A Sloping House in Stockholm

Cone House by Lindman Trigueiros & Architecture is located on a sloping lakeside site in the Stockholm archipelago. The structure has three floors. The interior ranges from 2,5-7m high ceilings with views from all units, including the bathroom.Large windows and skylights provides the feeling of complete openness, interior and toward the exterior, to be private and homely.

Images and text via Images Åke E: son Lindman

Crush- A Peter Parker Imagine

@stevesmaximoff requested: Hi!!Can you make an imagine where Peter has a crush on reader but he never talked to her until she asked him if he could tutor on biology and I’ll leave the rest to you!!Lots of love from Brazil!!! 😘


With his head resting in his hand, elbow on the table, he gazed at you as an art expert viewed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. There couldn’t have been anyone more beautiful in this world than you in his eyes. He knew he never had a chance with you, but a boy could always dream! You were everything he was not and more. You were popular, he was not; you were attractive, he did not think he was, but you were much more than that.

 You took every popular stereotype and stomped right on them. You were incredibly kind and thoughtful, often giving your time to charity. You weren’t on the cheerleading team, you were actually on the debate team, because you were incredibly intelligent. You were everything he could ever want, but he’d never be able to date you. He had had a crush on you for years, but you had barely ever noticed him. You were always incredibly polite, but he always thought that you were just being civil.

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