cedar cliff


Monarch Cave Ruins

Butler Wash, UT

Situated in a rather remote part of the BLM, Monarch Cave Ruins has everything an archaeology nerd could hope for: beautiful rock art, a plethora of artifacts scattered about, standing structures, and so on.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a great deal of information on this particular site, but it was likely built around the 1200s AD by the Ancestral Puebloans.  It was an amazing place to explore!

*Please note that archaeological sites like this are incredibly fragile and it is crucial to visit such places with great care and respect.  Make sure not to get too close to unstable ruins, never touch rock art, and never take artifacts. 

Photo @ladzinski / Professional climber @cedarwright taking a moment to look over the edge to the beautiful view below after completing the first ascent of the #VirginTower in #EnshiGrandCanyon National Park in China. Shot on assignment last October 2013. Getting this photo was a nightmare; it required a 3:30am start, bushwhack through thick ambiguous forest in the dead of night groping to find the base of the adjacent tower, a solo mission up fixed lines and wall jungle to the summit. It was all well and good until reaching the top of my tower only to find that I didn’t have enough additional rope to rappel off the other side into shooting position to capture the climbers topping out. I strung together every piece of tattered gear, backpack material and misc equipment I had to lower into this shooting stance to get the shot minutes before Cedar popped over the cliff and finished the summit ascent with fellow climbers @mattsegal and @emilyaharrington. Who needs coffee in the morning when you have stress and anxiety? :) @bradleyhenning @rocker_hq @carstenpeter @3stringsproductions by natgeo