2人を描き慣れるため練習がてら…なんちゃって漫画☝( ◠‿◠ )☝


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A picture of previous cedwick, a lot of reaction Thank you!

I tried to challenge the translation of conversations ↑↑

ced「Sleepy…Let’s go back to the tower…」

「Oh? There are Baileywick.」

「He was I’ll let a little surprised.」

『Magic spell』

ced「w,Why this happens …」


「Did you mean, do you help me?(unusual…)」

ced「what!? No、 Huh?me?」

wick「? You have the amount of the half.」

ced「This is different, I don’t think want to carry!」

wick「Well then why, you’ve got in possession?」


「Be helped not, I’ll help you.」

wick「As usual you’re not honest.」

ced「It’s a “loan”, Baileywick」

wick「I’ll prepare the sweets and tea for you?」


If English is not correct, I’m sorry.


Cedric and Baileywick for charming Doofapus~

AWW, thank you so much for helping Verdi and Tiptoes! And I had LOTS of fun with these two, they are adorable XD

The request was to draw Cedric looking sneaky and trying to keep Baileywick’s pocketwatch away from him (with the chain still attached to the butler) and Baileywick annoyed and trying to get it back, and ehehehee, I guess I got carried away a bit, I hope you like it! XDD

Thank you so much, Doofapus! X)))