beach cabin, embedded into the sand dunes of a Dutch island, overlooking the North Sea/marc koehler

“The forces of nature prevalent in the environment – the sea, the sunlight and the local wind patterns – determine the design in such a way as if they themselves had sculpted the house,” said the architects.

“This results in a peculiar architectonic object that is experienced very differently from each of its sides. The sand engulfs the house and seamlessly blends it into the environment.”

via: blueverticalstudio


one of my favorites…


I haven’t touched my camera in a few months. I had some problems with my Photoshop subscription (they are temporarily solved?!), but I’ve also been working three jobs/six days a week, and on my days off I’ve been cripplingly exhausted and depressed. The past few nights off I’ve had I’ve gone out to take long exposures of the beach, just to force myself  to go create things. I don’t know if I’m over the depression yet; there are so many external forces holding me back right now, but it feels nice to be productive and have something to work on.

(August 18, 2013)