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The Beginnings of Brotherhood: Part 1

Bendy sat lazily with his legs crossed, leafing through a pamphlet on dance routines. He had a stack of similar pamphlets and books stacked on the small table beside him. Joey had instructed him to finish his latest studies by Thursday evening, a routine that the demon was far from enthused about. As much as he wished to retaliate against his Creator, Bendy knew it would be met with another “session” with that horrid man in the technology department. Some bastard claiming to be a former priest or whatever. Regardless, his holy water and blessings hurt like a bitch and he was not in the mood for punishment.

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In which Dean and Cas find a home.

“That one.”

Dean followed the trajectory of Castiel’s pointed finger: a house, red like a barn, with dark brown shutters on the windows. A wild garden was blooming over most of the concrete path leading up to the front door, and ivy grew in reckless abandon over most of the house. “That one? It looks like no one even lives there.”

“It has a wild beauty,” Castiel shrugged.

They continued their walk down the quiet neighborhood street. It was a warm day; Dean could feel the sun leaking through his leather jacket. The occasional bird twittered from one of the tall oak trees’ branches draped over the road, and white noise filtered from the freeway in the distance.

“I wouldn’t want to live on this street,” Dean said.

“Why not?”

“You can hear the highway.”

“You spend most of your day travelling on a highway,” Castiel gently reminded him.

“I know; but when I’m home, I want my peace and quiet.”

Castiel hummed thoughtfully. He nodded his head to the left of them, toward a sprawling rambler. “What about that one?”

“I want two floors. At least.”

A few more steps and Castiel gestured to a towering old Victorian-style home, at least three stories high. It was akin to the types of houses Dean and Sam had squatted in over the years while healing from a difficult hunt: dilapidated and abandoned. Dean raised a questioning eyebrow at Castiel, who said defensively, “It’s tall, like you wanted.”

Dean was beginning to realize that Castiel had no idea what was considered a proper home to live in. He held out his arm; it hit Castiel across the chest and he stopped. “Look at this one,” Dean said before Castiel could protest.

The house that Dean chose smiled at them with a huge bay window, its glass reflecting the afternoon sunlight. It was painted a gentle grey with a large cedar door as an entrance. A little white porch, decorated with a splatter of wicker lawn chairs and a collection of wind chimes, was seated at the entrance.

Dean put a hand gently onto Castiel’s back, smiling down at him. “Well?”

Blue eyes turned from the house to regard him. “It has a very nice garden,” he stated.

“You’re really jonesin’ for a garden, aren’t you?”

The corners of Castiel’s lips lifted into a small grin. “What do you wish for in a house?”

“A big kitchen,” Dean replied without any thought. “Big kitchen with lots of sunlight. I want to be able to see the crap that I cook. And I want a huge bathroom, one that connects to our bedroom. A shower that I can actually move around in; not one of those ‘I’m a shower but also a crappy bathtub’ situations. And a big garage to work on Baby, and a huge TV so you can watch your dumb soap operas and… what?” Dean asked, self consciously cowering under Castiel’s gummy smile.

Castiel laced his fingers between Dean’s, pressing into his side. “A comfortable couch,” he continued softly. “For when we watch my ‘dumb soap operas’.”

“Yeah,” Dean said in a hoarse voice. “Not leather. A soft fabric…maybe.”

“Can we have a large living room as well? Higher ceilings? We can hang plants.”

Dean scoffed, “Hang plants?”

“They brighten up a room, Dean.”

Both men stood for a moment longer, hands entwined, staring wistfully at the house. Dean tried very hard not to think of the symbolism in that moment: the house in front of them owned by someone else. Someone who can live a very normal life with sunny kitchens, a garage, kids, maybe even a dog if they wanted.

Someone who could live a traditionally long life with someone they loved, giving them all the gardens they wanted in the world.

“Let’s go,” Dean said abruptly, pulling Castiel away from the house. “We told Sam we’d only be on this stupid walk for an hour.”

“Dean.” He felt Castiel tug against his hand, pulling him into his space. He stared at Dean very intently, brushing a hand against his neck, making Dean’s skin shiver.

