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Imagine that Adrien cannot stop modeling. Ever. Ugly faces selfie? Nah. Super bad candid picture? Lol nooooo. Alya and Nino find out quickly and try their HARDEST to get a bad photo (Marinette doesn't think any of them are ugly, of course). It becomes a game that spreads to their other classmates. //Meanwhile, Alya shows the squad photos of Chat Noir, and he always has the WORST poses, expressions, and timing. 😉//

//oh my god this is such a thing now. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A THING NOW. Because Adrien’s a model. He’s a celebrity model and his dad is a celbrity fashion designer so no, all social media and picutres must live up to a standard. Nothing goofy or unpecoming of someone of their class and it’s been drilled into Adrien for so long that he can’t help but give the most photogenic poses everytime there’s a camera directed towards him (it’s almost like an instinct. Not even secret pictures where there’s no WAY he could know that there was a camera present come out looking like he’d been prepped for a shoot.



Top 10 (or 5) Favourite Celebrities Tag

NEW TAG and again I was tagged by the wonderful, @head-of-house-stark (please follow him). The title is self explanatory, you just name your Top 10 (or 5) favourite celebrities and then tag some people! So, here you go, in no particular order:

1. Kurt Cobain
2. Courtney Love
3. Ruby Rose
4. Carrie Fisher
5. Harrison Ford
6. Daisy Ridley
7. Angelina Jolie
8. Andy Biersack
9. Cara Delevingne
10. Tom Felton

They’re the only celebrities I could think of :). I tag these awesome people: @loki-the-god-in-green, @electric–indigo, @mezzerwezzer, @oh-my-fucking-haruhi, @aliensrgay, @fearthewhitewolf, @fangirling-in-the-corner, @blueboxat221b, @slightly-bisexual-pasta and anyone else who wants to do it! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!!! :D

Mudride Radio - Mudcast 54 [69MB | 1h 00m 27s]

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I really appreciate a good mashup. Being able to find creative ways that two seemingly different songs can fit together entertains me to no end! That said, I am stoked to finally share another mix from long-time contributor DJ JSKI. This, folks, this is a mashup of mashups! A solid hour of aural madness ready to kick off a new month with you!

  1. Bittersweet Pompeii - DJs From Mars
  2. Future Sound - Loo & Placido
  3. End of the Walrus - Fissunix
  4. 2 For Tom’s Diner - MixmstrStel
  5. Blank Up - DJ Lobsterdust
  6. Fun - Smija
  7. Moving Da Royalty - Rad Bad
  8. The Way I Funk - Pablo Blue
  9. Lean Like This - Adrian
  10. Groove Is In The Celbrity - John Marr
  11. Maybe We Found Love - DJ Lobsterdust
  12. I Love Clarity - DJ Schmolli
  13. Tik Tok Everybody Has No Limit! - DJ Dumpz
  14. Never Move A Rock Like Jagger - Marc Johnce
  15. Reasonably Safe - The White Panda
  16. Five Voices - 3LAU
  17. Only Insomnia In The World - DJs From Mars
  18. Rhythm Is A Gangsta - DJs From Mars
  19. Eine Kleine Big Booty Bonkers - DJs From Mars
  20. Five - DOSVEC
  21. Mineral Drive - 3LAU
  22. Cruelly Good Summer Feeling - DJ Schmolli
  23. I Like To Move It - The Fabulous Beatmashers
  24. Rock The Suckaz - MAKJ
  25. Get Up, Whine Up - <uncredited>
  26. Supernova Love - Dan Mei
  27. Cars That Go Boom - DJ Defkline & Red Polo
  28. Roll It - DJ Lobsterdust
  29. This Song Smells - The Kleptones
  30. Freaky Kicks In The Dark - Marc Johnce

If you like what you’re hearing, do everything you can to support the artists (wherever they are, whatever they’re doing now)! That’s how they make a living, so we gotta do our part!

