Imagine Orlando’s reaction to being told that y/n like him in an interview.

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“We heard that y/n likes you.”, the interviewer told Orlando.

“Oh really?”, he smiled at the thought of being with you.

Imagine(Request) shooting a movie together with Orlando and the two of you becoming close... very close.

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Imagine Aidan not wanting you to leave and go to work.

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“No, y/n, please stay. Call in sick and crawl back in bed with me.”

“Aidan, I-” He gave you a pouty face, you sighed in defeat. He smiled and pulled you down on the bed.

Imagine telling Richard(best friend who secretly loves you) you’re seeing someone new.

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“Are you serious?”, he said, as he placed his cup on the table. You looked at him confused, he gripped his cup and you two sat in silence.