The guys from Amina Technologies who went to the CEDIA Expo in Denver this year have finally returned and have had a great time. With more than 470 exhibitors and 17,900 attendees from 84 countries the CEDIA Expo was a great success. Amina had a lot of attendees coming up to the stand to both touch and listen to the Amina invisible loudspeakers, all with positive feedback and surprised that they could hear great quality audio with no speakers in sight. 

The WiSA Association Reveals New Member Bang & Olufsen At CEDIA 2013

By WiSA Staff Writers

DENVER, CO - Earlier today at the CEDIA 2013 Expo, The Wireless Speaker & Audio (WiSA) Association welcomed the Danish loudspeaker company Bang & Olufsen as an official Member. Bang & Olufsen is adopting the WiSA wireless platform for future products.

According to Bang & Olufsen CEO Tue Mantori:

“Our engineers have been testing the boundaries of wireless speaker technology for years, but until today the transmission quality simply hasn’t been reliable and good enough. Now, our investment in this pioneering technology and our collaboration with WiSA pay off as we introduce Bang & Olufsen’s latest innovation in sound, design and technology – we call this Immaculate Wireless Sound. Immaculate Wireless Sound is the biggest innovation from Bang & Olufsen for several years and will form the backbone for a launch of several new speaker products later this year”

All WiSA-certified products are interoperable with all other WiSA Member brands.  Most audiophiles don’t like to mix speaker brands, except for maybe the subwoofers; so the interoperability is really more important in terms of the audio and video sources, whether it be television content, movies, music, or video games. 

That interoperability between brands is what sets The WiSA Association apart from other wireless speakers.  Some consumers are very loyal to certain speaker manufacturers, but those same audiophiles may have a different favorite brands in the television or video game console category.

Using the new HDMI audio hub or HDMI adapter from Hansong, an end user can send uncompressed, high-grade audio from their CD player, Blu-ray, cable/satellite box, or video gaming console to WiSA wireless speakers around the room.   The new hub and adapter both include Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones.  This gives the end user the ability to stream music from their smart phone to the WiSA transmitter then onto the WiSA speakers. 

Other highlights from our CEDIA 2013 booth include new speaker designs from Paradigm, Klipsch, and Onkyo. We are also showcasing the Sharp Blu-ray player with a built in WiSA transmitter and wireless video link that we previewed at CES and ISE earlier this year.  Stop by Sound Room 13 for a live demonstration of our advanced wireless audio transmission technology.

Free Wireless Phone Speaker Horn (while supplies last)

Let us scan your CEDIA badge and we will instantly turn your iPhone into a “wireless speaker”. This handy accessory combines classic physics with today’s smartphone technology, resulting in much louder, clearer, and direct sound from your iPhone. Great for music, watching movies, conference calls, or checking voicemail.

Special CEDIA training session in the New Solutions Village

Join us at 10am on Friday, September 27, 2013, the WiSA Association will give a special technical session titled “How To Utilize the 5 GHz U-NII Band To Achieve Interference-Free Audio (And Stay Legal)”. The session will be located on the stage in the New Solutions Village.