Right now, I think March is going to see a chillout mix that I’ve been tinkering with for months. Time to get it out of the garage and into your ears.

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I'm planing to make a celbrity-ish blog, more focused on fashion, in another language, actually, but anyway, I was wondering if you think I could work with only the fair share pictures in image website or do you think I would need to have an image account like you have Splash. My budget is kinda tight.

i can’t really advise you on that….i will say - this is what people don’t get - there’s very few things that actually qualify as fair use when it comes to celeb pics. Most of the celeb pics you see on legit sites are licensed from that company. that’s how they make money. that’s why there is a thing called paparazzi. you may be able to get away with it for awhile (and there are ways that people “game” the system - i.e., hosting pics elsewhere etc) but if you get caught or the wrong photog sees you using their pics, you probably will get a lawyer letter asking you to pay up. There are photogs who legit just try to scare small sites into paying huge fees for “illegal use”. i think they try to make their money that way versus even selling their pics to places like splash.

some ways to get around it are using twitter and instagram embed codes because they you are not the “source” of the pic. if you’re doing a tumblr blog you may be able to get away with it longer than like wordpress where it’s hosted on your site.

and lastly, if you plan to make money, you will most likely HAVE to use legit licensed pics because ad networks and things like google adsense require you to have licenses for the content you post and will delete your account/site if they find you in conflict (that actually happened to me on here - i had google adsense running on my tumblr - they saw i reblogged links to 1D song downloads and killed my adsense for this site). 

celebrity blogging is super tough because of the picture problem. legit pics are expensive. if you are just doing it for fun on tumblr, as long as you are just reblogging other peoples pics and not uploading/hosting them yourselves you might be ok.

pierceaholic asked:

Boss James?

Full Name: Diego Flores (the james thing is actually a joke since diego translates into james)

Gender and Sexuality: Cis Homosexual Male

Pronouns: he/him

Ethnicity/Species: Puerto Rican/Human

Birthplace and Birthdate: Downtown near Saints Row, April 1st (not sure about the year since the saints row timeline is so confusing but hes supposed to be 23 by the first game and 35 by saints row IV)

Guilty Pleasures: Books especially old romance novels and trashy reality tv shows like jerry springer

Phobias: trypophobia

What They Would Be Famous For: Well in game i imagine ultor made the saints celebrities to pacify them but i imagine if he were to have become a celbrity on his own it would be by competing in crazy game shows like  Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax

What They Would Get Arrested For:  arson,murder,burglary,drug trafficking and all the other things he does as the boss

OC You Ship Them With: noone

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Mr Handy is the only person i can think who would actually try to kill him but i can see him getting into fights with most of my OCs

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: romantic dramas/mysteries

Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: documentaries 

Talents and/or Powers: hes a great artist 

Why Someone Might Love Them: he’s sarcastic, fun loving, loyal, a great listener, and a big dreamer

Why Someone Might Hate Them: he holds grudges, hes incredibly violent, hes an attention seeker, he doesn’t like telling people about himself or revealing his past before he was in the saints, hes very emotional and impulsive

How They Change: in saints row 1 he was very quiet and bottled up all his emotions, in saints row 2 he starts letting himself release his emotions but ends up being extremely violent and obnoxious even to his friends, in saints row the third he starts letting his friends know more about him but is still very hush hush about his past, in saints row IV he has better control over his violent nature and lets himself indulge in his guilty pleasures more often.

Why You Love Them: diego is someone whose gone through alot and while he makes alot of mistakes and gets beat down he always picks himself up afterwards and tries to improve his own life and the lives of his friends. Hes an impulsive jerk but hes also a kind book loving nerd who just has so many dreams about how to change his world for the better even though he knows hes not a good person. 

anonymous asked:

for some reasons the birthday sahred celbrity tag post you reblogged I read Lana DelRey in your tag at first and thn I read againand I was like what the fuck

please omg