When Dean didn’t protest or move away, Castiel’s hand came up to cradle his cheek. Dean’s breath hitched and he closed his eyes against the touch. “Cas, we’re in public,” he murmured in a barely argumentative tone as Castiel’s chest pressed up against his.

“I don’t want you to be sad.”

“I’m not sad.”

“Regretful, then.” Dean felt gentle lips pressing against his jawline. “You don’t need a house to have a home. Sam is your home, as is the Impala, and the bunker.”

“I think you’re forgetting someone there, Cas,” Dean said as his arms tightened around Castiel in an embrace.


Dean rolled his eyes. “You, ya dummy.”

“Oh, yes.” Castiel rested his forehead onto Dean’s shoulder, smiling into the crook of his neck. “You are my home as well, Dean.”

Dean’s hand ran up and down Castiel’s back. “We’d be happy in a house,” he said thoughtfully.

“Yes,” Castiel agreed. He pressed a kiss against Dean’s lips and guided him up the road, toward where Dean had parked the Impala. “One day, we will be.”

Happy Birthday, Meg!

Happy belated Birthday, Meg~!

Because she is pure sunshine and deserves all the happiness in the world, I wrote her a little sum’sum. We both enjoy MasterChef and cooking shows in general and I wanted to try out some different techniques to describe the senses other than sight so… yeah. This one’s for you, Meg! As for the rest of you, go wish her a happy birthday. She’s going to know she’s loved, dammit. If it’s the last thing I ever do, she will know!

Percabeth MasterChef AU


Alright, Annabeth, she told herself. Just breathe.

She leveled her shoulders, adjusted the hem of her blouse, and stepped into the arena. Calling it an arena might not do it justice. It wasn’t the typical ‘gladiators fighting to the death’ kind after all. It was the set of MasterChef, the televised competition for amateur, at-home cooks. For the top title and a quarter of a million dollars, blood would be spilt here in more ways than one.

The repurposed airplane hangar was packed, buzzing with energy, one Annabeth could literally feel in her chest as she walked to her station, carrying her basket of ingredients. The contestants who were scheduled to arrive earlier in the day were already cooking, preparing their signature dishes for the judges to try.

Cameras zoomed in on stews bubbling, knives slicing, blenders grinding, while producers with headsets and clipboards hovered nearby, making sure each opportunity was snagged for the perfect shot.

It really was a whole different world actually being there rather than seeing it on TV. She still felt like a voyeur, someone who shouldn’t be there, someone who was intruding. For years, Annabeth had been watching the show, only able to imagine what it would smell or taste like for herself. But she was here. She was finally here.

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“White Day”

As requested by @stephicool :) :)

Oh god sorry this is so late don’t hate me D:

     “Whatta ya mean I need to get something for her?” Natsu scoffed and Mira scowled at him, her brows pushing together in frustration.

    “Don’t you want Lucy to know that you care about her?” Mira questioned and Natsu gave her a dubious glance.

   “She already knows I care about her!  We’re partners, best friends, ya know?” Natsu reasoned and leaned back on the bar stool he was seated on.  Mira huffed and crossed her arms, she was going to need to give him more of a push than she had originally thought.

   “What did she get you for Valentine’s Day just a little while ago?” Mira pried and the pink haired boy stared at her blankly.

   “Well, she got me these spicy chocolates, they were pretty good.” Natsu admitted, smiling at the thought.

   “Great!  Now it’s your turn to get her a present!” Mira cheered him on and he rolled her eyes at him.

   “She’s gonna go on a job with Happy and I, that’ll be her present!” Natsu stated and Mira glared at him threatening a Satan Soul takeover right there from behind the bar.  

   “You’re supposed to show that you like her you dummy!” Mira snapped and Natsu fidgeted in his seat.

   “I d-dunno what you’re talking about…  ‘Course I like her, she should know.” Natsu stammered, his cheeks looking as if they were starting to flush.

   “But don’t you loooove her?” Mira giggled, her white hair briefly falling into her face as she leaned forward, teasing the boy.

   “Ugh, you and Happy have been hangin’ out too much apparently.” Natsu shrunk his head down beneath his scarf in embarrassment.  “I’m going for a walk.” Natsu muttered and abruptly shoved himself away from the bar.

