These are skin color references from Cedarseed’s Human types tutorials. :)  They’re pretty helpful, and I think a lot of people can find them useful.  For an even better view, go to human types part 1, 2, and 3 to see.

Check out their book here and the ebook.

  • Row 1 - Pale Ocher, Light Ocher, Brown Ocher, Medium Ocher, Dark Ocher, Copper.
  • Row 2 - Light Sienna, Olive Sienna, Dark Sienna, Olive, Dark Olive, Grey Olive.
  • Row 3 - Grayish Yellow, White, Ivory, Fair(with freckles), Reddish Gold, Gold.
  • Row 4 - Light Brown, Medium Brown, Reddish Brown, Dark Brown, Amrani, Very Dark Brown.
  • Row 5 - Brown-Black, Blue-Black, Khoi Brown, San Brown, Chocolate, Coffee.