ceiling heimdall

The Goddess

A/N:I’m super excited after seeing the new Thor trailer that I almost peed myself with excitement but then I had an idea 😏 a Sherlock/ marvel crossover…(I KNOW MORE IDEAS!!) and in the spirit of Thor (cause I love Thor) I’ve decided to write this. (I also have so much in common with Loki 😅😂 like the messy room trait…)

I hope you all enjoy (and be nice to this fic because this is my first marvel/ Sherlock crossover 😅)

This is also pretty long 😳 sorry! 😅


You opened your eyes with a pained groan noticing you were facing a concrete floor.

“What on earth?!”

Someone shouting from behind you made you jump and turn to face them. It was a man in a sharp suit looking down at you almost horrified “Who are you?!” He asked.

You slowly stood up “I am Y/N of Asgard!” You announced in a booming voice “And who might you be..?” You adopted a wary stance, ready to attack.

The man raised a brow “My name is Mycroft Holmes and I’d like to know how you got inside my office!” He screamed at you. You widened your eyes and unsheathed your daggers, pressing them to his throat. Mycroft looked at them, highly unamused “Security!”

“Unhand me petty mortals! This is no way to treat royalty!” You screamed as you were dragged out of the office and into a secure van lined with metal. “Where are you taking me?!” You asked, full of anger. You got no reply and let out a sigh “All-father is going to kill me… ” You muttered.

Two police officers dragged you to an interrogation room. You could hear people muttering at what you were wearing, Asgard’s finest Royal attire to be exact.

They then began to take your daggers and other possessions “How dare you treat me like this! My father will have your heads!” You roared and the two looked at each other with a raised brow before leaving.

You let out a sigh and looked up to the ceiling “Heimdall if you can see me, allow me passage to Asgard,” you asked almost pleadingly.

“She’s talking to herself…” Donovan stared at you through the two way mirror.

“She’s actually talking to the ceiling,” Anderson corrected with folded arms. Greg let out a sigh and grabbed a file. “Good luck talking to her boss!” Anderson snorted.

Greg walked through to the interrogation room, your head snapped up as soon as he walked in “Eh hello…Y/N.”

“Who are you?” You asked in a demanding tone “Where am I?”

Greg sat down across from you and placed the folder on the table “I’m Greg Lestrade I’m a detective inspector at Scotland Yard. That’s where you are now, Scotland Yard in London.” You looked at him and slowly nodded “Now I have a few things to ask… firstly, what were you doing in Mycroft Holmes’s office?”

You let out a sigh and placed your head in your hands “I…I don’t know! Last thing I knew is that I was standing on the Bifröst Bridge and then I blacked out. When I woke up I was here on Midgard.” Your words few over Greg’s head, it was as if you were speaking fluent Russian.

“Right…” He drawled out, unconvinced and leaned forward a little, it was as if he was being pulled in my the magical aurora that was radiating off of you “Well do you have anywhere you can stay if you can’t get back to…uh…Asgard or wherever..?”

You thought for a moment before a lightbulb went off in your head “Oh there is Lady Jane Foster! I’m sure she is still in London.”

“Okay,” Greg sighed out, exasperated by your gibberish words “I’ll do what I can to help you. I’ll make some calls.”

“I just want to go home…” You whispered and Greg’s heart ached a little at your fallen face “My brothers will be looking for me, not to mention my father too. He’s going to be incredibly mad with me.”

Greg walked over and placed a comforting hand on your shoulder “I’ll help you to get home, don’t worry.”

You glanced down at his hand and sweetly smiled “Thank you, Gregory Lestrade of Scotland Yard.” Greg raised a brow and softly chuckled.

“Greg is fine.”

You shrugged with a toothy grin “Okay then, Greg.”

“She’s an oddball.”

“She needs to be put in a mental institution.”

Greg clenched his jaw hearing Donovan and Anderson’s remarks “Stop it the both of you!” He snapped and the two jumped “She’s lost and you two aren’t making things any better by saying stuff like that! Alright she’s a bit crazy but she’s vulnerable!”

Donovan and Anderson mutter out a ‘Sorry boss’ under their breaths before being disturbed by a brown haired woman. “Hello? I’m Jane Foster I was called and asked to come down here. Is everything okay? Is it Darcy? Oh god what has she done?” Jane rambled.