   “Remember what I told you!  Today is White Day, don’t you dare disappoint Lucy!” Mira called as he walked towards the guild doors and he shot a scowl back at her.  “That boy better learn something soon otherwise I’ll need to step in full force.” Mira laughed darkly, ignoring the strange looks she received from the few guild members close by.

   “Tch, the hell does Mira know…  Damn Happy, gettin’ in everyone’s head.” Natsu grumbled to himself and walked along the sidewalk, absentmindedly heading towards the center of Magnolia.

   “Sup, flamedork?” Natsu heard a deep voice call from behind him as Gray jogged to catch up to him in all his shirtless glory.


   “What, no insult back?  Geez, you must be thinking.  Now, that’s scary.” Gray ribbed him and Natsu just scowled in response before sighing and responding.

   “What are you doing here anyways?”

   “Gotta get Juvia a present.  Such a pain.” Gray turned his face downward to hide his obviously reddening cheeks.

   “Why are you gettin’ her a present?” Natsu inquired though he already assumed what the answer was.

   “Damn White Day.  Pain in my ass but, it’s the least I can do I guess.” Gray admitted, shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

   “Is it really that big of a deal?” Natsu queried, his mind weighing his options.

   “It is to the girls.  Besides, they did nice stuff for us on Valentine’s Day, right?  It’s only fair to return the favor.  Don’t tell me you weren’t planning on getting something for Lucy?” Gray asked with a scowl at Natsu.

   “I didn’t know it was such a big deal!  Mira’s been going on and on ‘bout it all day.  I didn’t even know the day existed until now!” Natsu cried out and Gray snorted.

   “That’s because you didn’t have girlfriend until now.”

   “Lucy’s not my girlfriend!” Natsu protested and Gray smirked.

  “Hey, who said anything about it being Lucy?”

   “Sh-shut up!  Ya damn ice freak!” Natsu growled and Gray guffawed at his horribly red face.

   “Please, we all know that you guys are basically dating.  In fact, we’ve gotta pool going on about when you two will actually ban-” Gray was cut off by a punch to the face by a flaming fist.

   “Shut the hell up!”

   “What the hell was that for?!” Gray yelped and Natsu glared at him.

   “Don’t act so innocent ya bastard…”  Natsu frowned at the ground, his stomach fluttering for a reason he couldn’t pinpoint but probably knew what it was if he actually put some thought into it.

   “Look,” Gray began as he rubbed the singed bruise that was beginning to form on his face, “All I’m sayin’ is you better get Lucy a present otherwise you’re going to look like a real dick.  I know Juvia and the rest of em have been all hyped up about this damn day so don’t screw it up like you usually do.”  Gray huffed and Natsu continued to find the ground interesting.

   “Yeah, yeah…” Natsu trailed off, keeping pace with Gray along the cobblestone walkway.  He knew that he should get Lucy something, hell, he knew what the whole holiday was about it was just all so awkward to him.  How was he supposed to convey feelings with some stupid little trinket or a box of chocolates?  He wasn’t that type of person and it was making his insides hurt just thinking about the complexity it all had.  Maybe I’m making this more difficult than it has to be?  It’s Lucy so, why am I so nervous….

   Lucy, admittedly, was excited about White Day and, just because she didn’t have a boyfriend didn’t mean she’d be disappointed.  She liked seeing what everyone got from their “special someone”s, it made her happy to see everyone else so excited.  Granted, she had gotten Natsu a present for Valentine’s Day but, she didn’t expect him to actually take the holiday seriously let alone, get her a present.  In fact, the idea made Lucy laugh out loud to herself, Natsu wasn’t that type of guy but, it didn’t bother Lucy too much.  It’s not like they were dating or anything, just good friends.  However, for a while now, she had started to feel a little bit sad at the thought of them being just friends.  They had been through a lot together, she’d seen him almost die and they had saved each other countless times so, maybe she was just starting to think that they were closer because of all of that.  Lucy shook her head, telling her self she was being silly and headed through the heavy cedar doors of the guild.  Guild members were starting to filter in as it got later in the day and Lucy was greeted by the familiar warmth and chatter of Fairy Tail.  It made her smile to herself and head for a seat at the bar where Levy was seated, happily chatting to Mira.

