

EDIT: deleted the Read More because it made a “undefined” error? Sorry for the wall-o-text.

We’ve yet to read a thorough description of the personable orc lady besides a mention of bloody teeth, but I’m sure she’s properly huge and nasty. I drew her looking too dainty actually, one more reason this sketch kind of sucks bad, but anyhow. 

Our lovely author wrote that Dâgalûr wields a flail, and I’m just a sucker for flails. I went and tried to adapt the rejected live-action Bolg’s mace into a flail, because that weapon not making it in the movie is a great injustice to the concept artists, prop-makers and movie goers alike. Look at the glorious thing.

Okay, weapon fangirling aside, I kind of imagine Dâgalûr has the same propensity as her kin for wearing minimal armour/clothing in order to show her characteristic pale hide, wicked scars, horrifying body mods and to look like a general massive badass who isn’t afraid of gruesome mutilation befalling her in battle.

She also actually has only a few wispy strands of hair, like her brother: what you would see if I had arsed to add some proper colour to this is that she actually braided the still-bloody tresses from the beards and scalps of dwarves she defeated into her own. (Detail inspired by the live action Bolg once again. IDK if that’s what they were going for, but he looks like he’s wearing dwarf-pelts or something… All that red hair/fur…) Her forehead and neck are caked in blood and no braid has the same colour, though the whole bloody and grimy mess is probably turning kinda uniformly red-brownish.

Yep, nice lady. I wish I had done a better job drawing how I envision her. Oh welp. On to see what she will really look like.

Well would you look at that!

Here’s a thing, laughingmango! Whee!

Courtesy “Bad-handwriting” to “readable format” translation

-*YAWN* Good morning, bunny!

-Hah, morning mom! Did I wake you up?

-Nuh-uh, don’t worry. Everyone is still fast asleep - sleeping off yesterday’s meal and all of the wine, surely.

-But you haven’t party'ed as hard as everyone and now you’ve been up making éclairs


-Aww my big reasonable boy! …your friends, they better enjoy them

-Hahah, I’m not worried

-Thanks for letting me use the kitchen here, by the way! My oven would have been too small to make a decent amount at once! - And yeah (error in the picture, my bad) I’m still more used to cook here than at my apartment

-You’ll always be very welcome in my kitchen my dear. You know this, surely.

-These are coming along well, I think they’re done baking

-Yeah, I’ll take them out

-Your crème patissière and your ganache are all ready- my, you haven’t dawdled! I’m very proud!

-Aww mom, thanks- but this isn’t even a hard recipe or anything-

-Shush, always trying to weasel out of compliments, are you?

-…by the way….You aren’t going to tell your friends that I am the one that made these, are you?

-….uh….if you don’t mind? Don’t worry, they’ll be good enough to pass as yours-

-that’s not what worries me and you know it, young man-

-Aww c'mon don’t “young man” me mom-

- You shouldn’t be ashamed of your cooking skills-

-but mom-

-It’s not because your dad is a clumsy oaf in the kitchen that-

-yeah ok mom I know that-

-and the young ladies, they love men who can cook-

-I don’t know any, mom!


I will simply say they are fresh out of my mom’s oven and it’s be the mere truth and none will be the wiser. >:U


(ok, due to time constraints I might not redraw every character if I consider there is still an ok enough picture to display)

(Revisiting) 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge 

Day 4 - Executor (& the rest of the compubots)

This character is, I guess, a PCjinka- tough at the time I had no idea what a gijinka was lol. I had gotten my very first computer- not the family one, not my brother’s old rig, mine. Custom-made. :D It had a very cool Alienware rip-off case with blue lights and alien-shaped “eyes” in the front. I named him Executor (because hey I may be a Zerg player but admit the Protoss have the coolest titles…) and proceeded to create this persona.

I did a bunch of other “computer-jinkas” I dubbed “compubots”, them not being based on real rigs, but it was fun to invent them.