“Uh no, my name’s Greg we spoke on the phone,” he shook her hand.

“Uh yes! What’s happened?”

“Well…” Greg trailed off “I don’t really know how to explain this but we have a woman and she suggested you as a contact. Her name is Y/N-”

Jane went wide eyed and gasped, covering her mouth with her hands “Oh god!” She cut Greg off. “Where is she?!” Jane screamed.

“Lady Jane!” You burst with glee and hugged her “It’s so good to see you, it has been far too long!”

Jane smiled and returned the hug “What are you doing here?” She asked a little dazed and surprised.

“I honestly have no idea…” You trailed off and glanced to the floor “I called for Heimdall but he cannot hear me. The longer I’m gone from Asgard the worse it will be when I get back. If I get back.”

“You will get back,” your head snapped up to Greg and you smiled at the DI “I’m sure of it.”

You walked over and placed a thankful kiss on his cheek “Thank you, Greg. Lady Jane this man deserves an award of some sort. What is the highest praise this land can bestow on him?” Your voice boomed.

Jane gave Greg a sideward glance and awkwardly laughed “Uh she isn’t from around here.”

“I can tell!” Greg lightly laughed before handing Jane a bag of your things “I can’t give you the daggers back since they are classed as a weapon.”

“What?!” You roared “Those are made from the finest Asgardian materials! Wielded just for my hands!” Jane grabbed onto your arm and began to drag you out.

“She’s kidding! She’s kidding! Thank you inspector!” She sent him a fake smile and hauled you to the car “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here!” She sat down and squealed “Where’s Thor? Where’s Loki?!”

“Well I’m assuming they are in Asgard. Just because they are my brothers doesn’t mean I know their every move…” You rolled your eyes and Jane began to drive “Never in all the nine worlds have I ever been treated with such disrespect! The morals here are much more pushy than I remember.”

Jane smirked “You sound like your twin…”

You looked at her with a raising brow “Loki and I are nothing alike, do not be so absurd m'lady.” A moment of silence drifted though the car before you spoke up again.

“I’m hungry.”

“You Asgardians are always hungry,” Jane grumbled “And always drinking…” You glanced over to her, she looked deep in thought, as if she had a question on the tip of her tongue and you were certain you knew what that question was.

“Thor is fine, he misses you.”

Jane looked over to you with wide eyes “H-He does?” You looked at her with an admiring smile.

“Yes, he wishes to visit but all-father does not allow it. Thor would never defy him, you understand that don’t you?” Jane nodded with a sad smile and pulled up to her flat. You walked up with her and changed back into your Royal attire. You let out a gasp as you fished through your things noticing something was missing “Lady Jane! My necklace from my mother is gone!”

Jane closed over her laptop “They might still have it at Scotland Yard I can-” just then the doorbell rang and Jane scurried to open it. “Greg! Can I help you?”

“I think Y/N left this?” He held up a golden necklace between of fingers. Jane moved aside to let him in.

“Gregory! You found it!” You smiled and took it off him “Thank you ever so much! Wait a second how to you know where Jane lives?” You asked glancing between them both.

“Oh I had to fill in some paperwork before I picked you up. I had to give them my address” she explained.

Your face scrunched with confusion “You give other people your personal information…?”

“I’ll explain it to you later,” she smiled “Thanks for-” Jane was cut off by a rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning. “Is that…” She trailed off and you nodded.

“Yes…it is,” you sighed and Greg stood on the spot, riddled with confusion.

“What’s happening?” He asked but before you could answer a flash of light lit up the whole room.


You looked up and felt your stomach flip with nerves “Hello Thor…” You felt like a toddler that was about to get into trouble “Hello Loki…”

“What do you think you’re playing at?!” Loki scolded “We were in every realm looking for you!”

“I’m sorry! I don’t know how I ended up here!”

“Stop shouting!” Thor shouted.

You looked at him, dumbfounded “You’re shouting!” You screamed back even louder.

“Now you’re shouting even louder than him!” Loki boomed.

