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Finding Miracles

A/U  Alternate ending to season 7  

Notes -  I actually wrote this on request of a fellow shipper, a shipper romantic of heart and hating of how season 7 ended.  And she had a collection of ideas that she wasn’t able to get down in story form.  So she asked me to do it for her. So I did.

 Finding Miracles

 The events of the last couple of days have left me desperately worried about Scully and that worry has driven me to refuse point blank to allow her to come back out to Oregon.

And even as I held her in my arms right there in the corridor outside skinner’s office, all efforts of propriety tossed out the window, no longer afraid that our carefully kept secret would be out, I knew that there was something she wasn’t telling me.

Her assertion that she was exhausted didn’t cut ice with me because in the eight years I have known her, I have seen that woman literally running on empty, so used up that she had nothing left to give, grey with fatigue, stumbling almost blindly beside me, she never ever admitted to anyone, least of all me, that she was too tired to go on.  Never once had I seen her go down in the way she had just a few short days out in the Oregon woods as my heart literally seemed to jump right out of my chest when I had turned around to find she was no longer following me.  That panicked headlong re-tracing of my steps hearing the ragged way I called her name, the barely cloaked desperation born of the realisation that suddenly she was just gone.

And when I burst through the undergrowth to be confronted with the sight of her laying boneless and unmoving on the thick carpet of lush green grass and dead leaves that covered the forest floor, for just one terrible moment my mind told me that she was dead.  So many times she has almost been taken from me, the sight of her down, with no apparent reason, had caused all rational thought to desert me.

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Hunter x Hunter: 1999 animation cel + homemade background

Last year for Niki’s birthday I bought an original cel from the HxH 1999 anime and drew an ‘anime closer’ background to go underneath it. Since the HxH manga came back ON NIKI’S BIRTHDAY, I wanted to share!

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Heelp jakei, the sound of the "jakei's fright" bugged in my cel phone and I can't hear you screaming again(? D'X what should I dooo :'v//

I realized the sound from mobile devices is not working :/
The only way to listen to it is from a computer. It’s really weird and I don’t know how to fix it

A DC Universe RPG sourcebook from 2000 predicted the smartphone

The JLA Sourcebook from 2000, made for West End Games’s DC Universe, had an adventure in back that was based on time travel, made possible by the android Hourman from the Tom Peyer series. It involved travelling to three eras of JLA history, including the beginning (the status quo at the time was based on Mark Waid’s JLA: Year One, which had Black Canary as a JLA founder), the “present” (2000), and future. 

It was the part of the adventure that was set 10 years into the future that was the most interesting. In it, the player characters run into the JLA of the year 2010, which included an adult Robin (Tim Drake version) as leader. But the most interesting part of it was that in the description of the future age, it involved everyone “constantly staring at a device that was part PDA, part computer, and part telephone.” 

Predicting portable computers doesn’t require a genius (we had PDAs in 2000, after all), and cel phones were starting to become universal by 2000. But the most impressive part of the prediction was that a combination of the two would 1) be universal and everyone would have one, 2) people would be on them a lot and staring at them in public constantly. 

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Which of ur fics are modern aus and of those which are completed or not?

GIngerbread Houses super fluffy one shot bellamy is raising 10 year old octavia, and new neighbor clarke invites her to make gingerbread houses for christmas. 

Bright and Sharp christmas one shot. Bellamy and Clarke are waiting tables and get snowed in so they walk back to her apartment through the snow.

Tequila Regrets christmas one shot. Clarke and Bellamy are roommates and she agrees to be his fake girlfriend so his predatory boss will stop hitting on  him.

In The Cards halloween one shot. clarke reads tarot for charity and sees herself in bellamy’s cards.

Longer Works

Academic Clarke is a professor. Bellamy is her student. Everyone around them starts noticing sparks flying. They resist.

Coming Home Clarke left Ark to marry Finn, it was a disaster and she returns to her college town to be around her friends. Having Bellamy around again is a bonus and a torture. 

Rules of the Game WIP unfinished series of Bellarke friends with benefits where neither of them will admit that they are in love. They keep trying to keep it just sex, going to some extremes to prove that they are just friends who have sex. This is actually 90s AU but it’s basically modern AU without cel phones or social media. 

The Valley. modern urban fantasy AU. started as one of those soulmate marks prompts, turned into witches. This is my only E rated piece. It got sexier than I intended. I would have made them older if I realized that would happen. i started a part 2 to this, but it was going in the wrong direction. that’s the one that is unfinished. 

I did not realize that most of my fics are actually canon verse. 


Drawings from from the twitter!
These are all meeting doodles (there’s this one orange Prismacolor marker in our story room) which is pretty much the only time i have to draw for myself these days (you know, in a “i was totally paying attention the whole time because i’m a professional” kind of way).
A couple Furiosas snuck in there, but i wanna do some real Fury Road art in a bad way. As soon as i have time…