cel vinyl




(2016) Photoshop

Adult Swim

Background paintings for new season of Samurai Jack. It’s been about 13 years since last time I did paintings on the show. Did them digitally this time around,originally we used Cel-Vinyl. Scott Wills scanned lots of hand painted textures in order to achieve the look. Art Direction by Scott Wills, layouts by Lou Romano, digital paint by me.


As promised, here’s the turnaround photoset for my “Welcome to Inlé” sculpture. I’ll post some detail shots in a bit.

This project actually started way back in 2006 or so when I decided I wanted to sculpt my interpretation of the Black Rabbit of Inlé from Richard Adams’ Watership Down. I was still pretty new to sculpting, but ended up making something I was really happy with and that marked a pretty big turning point for me, both in terms of style and subject. Last summer, a couple purchased the original piece (you can find photos of it posted here on my tumblr, quite a few pages back), and paid me to create a more detailed base for the piece, and gave me free rein, creatively speaking, to do so.

The project ended up taking me about nine months to complete, and the finished piece is definitely something that was a blast to work on, but also was a big challenge. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and though I miss it now that it’s in its new home, I’m glad to have it off my plate.

It definitely won’t be the last time I explore Inlé, or the Black Rabbit himself, through sculpture, though, you can count on that. :D

Super Sculpey original/firm blend and apoxie Clay over a wire, foil, wire mesh, and wood armature, painted with cel-vinyl, mounted on a poplar board. Roughly. 25”x11”x18”

I’ll write more about the piece when I post the detail shots, which will have to be some time tomorrow, cuz I’m too sleepy to type properly now.


Recently found some of the very first professional work I ever did for Nickelodeon’s “Catscratch” from back in 2005.  After completing an internship on the show I was asked to do some freelance character design as a sort of test/training period.  I believe these were for the Halloween episode.  I was still learning at the time and my linework needed improvement and more confidence but I remember working super hard and being so excited to do these and it eventually lead to being hired full-time.  I’m very thankful to the entire crew for giving me a chance and being so welcoming to a young artist fresh out of school.  I still have friendships from that show.

Rough designs by me - Cleanup by Michele Secilia - Color by Simon Simmonds - with character direction by Doug TenNapel and Mike Girard

FYI: all design and cleanup was done with pencil and paper on this show (there were no cintiqs).  The backgrounds were painted with cel-vinyl on illustration board as well.


(2014) Acrylic

“The Second Cargo”

This was a painting done for an art auction that Dreamworks put on for Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles using HTTYD 2 as a theme.I borrowed some Nico Marlet character designs and an NC Wyeth compositon for the idea. It had been a while since I used my Cel-Vinyl paints but I was able to salvage them,the painting is 8" by 6".


Pre-production character design ideas for the “Spelling Bee” from the 1970 Chuck Jones directed “The Phantom Tollbooth”. Top, Gouache, India ink, graphite, and marking pen on 12 field animation paper; bottom: Cel vinyl on an acetate overlay with gouache, India ink, graphite, and marking pen on 12 field animation paper.  


I am the Dragon, I am the Sky - A Tribute to David Bowie 

Steel and Aluminum Mesh Armature, Apoxie Sculpt, Sculpey Medium, Cel Vinyl, Pearl Ex, Wood Base….Completed over the course of a year, Approx 60 Hours….12 inches total height 

I created this piece for myself. It is not for sale nor will it be reproduced. 

 “I am the dragon, I am the sky” is my favorite Bowie lyric, from the song “The Pretty Things are Going to Hell”. That lyric is the basis of this piece. It illustrates the spirit returning to the stars and becoming one with the sky once again. 

Read more about the meaning behind this piece here. (Also with still photos)

Made with Instagram

Little Makar is all finished and is ready to be sprayed with sealant. 

He is made to be worn as a necklace but could also be made as a figurine. 

I made him with a bell inside so he does jingle when shaken :] 

Will be up for sale soon - I can customize him if you’d like too! 

Please send me a message here or through Etsy if you  would like to have your very own adorable Korok !


Thank you!