“Enough!” Jane silenced you all. Greg was still completely baffled by the situation. He couldn’t quite believe his eyes seeing the three of you standing there looking like beings from another world.

“Lady Jane…” Thor trailed off dreamily with a smile, you and Loki both groaned in disgust.

That was until Loki saw Greg standing in the corner, grabbing his dagger and aiming it at the DI “No!” You screamed and stood in front of Greg, acting like a barrier “He helped me!”

Loki looked at you, cocking his head slightly before slowly putting away his dagger. He glared at Greg as he bowed his head gently “Thank you for coming to the aid of my sister. Both Thor and I thank you for keeping her safe on this horrific world.” You rolled your eyes at his salty tone.

“Th-this…this is all…real?” Greg’s stuttered out.

You sent him a sympathetic smile and placed a hand on his shoulder “I know this is probably a lot to take in,” Greg could feel the freezing touch of your hand through his clothes, it was like a block of ice. You noticed him scrutinising it and quickly pulled away “But I’m sure once I leave, Jane will explain.”

“You’re leaving?” Greg asked and walked towards you “Now?”

“Well she has to face my father,” Greg looked at your blonde haired sibling “He is not pleased Y/N.” Your head dropped to the ground in shame.

“It was lovely to meet you Gregory,” you smiled with tears lacing your eyes “Perhaps if I’m not banished from Earth I may visit again.”

“Don’t hold your breath…” Loki muttered.

You scowled at him “I’d rather you hold yours…” You stood in between your brothers, giving Greg one finial glance. He sent you a half smile, it faded slightly when he saw the intimidating glares your brothers were sending his way. With another flash of light the three of you disappeared.

Greg looked over to Jane “You’re going to have to tell me everything.”

“Do you know how worried I was!” Odin booming voice ricocheted off the walls “Anything could have happened to you!”

“Father I-”

“Enough!” He cut you off and raised his hand “You will not return to Midgard on any sort of grounds. Do I make myself clear?”

“Father! I don’t think that is very fair!” You argued back “The people-”

“The people do not deserve you!” He angrily snapped back, his voice making everyone in the room jump “You may return to your quarters at once.” You let out a growl under your breath and stormed off like a five year old stuck in a tantrum.

You slammed the door over and tossed yourself on your bed, a knock on the door make you shut your eyes with exasperation “Go away!”

The door opened and shut again “You know fine well that I won’t…”

“What do you want Loki?” You asked sitting up on your bed, your room instantly getting colder.

“I want to emphasise the all-fathers point…” He trailed off and strode over to you “They do not deserve you Y/N! Those mortals never have! They take what you give them for granted!” He grabbed onto your upper arms and began to shake you “They destroy everything you give them!” He screamed.

“Why are you being like this?!” You shouted back and swatted his hands away.

“Because I was so scared that they were going to destroy you!” You and Loki went wide eyed at his confession. He let you go with I sigh “I see you create such beautiful things for them, you provided them with so much. Yet, they destroy what they give you. I’m glad all-father isn’t letting you return to Midgard.”

“You do not speak for me or my emotions Loki. Please just leave me alone,” you asked and lay down on your bed again, facing your back to him.

Loki softened his eyes at you “For what it’s worth, I’m glad you are safe.” You let out a huff of air when he closed the door over and lightly shut your eyes before they snapped open again hearing the door open and shut.

“Loki will you-oh,” you quickly stood up seeing your mother, Frigga “I’m sorry I thought it was Loki again.”

“That’s alright my dear,” she smiled and sat down with you on the side of the bed “How are you feeling?”

“Disappointed…” You softly spoke “Father isn’t being fair on me, it was a mistake! I don’t know how I ended up there! I didn’t-”

“It’s okay!” Frigga soothed and cut off your ramblings. She placed an arm around your shoulder “It’s okay…” She stroked your hair “I know you’re upset.”

“Both Loki and father said the Midgardian’s do not deserve me, nor do they deserve what I did and still do for them.”

Frigga let out a deep sigh and hugged you tightly “My love, you have the kindest heart in all the nine worlds. Only you can control it and if you think that they deserve you, then they deserve you. Only you can control your own heart and head.”

“Thank you mother,” you smiled and she clasped your hand around hers. Frigga took you to the balcony outside your room.