   “Oh, hey, Lu!” Levy waved, her blue hair flipping behind her shoulder and Mira smiled happily at her.

   “Hi, Lucy!” Mira called and Lucy waved back to both of them.

   “Hey guys, what’s up?” Lucy questioned as she sat down and Mira placed a strawberry shake in front of her.

   “Oh, nothing, nothing at all.” Mira answered her mischievously and Lucy immediately felt threatened.

   “Uh oh…  That doesn’t sound good, what do you have planned?” Lucy asked into her cup but she knew Mira was doing her scary, scheming smile.

   “Uhm…  Oh, hey!  Lu, look what Gajeel got me!  I know, you’re probably surprised that he actually got me something but, it is pretty nice.” Levy held up her right hand and sheepishly displayed a beautifully crafted iron ring with the word ‘iron’ scribed into it, a heart in place of the ‘o’.  “He made it himself…”

   “Whoa!  That’s amazing!  And so adorable, aw Levy, he’s the sweetest!” Lucy exclaimed, grasping her smaller hand and examining it in awe.

   “Hehe, I’m sure he’d love if you called him ‘sweet’, Lu.” Levy giggled and Lucy sighed and smiled, at least everyone seems happy.

   “Ooh!  Ooooh!” Mira started squealing and Lucy turned her attention back at her white haired friend instead of her milkshake.

   “What?  What?”  Lucy asked as Mira seemed to be having a minor attack of….  Excitement?  But, Mira didn’t answer so, Lucy followed her gaze and found Natsu walking into the guild hall.  “Why are you freaking out over Natsu?” 

   “Ah, Lucy, I bet he has a surprise for you!” Mira squealed and Lucy felt her cheeks heat up.

   “Yeah, okay.” Lucy replied sarcastically though her heart fluttered slightly.  But, to her surprise, Natsu strode quickly up to her, his face plastered with his usual, toothy grin.

    “Hey, Luce!” He waved and greeted her warmly.

    “H-hey, Natsu.” Lucy stuttered out; she could hear Mira squealing behind her like an excited little mouse and Levy looked at them wide eyed and ready.

   “I have somethin’ for ya.  Since you’re so nice and all.” He smirked and from behind his back he produced a leather bound album.  “Here ya go!” He proudly handed it to her and Lucy looked down at it in puzzlement.

   “What is it?” Lucy questioned curiously.

   “Just open it ya weirdo!”  Natsu urged and she smiled, laughing slightly, and opened it.  Lucy found herself staring at lettering, obviously scrawled by Natsu, that spelled out “Adventures of Natsu and Lucy!”.  As she flipped through the pages, each one held a snapshot of her and Natsu with a description captioning each, in detail, about what job they were on or what they were doing that day.  It almost brought tears to Lucy’s eyes, her breath caught in her through.  Each page held the memories of their time at the guild and together as friends.

   “It’s so you can remember all the stuff we did together in case one day I actually get nabbed while fightin’ one of these days.” Natsu smiled, a low chuckle forming in his throat.

    “Natsu!  Don’t say such awful things!” Lucy cried out but then her gaze softened and suddenly they were blurred by tears.  “Thank you so much, Natsu…  I love it.”

   “Y-yeah, you’re welcome-  H-hey!  Why are ya crying?” Natsu yelped and began rubbing her arms trying to comfort her.

   “I-it’s just….  Sorry, this is just really sweet, Natsu.  I’m really happy.” She smiled and hugged the album close to her chest.

   “Well, you’re welcome, weirdo.” Natsu snickered and placed a hand on top of her head.  “Oh, and there was one more thing…”  Natsu sighed as if it was taking a lot out of him to utter the sentence.

   “Wha-” Lucy began to ask but was then suddenly cut off by Natsu quickly pressing his lips to hers.  As quickly as it happened, it ended, and Lucy felt her head spinning in confusion or excitement or a mix of both, she wasn’t sure.  Guild mates gasped and she heard Mira’s strangled choke of excitement and Levy yelling about some bet she won but, all Lucy could focus on was Natsu.

   “Wha-  Why-  How-?”  Lucy stammered and Natsu, with cheeks red and uncertainty in his eyes, gazed down at her and smiled.

