My Dr. Zehra pumpkin that I carved at a pumpkin carving party with my bff on Sunday.
I actually came home from school Monday to see some North American Ants (Or something similar) had swarmed it and I spent about an hour and a half (Maybe?) burning them with cedar candles and vacuuming them. Then I proceeded to stick my precious Zehra pumpkin in the fridge when the battle was over.

Fire/Vacuum = 1
Scree’s Army = 0

I won the war.

What I have to trade:

•crystals, different kinds
•sea shells I’ve collected myself from different California shores(I live a short drive away from the beach)
•bay leaves
•star anise pods
•incense sticks-random scents
•whole cloves, a small amount
•white tea lights
•loose incense, made by my own hands
•white chime candles

What I have access to:

•graveyard dirt
•pink hibiscus petals from my garden
•pine needles
•cedar leaves
•small chime candles-diff colors

What I am looking for:
•frankincense resin
•myrrh resin
•benzoin resin
•any type of resin incense actually
•Angelica root

I will cover the cost of shipping for any package I send, just as you cover the cost for any package you send. I will also send a picture of tracking if you can please do the same.

Listed by:   wildflowerrsoul

anonymous asked:

An old book of pressed flowers and leaves, a cedar scented candle, a mini pumpkin, fresh chamomile flowers, and a smooth wooden ring holder 🍂✨

This is so beautiful! 😍 I absolutely adore this! The mini pumpkin and chamomile flowers is a lovely touch. I’m blown away. This would definitely summon me for sure. It gives me such strong fall vibes too, oh my. Thank you so much anon!~ 💛 

4 Sage Smudging Alternatives

It’s no secret that that modern day Witch loves sage. Cleansing is a part of the everyday craft and there really is no working around it. But what if you don’t have access to sage, Or you don’t want to drop $10 or more each time, What could you use, You ask? 

Here is a list of my top 4 sage alternatives! (Which are pretty easy to come by) 

1. Juniper:  This bush makes an incredible smudge for deep, heavy cleanings. This would be perfect to use to completely cleanse a area of all energy’s. Good and bad. And because of its thorns, It creates a protective barrier when burned.

2. Cedar: Cedar is used to clear a space of all energy’s, But focuses more on Evil, And negative spirits, And all aspects of protection. You would use this if you where, Lets say moving into a new apartment, And wanted to completely eliminate all traces of the previous renter. 

3. Rosemary: You would use this herb to cleanse a congested space, and bless a home. The rosemary smoke also doubles as a love promoting energy so its great for troublesome couples, and friendships. 

4. Lavender: This herb would be used to cleanse a a space, and leave a clean slate which promotes peace, tranquility, and a stress free zone. Ideal for stressful homes, or just a bad day. 

To make them, Harvest your herbs the way you normally would (fresh) and bundle them up together neatly. Tie them together nice and tight, and hang them to dry for at least 2 weeks in a cool, dry place. Once they’re nice and crisp they are good to go! 

Quick Disclaimer, Because I always get hate mail on the topic of Smudging. I am not per say a Native American. I am Aztec Indian. I belong to no tribe, Or reservation. I am just a Witch. I have spoken to Native Americans here on Tumblr, and have the good ol seal of approval to talk about, share, and use these practices. 

Many Blessings!