cee lo voice

Christina: I don’t play a guitar, I’m not a musician in that sense. But I know how to use my instrument.
Adam: You’re definitely a musician. Are you kidding me?
Christina: Aww, thanks Adam. You’re making me blush.
Cee Lo: Oww, she’s being modest man.
Christina: No, I’m serious. I wish I knew to a guitar or—
Blake: You’re Christina Freaking Aguilera, who gives a crap?
—  The Voice, Season 5

My first adamtina video, please let me know what you think of it!

PS: This video is HD, change the quality if possible ;)

So I just researched all 6 seasons of The Voice and here is the proof that Adam is the captain of 4 chair turnarounds.

The results don’t lie!

Team Adam, 4 Chair Turnarounds:
Jeff Jenkins (Season 1)
Javier Colon (Season 1)
Tony Lucca (Season 2)
Pip (Season 2)
Whitney Myer (Season 2)
Bryan Keith (Season 3)
Nicole Nelson (Season 3)
Judith Hill (Season 4)
Midas Whale (Season 4)
Sarah Simmons (Season 4)
Sasha Allen (Season 4)
James Wolpert (Season 5)
Tessanne Chin (Season 5)
James Irwin (Season 5)
Ashley DuBose (Season 5)
Christina Grimmie (Season 6)
Delvin Choice (Season 6)
Cary Laine (Season 6)
Josh Kaufman (Season 6)

Where do the coaches stand?

Adam: 19 ‘4 Chair Turnarounds’ within 6 seasons!!!!!
Blake: 9 '4 Chair Turnarounds’ within 6 seasons.
Christina: 4 '4 Chair Turnarounds’ within 4 seasons.
Cee Lo: 1 '4 Chair Turnaround’ within 4 seasons.
Shakira: 2 '4 Chair Turnarounds’ within 2 seasons.
Usher: 3 '4 Chair Turnarounds’ within 2 seasons.

I rest my case :)