“Thor tells me there was a man with you when he found you…” She trailed off with the corners of her lips twitching upwards.

“Yes, his name is Greg. He helped me a great deal. He’s…” You paused to smile “He’s so different.”

“You sound rather fond of him…” She knowingly smirked and you felt your cheeks burn. It shocked you. You were a frost giant, you didn’t think you’d feel such a strong heat radiating off your face.

“I…I…well…” You awkwardly cleared your throat “I do to a certain extent.”

“Mhmm…I will leave you to change for dinner, love.”

You watched your mother leave and brought your hands to your cheeks, feeling the heat “Odin’s beard…” You uttered out and changed out of your gown only to put on another one.

“She’s a Goddess?” Greg asked mulling over Jane’s words.

“Yup! Of plants and vegetation…I know this sounds crazy. The first time I met Thor I thought he was insane.” Jane smiled to herself remembering her first encounter with the God of Thunder, accidentally running him down with her car. “Y/N gave us all the plants you see and all the food that comes from them. She did that…all of it.”

“Incredible…” Greg uttered out full of bewilderment “How can I see her again?”

Jane sadly smiled at him “You…can’t really see her. Not now she is in Asgard but if you look up, Y/N’s somewhere out there.”

Greg nodded and sent the scientist a half smile “Thanks Jane.”

“No problem, if you need anything else just ask.”

Greg left the flat and glanced up to the sky, shaking his head afterwards “This is the strangest day of my life.”

A few weeks later you were taking a leisurely stroll with Thor across the Bifröst Bridge that glowed with various colours under your feet “How do you stop thinking about Jane?” You asked out of the blue.

Thor looked at you, slightly surprised before replying to you “In all honestly I don’t. I’m usually always thinking of her, wondering what she is doing. Luckily I can ask Heimdall and he informs me. Why do you ask?”

You bit down on your bottom lip, hoping he wouldn’t ask that question. Since you returned to Asgard you couldn’t stop thinking about Greg, it was incredibly distracting. You’d wake up thinking about him and fall asleep picturing his face in your mind “No reason,” you lied “Just curious.”

“You think about that man back on Midgard don’t you?” Thor asked and your head fell slightly. Your brother wrapped an arm around your shoulders bringing you in for a hug and kissing your temple “Why don’t we ask Heimdall to find him and he can tell you how he’s doing?”

“I’d like that,” you smiled and approached the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry. “Good day Heimdall! How are you today?”

“I am well my lady, I assume you wish to know of the man you were speaking of just now?” He asked and you blinked once and then twice “Remember…I hear all.”

You smiled, a little embarrassed “Yes, thank you Heimdall.”

You stood behind him with Thor and watched as he looked out to the stars. You grew concerned when his stance tightened slightly and he glanced back at you, full of worry “Lady Y/N I’m afraid it is not good…he is in danger.”

“W-what?” You breathed out and stumbled back, luckily Thor caught you before your legs completely gave way. “I have to go to him!” You told Thor.

“Y/N, you can’t- Y/N!” Thor called after you as you ran across the Bifröst Bridge.

You crashed into the throne room finding Odin, Frigga and Loki there with Sif and the Warriors three before Thor eventually joined.

“Father! I must return to Midgard! Now.” You told him in a demanding tone.

He let out an unamused laugh “How dare you demand requests from me! I told you that you will not return there!”

“Odin…” Frigga warned.

You clenched your jaw “Then I will defy you father,” you told him with darkening eyes “And I do not care what you do to me. You may strip me of my powers, you may exile me to earth but you will not stop me from helping Greg!”

“And how do you expect to save him on your own?!” Odin boomed.

“She won’t…”

You turned your head and furrowed a brow at Loki “I will go with her.”

“As will I…” Thor chimed in.

“We will go too.” Sif spoke on behalf of herself and the Warriors. You stood in front of your father with a proud smirk.

“You would all defy your King to help Y/N?” He asked. Silence fell over the throne room before Odin spoke up again “Then I commend you all.” He smiled at you “Go Y/N, I know I can never stop your heart. Help him.”

