Tyrone came to class today. Our flirting is starting to get dirtier and dirtier. lol. ;)

My class is from 4:00 to 6:00pm, so when I first walked into class, he wasn’t there. In my head I was thinking Oh hell, this nigga is not coming to class AGAIN. 4:00 turned into 4:30, he still wasn’t there. 4:30 turned into 5, he STILL wasn’t there. At this point, I was like Fuck it. He not coming. At about 5:10, this nigga walked into class with nothing but a white top and some blue jeans. My heart jumped so fast that I looked down and acted like I ain’t see him walk in. Lol.

Right when our class was about to go to the computer lab, he was like Cee Ceeeeee.

I smiled at him and was like Nigga, where was you on Thursday? You left me by myself! and he said that he had some business to take care off. Anyway, we walked together to computer lab and started talking about a whole bunch of blah blah blah. When we sat next to each other in computer lab, he was like You got a snapchat? and before I could answer, he said Nevermind. I don’t wanna Snapchat you and make your man mad. I grinned at him and said Who said that I got a man? and he said Sierra, I’m not stupid. I know yo’ fine ass got a man. and I told him that my lame ass ain’t had a man since the 8th grade. We winded up laughing and I was like I missed you Thursday. Don’t be leaving me by myself like that no more. and my friend Rondell was like Y'all need to stop playing around. Why don’t you give her the D and she can give you the P? and we both was like Can we become close friends first before you start jumping to shit?

By this time, we all had to shut up because we had to test in the computer lab. My professor was getting a little pissed at all of us because we kept running out mouths. But this wasn’t the end though. In the middle of the test, we both winded up looking at each other just to see what the both of us were doing. He was like You want the D for real? and I was like Do you want the P for real? and he was like Give it some time Cee and we can see! by the end of the class we both were laughing and admitted that we were just fucking around.