I never went very deep with characterization and personalities for them little guys but Executor is a rather helpful and up-beat dude with a liking for both arts and gaming; Frag is a very competitive, overclocked gaming rig that never took shit from anyone; Macbot (real name would be his serial number (all macbots are clones)) is a snotty, artsy hipster and a bit of a drone; Soundblaster is one chill dude with some sick beats, my broputer; Eepeecee is a hyper, sugar-coated impish little bastard that needs to take frequent naps or he’ll overheat; Deleter is a monstrous gaming rig that cannibalizes the PCs he defeats for parts(he is otherwise a rather classy guy!); MathuseLAN is one old bugger that keeps churning stories about the good old days when people used floppy discs and 1 kb was an amazing amount of RAM to have; finally, Web & Cam are freaky social media addicts (I guess Web only speaks by tweeting and Cam doesn’t speak at all, he just films. everything. like. a. creep.)

Older crappier art:

Aww Slimm you make me miss my RO days of youth so much.

One stupid thing I really miss is, picking up a bunch of newbies in Prontera like a trail of ducklings and tanking for them until they reached job level. And using my super crappy crusader healing powers to fix up random people. It made me stupidly happy.

Also, doing an haphazard boss run with the guild and getting everyone but me and my brother wiped (crusaders, fricking hard to kill) because we were so badly organized and the healer was way too low-level. Hahah. Fun times.

(Revisiting) 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge 

Day 3 - Lianna & Chessface

This one is a character from my D&D-inspired universe and one of a bunch of characters I’ve been steadily carrying around for years and years.

Lianna was stillborn to a beautiful woman in a town lorded over by a Necromancer of great power. As it was there the law, the babe was brought to the lord for his experiments. The necromancer, at the time trying to master immortality without having to become an undead lich, managed to breathe life into the little girl. He had never before been so successful, and decided to keep the child in order to see if the magic would hold and if she should grow and age. For he was growing old, and planned to somehow transfer his mind and powers into a new and fit body, and thus unlock eternal life for himself.

At first, the necromancer figured that he could use Lianna as his bride, for when he would regain the carnal desires of youth that had now left his fragile, magically-preserved body. Yet, as time passed without him getting closer to his goal, as Lianna grew amidst the mindless undead servants, he found himself growing rather fond of the child in a fatherly way. She was bright, patient and of the most disarming innocence, and the old necromancer found himself feeling content and fulfilled to see her play and to teach her magic, for she had the spark.

Finally, the necromancer figured how to transfer his power to a new host, but transferring his very mind and soul was still eluding him, and it was clear he wouldn’t last long enough to ever unfold that arcane secret. He therefore set on to groom Lianna as his successor. He passed away as she was a teen, not managing to teach her anywhere close to all of his knowledge but transferring her his magical powers nonetheless.

Before he died, the necromancer told his ward that she should leave their home, see the world and learn as much as she could. The castle would remain, protected by enchantments and kept by the undead servants. Once she had grown wise and powerful, she should then come back home and maybe pick back up on his work.

As a parting gift, he released Chessface from his bonds to pass him on as Lianna’s guardian, for she loved him much. Chessface was once the necromancer’s greatest foe, a powerful wizard of his own. He was ultimately defeated, hacked in two and his soul was forcibly trapped to his remains. The Necromancer had him painted in checkers and had a chess table made out of the grim trophy, with his old foe fused on one side and forced to wait there to entertain him with a game. Chessface’s memories, self and will had pretty much crumbled, but he was still the only sentient being in the castle besides Lianna and the necromancer. He ended up being the lone friend of the young girl.

Lianna would later meet and join my group of characters. She hadn’t ever been out of the castle, and while she was taught a lot, she had never experienced the real world. She is a very sweet and innocent girl, clueless even. She also doesn’t get what is wrong with dark magic or what’s the fuss everyone pulls out about magically ambulating corpses. (she also had only had for a wardrobe the corny outfits the necromancer had had done back when he planned her to be his eye-candy “bride”, to the great horror of the world-savvy rogue who quickly took her under her wing before “some unspeakable calamity would happen to the silly girl!” She really doesn’t get what’s wrong with her clothes tough.)

For what Chessface has left of a mind, he is very loyal and loves her deeply, if whatever a undead monstrosity can feel could be love. Memories are starting to come back from wandering the world again, but he doesn’t really want to head down that path back into the pain and madness.

Old art: 

(more later maybe, most of it never was hosted anywhere…)