The seven of you transported to earth and landed in an abandoned warehouse. “This place is as shabby as Midgard itself…” You rolled your eyes at Loki’s sarcastic remark.

“Keep quiet!” Thor scolded and you all walked around the warehouse “Why would he be here Y/N?”

“I don’t know,” your voice trembled with worry. You heard a groan in the corner of the warehouse and the seven of you stood defensively, ready to battle but you dropped your weapon seeing it was Greg, stumbling over his feet and clutching his stomach. “Greg!” You screamed out and ran over to him as he fell “No, no, no…” You repeated and pressed your hands to his wound but pulled back when he yelped from your freezing hands.

“Your hands are too cold Y/N,” Loki held you back as you watched the blood, Greg’s blood, on them start to crystallise and freeze “Thor can compress his wound.”

“We have to take him back to Asgard!” You told your twin with tears flowing down your face “We have to heal him Loki! He’s bleeding! Please!”

Loki felt his stone cold heart start to crack at how distraught you were. You were, after all, his little sister (only by a few minutes) and he never wanted to see you hurt or upset “Thor can you carry him to the healing room when we return to Asgard?” He asked.

Thor nodded “I should be able to.”

“You need rest, my dear.”

You didn’t turn to face Odin when you heard his voice, instead you gripped onto Greg’s hand a little tighter “He will be confused when he wakes. I’m going to be here for him.”

Odin let out a small laugh under his breath “I remember when you were a little girl, sitting on my shoulders as we would walk through the palace.” He sat down next to you “You were nothing like your boisterous brothers!” He laughed and you smirked. Odin’s laugher died down in his throat “You are a much purer soul…” He trailed off.

You reached for Odin’s hand with your free one “You are wrong father. The mortals, they are deserving. I’ll admit, some are more grateful than others but I love what I do. I love sharing my powers and gifts with them.”

“I know,” he smiled and pressed a kiss against your forehead “I know.”

You felt a tightening around your hand and your attention focused back on Greg as he started to wake. You let out a breath that you had been holding for hours “Greg…” You softly whispered and you let go of his hand to rub his forehead “Greg, it’s Y/N.”

“Y/N?!” He sprung to life and you had to restrain him from sitting too quickly “How did I get here? Where is here?”

“We brought you back to Asgard to be healed you were bleeding pretty badly but you seem to be alright now.”

Greg smiled at you and reached for your hand again “You saved me.”

“You helped me…I had to return the favour.”

“I’ll leave you two alone!” You almost forgot Odin was still there. You nodded your head in thanks as he left.

“Who was that?” Greg asked.

“My father,” you smiled, brushing your fingertips over Greg’s hand.

Greg watched you contently “Jane told me about you, that you’re a goddess…”

“Yes. That’s correct. Watch this…” You trailed off and held out your hand and a flower formed from specks of light “The goddess of plants. It’s nothing special, nothing like-”

“No,” Greg cut you off “It’s…it’s incredible! It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!” You giggled but your breath hitched when Greg said the words “You’re the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen…”

Greg propped himself up on his elbows and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips “Trust me to fall for a goddess” he laughed.

A giggle bubbled in your throat “You should get some sleep.” Greg obeyed and drifted off to sleep holding your hand.

“I hope you’ll visit eart-sorry Midgard soon…” Greg walked along the Bifröst Bridge with you.

“You’re learning!” You smiled “I do too, I wish to see you again Greg.”

“I’d like that too and maybe you could show me a few gardening tips! I can’t grow anything. I have a window box with some flowers in it but they are all dead!” You shook your head with a smile at his gardening mishaps.

“Well I’m sure I could help you out,” you pressed a kiss to his soft lips “It’s perfectly safe to travel, don’t worry. You’ll end up in your apartment without another scratch on you.”

“I’ll see you soon, Y/N”

“I hope to see you soon too, Gregory.”

You watched him as he faded away into the stars, you stood there all day looking out to where earth would be. Heimdall notified you that Greg arrived home safely.

Loki soon stood by your side, watching your fingers pointed outwards, twitching “What are you doing?” He asked.

With a smile you replied “Making love blossom…”

Greg slowly walked over to his window box and watched as flowers appeared in front of his eyes. He looked up to the sky and sent you a smile.