Sexual Tension? I Think Not. // Cedric x Reader

Request: Could you do an imagine where the reader (female) is Slytherin and is paired with Cedric Diggory in Potions? And they develop a friendly competition? That the Weasley twins call sexual tension. And she just rolls her eyes but it starts to become true after a while?

Warning: Clueless reference (this did take place in the 90’s)

A/N: should I continue this?


Send in ideas for imagines, one shots, smut, etc.  

‘’When you hear your name stand up and sit next to your partner.’’ Snape announced as I entered the classroom with Fred and George, my best friends.

Everyone made their way to the back of the room, waiting to hear who they would be working with for the rest of the week.

I was hoping I would be paired up with one of the twins, but Snape wasn’t that generous.

Half of the class had already been paired up once Snape reached me.

‘’Diggory and (Y/L/N),’’ He said making me groan.

I gathered my stuff and followed the Hufflepuff ‘heartthrob’ to a desk near the front of the room.

‘’Weasley and Weasley,’’ Snape announced next.

Fred and George made their way towards me looking smugger than ever.

‘’Why is it that you two always luck out,’’ I whispered to them as they sat in the desk right behind me.

They just sent devilish smirks my way resulting in me sending them the finger.

“Miss (Y/L/N) I suggest you turn around and get started on the assignment that is on the board. I would hate to see you fail my class, again.” Snape said causing my cheeks to flush with embarrassment.

I turned around and looked at Cedric who had already started his potion.

“Failed Potions eh? What a shame, you gave me the impression you were a smart girl.” He said, making me furrow my eyebrows.

“For your information that happened in third year, besides I bet my potion making skills are better than yours.” I said matter-of-factly.

He stopped what he was doing to look at me properly.

I sent him a dazzling smile before returning to read the instruction written on the black board.

“I find that hard to believe Miss I-failed-Potions. Let’s bet on it. Who’s ever potion is the best wins.” Cedric began, smirking like a mad man.

“Sounds like a deal.” I agreed, I could resist an opportunity to prove someone wrong.

We both started to brew the Wit-Sharpening Potion.

As I was in the middle of mixing my Ground Scarab Beetles when I felt a nudge on my shoulder.

Thinking it was Cedric, I looked over to my left.

He was focused on turning his potion yellow until he felt my eyes on him.

“There’s no need to stare, we have Herbology next, you can look at me there all you want.” He chuckled making me roll my eyes.

“Please like I’d want to spend an hour looking at you. I just thought you tapped my sounder that’s it.” I said truthfully, returning to my potion which successfully turned red.

As I reached for my Armadillo Bile I heard a familiar snigger behind me.

“What are you two laughing at?” I asked looking between Fred and George suspiciously.

They looked at each other before answering, “I knew you could be slow sometimes but I never imagined you to be THIS oblivious to what’s going on.” George laughed out loud, turning heads.

“What are you talking about?” I whispered hastily before Snape could catch me talking to them.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Fred started, looking from me to Cedric.

“You two have some major sexual tension.” He added, making George burst out laughing again.

The heat in my cheeks rose as I rolled my eyes at the pair of them.

“Ugh, as if.” I scoffed returning to my potion.

My mind raced as I heard the twins whisper amongst themselves.

There was no way me and Cedric had sexual tension, he want even my type!

I sighed as I continued to perfect my potion.

Why was I friend with those two again?

My thoughts were interrupted steady breathing next to my ear.

I looked over to see Cedric centimeters from my face, sending goosebumps down my neck.

“What are you doing?” I whispered, trying to sound calm and collected.

He smiled, sending a wave of electricity throughout my body.

“Just checking up on your “magnificent” potion skills.“ He breathed out, making me close my eyes involuntary.

“Oh you’re so going to regret this.” I managed to say before shoving him off me.

Maybe George and Fred really were onto something.

Luna Lovegood did not confront and suffer at the hands of Death Eaters for Ravenclaw to be a house of know-it-all snobs.

Cedric Diggory did not die for Hufflepuff to be a forgotten house of under-appreciated witches and wizards.

Regulus Black did not sacrifice himself for Slytherin to be condemned as the house from which all evil and selfish witches and wizards come from.

Peter Pettigrew did not sell out his oldest friends to Lord Voldemort for Gryffindor to become the golden where no one can do wrong.

bisexual harry for #diversifythewizardingworld !

the joke is if i added ginny and krum, and malfoy on 10% opacity, you’d have harry they play quidditch now i fancy them potter

i finally drew mr. i wore black for 3 months after he died AND CHO! where is she now? making wonders happen probably