anonymous asked:

hi!! i'm rly inspired by your art and i was wondering you had like any tips or anything for someone just starting to draw?

first of all, thank you so much!!!! im so happy to hear that my art inspires you, tbh that’s the best thing to hear as an artist. 

people are always giving similar advice to beginning artists: ‘go back to the basics’, things like drawing realism, still life, using different mediums, etc., and while that IS important!! i’m gonna share some stuff that has really helped me out personally that’s more than just going back to the basics (warning: text wall ahead)

  • draw a lot! you don’t have to draw every day. you have a life, don’t think you have to spend every spare moment drawing.  i personally benefit from drawing every day, but not everyone does. don’t stress yourself out. you only drew a cat on the back of a receipt today? who cares! you drew something. you practiced. you’re improving 
  • doodling works wonders. scribble, doodle, draw weird shapes, pretend you’re in middle school and draw a bunch of eyes and nothing else. it’s practice, it’s fun, AND it’s good for muscle memory and improving your sketching/inking skills 
  • make an art insp tag on your blog! add art you really love to it. go through the tag when you want to draw and want some inspiration on what to do. just get really involved in looking at other peoples’ art!! art is nice and you’ll get a better eye for how to make pretty pieces. i personally have a character insp AND a general art insp tag!
  • draw things you’re not used to drawing. you draw humans all the time? draw some animals! don’t know how to draw architecture/cars/feet/etc.? give it a try anyway, you’ll only figure out how to draw it if you try. your first attempt sucked? yeah, so did everyone else’s. keep going, you’ve already gone past the first step!
  • on that note though, don’t be afraid to draw what you want. ‘self indulgent’ art is good art, draw what you love to draw! i personally love drawing wings, dresses, and cute girls. i draw a LOT of those things simply because they’re fun 
  • you’ll make bad art. beginners make bad art, professionals make bad art. who cares! you made bad art, but you made art, and that’s the first step to making good art. dont be afraid to make something that you won’t be incredibly proud of 
  • you don’t need good supplies to make good art! i use a $40 monoprice tablet, an outdated version of SAI, and some fairly cheap sketchbooks. don’t think you need to go out and buy all the best stuff
  • use resources!! books are great, some of my favorites include Richard William’s The Animators Survival Kit and Joe Weatherly’s The Weatherly Guide to Drawing Animals, though i primarily work from online resources. books are expensive. if you can’t afford them, don’t worry. ive found some greates online resources, such as from cedarseed, Griz and Norm, and things like online figure drawing sites! there are lots of tumblrs for sharing art resources, i def recommend following some! i have a big art resources tag here to check out
  • final note: don’t forget the importance of color! coloring is SO FUN imo, and as a person who got into learning about color theory late, i’d really recommend learning at least the basics. it really opens up a new level of experimentation and just having fun making art. color other peoples’ art (with permission!). use crayons. use colors that you wouldn’t expect to go well together. have a good ol’ time

anyway i hope some of that was helpful- go out and just start making art! work on practicing specific things, but also just draw what’s fun- believe me, it’s doing more than you think