   “Happy White Day, Luce.”

I really, really hope you like it!  Thanks for the request!  Even though it’s like over two months late!

His world falling apart (part 1) is

Do you know that feeling you get when something’s about to go wrong? It’s not anything specific, it’s just this gut wrenching fear that something bad is about to happen? It had been bothering him all day and when his phone rang, his heart started beating faster. It was Karlie. Why would she be calling him? She never called him unless it had something to do with Taylor. Oh no.

Maybe he was overreacting. Taylor could have forgotten her phone at home or her phone died. He decided he wouldn’t speculate. After all, phone calls didn’t last long enough for him to think about all the possibilities.

“Hello?” He answered the phone, sitting straight on the couch. He breathed in heavily.

“Adam? I need you to listen to me and not panic, okay?” Something was wrong, he was right about that feeling he had since he woke up that morning. Karlie sounded as if she was about to cry and he didn’t like the sound of it.

“What happened?” He asked nervously. He was sure his heart was about to beat out of his chest. It had something to do with Taylor, he was sure.

“It’s Taylor. There’s been an accident.” No. No no no no. He never wanted to hear those kind of words. He would never wish them upon anyone. An accident. Taylor. His Taylor. Oh god his chest hurt. He closed his eyes and stayed paralyzed for a few seconds. “Adam?” Karlie called out for him. He snapped out of his trance and got up, ready to get out of the door.

“Where are you?” He asked, grabbing his car keys and sprinting out of the door.

“Cedars Senai hospital.” He got into his car and started the engine. His ears were buzzing. He couldn’t think about anything else other than getting to her. The world around him disappeared, he was sure he had run though a couple of red lights. He didn’t care though. He didn’t know what he would do if she didn’t make it. But he didn’t know anything yet. He didn’t know her condition.

His eyes travelled over to the radio. Should he turn that on? He did. Oh what a big mistake. “This is just in. Taylor Swift was in a car crash earlier today with friends Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne. The singer was rushed to the hospital right away while her friends weren’t badly hurt. The singer was driving the car which was the side that was hit by another car. We’ll have more information later today. Stay tuned.” The radio host said. He didn’t notice he was crying until his vision was blurred. She had to be okay. Please she just had to be. He never cried for someone before like he was crying for her now. He took deep breaths to try to calm himself down.

When he arrived at the hospital, he ran through the door to the receptionist. “Taylor Swift.” He said to the lady behind the desk.

“I’m sorry, sir but I’m not allowed to give you any information on her.” The lady told him, emotionless without even looking up from the computer. Oh for fucks sake, he needed to get to his girlfriend.

“No, you don’t understand. I’m her boyfriend.” He argued frustratingly, running his hand through his hair.

“Yeah right, you’re also the third guy who said that to me today.” The lady looked up disapprovingly. But then she actually looked at his face. “Wait! You’re Calvin Harris right?” He nodded rapidly. “My son’s a big fan. Follow me, please.” He sighed in relief. She got up and he did as she said. They walked into the waiting room and he immediately noticed Karlie sitting in a chair. She stood up and walked over to him, giving him a quick hug.

Karlie guided him to a chair and they sat down, next to Cara. “What happened?” He questioned, anxiously. Karlie gulped slightly.

“We were driving to Taylor’s house and a car came out of nowhere. Taylor was driving and the car hit her side.” A tear rolled down her cheek as she explained everything to him. “She’s in surgery. They told us they don’t know what’s going to happen today.” She sniffled. They don’t know what’s going to happen today…does that mean she might not make it? No don’t think about that, he thought to himself.

“How long has she been in there?” He quavered. He didn’t want to think about her being hurt. It made him absolutely sick that the woman he was in love with, the woman he imagined a future with was currently in a surgery room while doctors tried to keep her alive.

“A couple of hours. I’ve called her parents. They’re flying here tomorrow.” He tried to control his breathing but to no avail. Tears were spilling out of his eyes and he felt hopeless. There was nothing he could do now. He leaned back against the chair and closed his eyes. All he could see was her face. He couldn’t even imagine living without her now.

