cedrig diggory

Being friends with Cedric Diggory would include:

► Afternoons spend at the lake, laughing about his lame jokes and reminiscing about the previous school years and how you became friends in your second year, when you accidentally hexed him (his chin ended up the size of a plate). “I still can’t believe you did that.” He’d laugh and flick your forehead lovingly. “I meant to hex that idiot, but you decided to move at a very inconvenient time!”

► Cedric helping you with Transfiguration because he always aced this subject and you most certainly did not. He’d help you for hours on end if he had to, practicing in empty class rooms until you got the hang of it. “Come on, I believe in you.” “Cedric, I can’t do this!” “Of course you can.” “You think so?” “I know so.” And after a few more tries you’d be able to do it, beaming at your best friend and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “Thank you, Ced. I owe you.” “You don’t owe me anything.” “Not even honeydukes chocolate?” “Okay wait we can talk about this owing thing again.”

► Him being somewhat overprotective of you at times even though he knows you can handle yourself. (“Who is this guy?” Cedric asked, glaring after a boy who just walked away from you. You shrugged and answered: “Just someone I know.” “Is he worthy?” “What?” “I’m going to keep an eye on him.” “We’ve only talked once.” “Oh.”) Sometimes Cedric ended up feeling a little stupid, but as long as you were happy and safe he didn’t mind.

► The two of you spending your summer holidays together because you live close to each other. You’d knock on his door, all dramatic. “I haven’t seen you in ages Cedric.” “It’s been two days.” “TWO DAYS!” You’d poke his chest with your finger and he couldn’t help but snort at you. “Would you, maybe, like to spend some time with me?” He’d ask all innocently and you’d reply sarcastically: “Why would I want to spent time with my best friend?” You’d bicker all the way up to his room.

► Cedric always eating the food you have left because you’d always pile too much onto your plate. He didn’t know that, by now, you did it on purpose. You loved this little tradition of yours and you knew he did too. (“When will you learn?” “Never, don’t complain.” “I am not.”)

► Falling asleep on a table in the common room, brooding over your homework and Cedric carrying you over to the sofa so you would be more comfortable. He’d put a cozy blanket over you, stroke your hair back gently and smile at you, whispering: “You work too hard.” He’d then finish the tiny bit of homework you’d have left for you.

► You having the tendency to braid Cedric’s hair in history of magic because you’d reach new levels of boredom and Cedric would eventually complain about it, but not because he minds but because he is bored as well and wants to give it a go. You end up teaching him how to braid hair and at the end of the semester, during the exams, the two of you know how to braid a perfect waterfall braid but neither of you knows anything related to goblins and their rebellion and you barely manage to pass.

► Cedric forcing you to practice Quidditch with him every free minute you have, not on broomsticks, because he knows you are afraid of heights, but he always drags you along so you can sit in the stands and make the balls fly through the air with your wand so he can chase them. He makes sure to tell you at least once a week how much he appreciates you doing that for him.

► Cedric surprising you with tickets to the Quidditch World Cup and you can only stare at him for a few seconds, spluttering out a ‘Don’t spoil me, Ced!’ but he just laughs, because he doesn’t care at all and he tells you so and he hugs you and whirls you around in his happiness and who are you to argue with him when something clearly gives him so much joy?