I want Christina and Cee lo back!

I don’t like season 4… at all. It just seems so made up! I’m sorry, but an english to country dictionary from nbc? A backstage scene planning against the other coaches? And it’s all too easy for Adam! C'mon, where is the competition? You guys are better than that… 

* Not to mention Nashville being a state! I’m not even from the country and I can tell this is depressing. Not funny, just stupid.


Cee Lo : Oh dear , you come to see my show on the opening night of Loberace ( which occurred on 27 February) and I have no way to thank you more for it .

Christina : You know I ’ll always be by your side .

Cee Lo : I was really touched by the fact that you were sitting there in front of the front row being blonde and more beautiful than ever .

Christina : It was very nice to be inside your little world and be there . It was very very cool . And, you know , hear your voice and not be with you only on a professional level , with all those cameras …