A few hours later a doctor came in calling out her name. He instantly stood up, almost running to the doctor. “Are you family?” The doctor inquired. Calvin was about to speak but Cara cut him off.

“He’s her husband.” Cara told the doctor. She knew they wouldn’t tell him anything unless he was her husband or family. She shot him a look so he would go along with it.

“Alright. I’m Dr. Ellington and I’m taking care of Taylor today.” He introduced himself. “Her situation is tricky I’m not going to lie to you. The car hit the drivers side. Broken glass penetrated through her chest and we are trying to carefully remove it. She also broke her leg since it was stuck. We found some internal bleeding and a bigger piece of glass punctured her left side. We are not even half done with a surgery yet. This will take a long time and we’re not sure if she can handle this. I’m sorry. We’re trying everything that we can.” The doctor informed them. Calvin felt like falling to his knees and breaking down. They’re not sure if she can handle this. She has to. She’s a fighter. She can’t just go down like this, right? She has millions of fans who love her, she has him. She can’t leave this world like this. They have things to do, places to see. The tears wouldn’t stop spilling now. This wasn’t a dream. It was reality.

His mind wandered to that morning when they woke up. Her head on his chest, her beautiful blue eyes looking up at him. It was such a good morning.

“Good morning, love.” He smiled at her. She kissed his lips sweetly before grinning at him.

“Good morning, baby.” She held him a little tighter and sighed blissfully. She was so happy with him. Happier than she had ever been before. “I’m hungry.” She giggled against his chest and told her to get up. She put on his shirt from the night before and they walked to his kitchen together. He made her breakfast while she sang something under her breath. Probably a new song she had written.

He decided he loved everything about her, everything about being with her. They could be doing something separately like they were right then and he would still find things he loved about that moment. Hearing her soft breathing behind him, the occasional giggle indicating she was probably on tumblr. He loved everything about being with her.

“There you go.” He set two plates of eggs and bacon on the table and stared at her.

“Do I have something on my face?” She teased him smirking at him. He laughed.

It was quiet for a few seconds before grabbed her hand. “I really do love you.” He told her softly and she leaned in to kiss his lips.

“I love you too.”


Her words echoed in his mind. Please let her be okay. She is his world.

The hours passed by as he sat in that waiting room, watching each person, each with a different kind of pain than his and hers. Please let her be okay.


To be continued…

Hope you guys like this :)

The Language of Waves

Honeymoon fic. NC-17 (4,000 words)

By Blaine’s estimation, only about forty percent of what Sue Sylvester says can be taken seriously. And the forty percent figure is just because of his own generous and optimistic nature, really. Kurt would probably clock her in at about ten percent because he knows her better and is a shrewd and practical judge of character. But then he’d bump it up to twenty because he’s also very forgiving.

Regardless, he’s on a ferry in Cape Cod, heading to what he’s not entirely sure, but the plane tickets had actually been paid for, and not even registered under Porcelain Anderhummel and Slightly Gayer Cary Grant but their actual names.

A relief for everyone involved.

The wind is sharp on the Cape, the water churning with gray-blue frothing waves as the ferry slices through it. Kurt’s hand rests on his, gripping together on the guard rail. How many times now has Kurt reached back for his hand and Blaine slipped their palms together and held on tight? He’s not sure, but it feels like he hasn’t really let go of Kurt for days. Longer, really.

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I haven't entered the basement in eleven years now.

original / author

Our house had an interesting setup.

The stairway down to the basement was in the garage, protected by a coded doorknob.

You enter the code, you gain access.

Pretty cool, really. Even cooler, in our family’s house, was the cat flap in the opposite wall.

We had five cats, and enough basement for them to have all the space they needed for their food, water, and litter. Letting them in and out through the garage was a hassle, so my dad carved a hole straight through our living room wall, right into the ledge above the stairwell to the basement.

At a certain angle it was almost eerie, how a cat could seemingly dissappear straight through the wall.

But I digress.

The point, of this promisingly, honest to god true story, is the living hell I experienced with my chore of feeding the cats and changing their litter every night.

I haven’t told anyone else this story, ever, but it seems like it’s time to get this off my chest. To make it known, and real.

Shit, I’m terrified to make this real. But I can’t keep this to myself anymore.

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