The Prez

FYM (free your mind)

First off say buh bye to your restrictions by reading this you’ve agreed to remain obective and just listen with this I’m not looking for shout outs,plugs or mentions this is the thoughts of a thrill seeker contained by human flesh who enjoys simple things but wont run away from complex take a shot cheers heres to being alive take it all in this will be heard and understood even after I die some will say its great others will not understand it and will fear it its all the same as long as You hear it. I’m looking in the sky I’m changing everyday determined by vision to never stop and go past persistence the shit people call trends happens to really be my life I’ve been in on my own skin so long you can tell the difference goofy by nature demeanor cleaner the clean is open your mind and never close your heart power is in numbers unity is a great start come with me see it for it is Dream Dream Dream now Dream even harder let no one stop you live your story to the fullest be your own author Im speaking directly from my heart please beg my pardon imagine your imagination freeer than kindergarten fuck an obstacle to the point it don’t exist temptation tempts us all no matter who resists I’m on a path hardly ever traveled so I got walking shoes I expected lots of gravel its hard put a stamp on a thought unless its purely of You How much does yours cost? Forgive me to those that I have wronged forgive me if you choose cause I’ve grown and no longer walk in those shoes Im growing everyday the thoughts of an opportunist welcome You and yours I’m feeling loko no longer drinking fours battle axed you perception to be continued this is where ill end tonight’s session.