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As promised, here’s the turnaround photoset for my “Welcome to Inlé” sculpture. I’ll post some detail shots in a bit.

This project actually started way back in 2006 or so when I decided I wanted to sculpt my interpretation of the Black Rabbit of Inlé from Richard Adams’ Watership Down. I was still pretty new to sculpting, but ended up making something I was really happy with and that marked a pretty big turning point for me, both in terms of style and subject. Last summer, a couple purchased the original piece (you can find photos of it posted here on my tumblr, quite a few pages back), and paid me to create a more detailed base for the piece, and gave me free rein, creatively speaking, to do so.

The project ended up taking me about nine months to complete, and the finished piece is definitely something that was a blast to work on, but also was a big challenge. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and though I miss it now that it’s in its new home, I’m glad to have it off my plate.

It definitely won’t be the last time I explore Inlé, or the Black Rabbit himself, through sculpture, though, you can count on that. :D

Super Sculpey original/firm blend and apoxie Clay over a wire, foil, wire mesh, and wood armature, painted with cel-vinyl, mounted on a poplar board. Roughly. 25”x11”x18”

I’ll write more about the piece when I post the detail shots, which will have to be some time tomorrow, cuz I’m too sleepy to type properly now.

Working digitally has its pros and cons; much as I love the versatility of Photoshop, I also find it takes forever needling and nitpicking, picking the right brush to do the job (there are too many brushes out there, which is a blessing and a curse!). And even though I do a lot of traditional drawing/markmaking to break up the digital, I have been wanting to push my traditional/digital ratio. So after a lot of research, I decided to order some cel vinyl acrylic paints from Cartoon Colour, seeing awesome results from folks like Martin Ontiveros, Tim Biskup, Drake Brodahl, and Martin Hsu. This is my first little painting experiment, and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome stuff. I always love the look of gouache but for whatever reason mixing it and getting really opaque results with fine lines and drybrush has been beyond me. This stuff makes it easy, and I suspect there’s some really fun things I could do with markmaking and layering traditional and digital mixed media with this stuff.

I don’t really think like a painter, more like a drawer or a printmaker, but I’m hoping with practice this will change! I will share more as I keep playing around with this stuff.

Anyone for in progress shots?
I’m currently still tackling the remaining Animal Crossing Requests. Although this photo is from a few days ago (or older? idk ), each figure goes through phases. If you look closely you’ll see the tiny brush I use most often to do most of the fine detailing. Oh I feel bad for it. If you want one of these beauties for yourself or to give for the holidays please contact me asap ! Thank you!



“Luna P. Magic!”

Chibiusa has the best toy/friend in the world. 

My original art piece for “Meatball Head”! You guys gonna come? It’ll be an amazing show, so many lovely artists!

YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY COME! This Saturday! 7pm-10pm! Be there!

(Thank you to Jacob for his amazing photograph work, this is probably the longest painting I’ve done)

Since it is my mom’s bday next week on the day I have work and class, I painted her an early bday present as part of my project for class. I’m gonna give it to her after I come back from class next week. Hopefully she doesn’t see it.

This is a painting of my dog. Orange is more flattering than brown

Here’s another Sneak Peak of a gorgeous new piece by Martin Hsu! Cherish, Acrylic and Cel Vinyl on Maple, 8” Round Wood Panel, for our upcoming exhibition, Ever Surreal!
Martin will be joining us for the opening reception of Ever Surreal this Saturday, August 1st, from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. We hope you will too! To purchase or to request a VIP preview link, please email contact@flower-pepper.com
This beautiful lady in the water was inspired by traditional Japanese lacquerware and she is as graceful as she is lovely.

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Sneak peak of an awesome new piece by Andrew Brandou! Ruskin, Cel Vinyl and Acrylic on Wood Panel, 10.8" x 10.8", for our upcoming exhibition, Ever Surreal!
Ever Surreal opens this Saturday, August 1st, from 6:30pm-9:30pm! To purchase or to request a VIP preview link of this show, please email, contact@flower-pepper.com
“Ruskin is a nod to artist, critic and thinker who found the connections between art and nature – here the giant offers a simple thing to his friend, opening up further possibilities. Maybe the bunny will be inspired as Ruskin’s students were to the ideas of craft and conservation.” -AB

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Happy Monday everyone! ✨ Here is one of many beautiful works apart of our new exhibition, Ever Surreal • Bloom by Martin Hsu, 8" Round Wood Panel, Acrylic and Cel Vinyl on Maple.

About the Artist:
Martin is based in San Francisco and originally from Taiwan. He has participated in local and international art exhibitions including Art Basel Miami, Young Art Taipei, Hello Kitty and Sanrio’s Anniversaries, and Disney’s WonderGround Gallery.

This original painting is available for purchase on our website at www.flower-pepper.com. Most of the Martin’s pieces has sold, so get one while you can!

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