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The Power of Confession - Part One (teaser)

Pairings: AU!Priest!Sam x Reader

Summary: After years away the church your mother coerces you into taking her seat on the fundraising committee at Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception, where Sam is a Priest. 

Words: 1100+

Beta: @just-another-busy-fangirl

Warnings: talk of sex, language, smut in second part. 

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception rises above you in all its gothic revival glory. You jog up the front steps, checking the watch at your wrist and scurrying after you mother.

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Full name: Peter Lewis Kingston  Wentz

Date of birth: 5 June 1979 (age 36)

Place of birth: Wilmette, Illinois, USA

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: German-English (father), Afro-Jamaican (mother). 

Sign of the zodiac: Gemini

The sign of the zodiac on the Eastern zodiac: Goat

Height: 170-173 cm (his words).

Weight: kg 60-77 (different sources report different).

Eye color: light brown.

Hair color: dark brown.

Parents: Peter II Wentz Gail Lewis Wentz

Sister and brother: Hilary Scott Wentz in Andrew Norberry Wentz. 

Marital status: divorced from ashlee Simpson Ross (2008-2011), from August 2011 Dating Meagan Camper.

Children: Bronx Mowgli Wentz , Saint Laszlo Wentz .

Career: 1993 - present. 

Autograph Pete

  • The Pete a was born on 5 June 1979 in Wilmette, Illinois, USA. Is a member of the band “Fall Out Boy”. Acts as backup vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. 
  • Full name Ventra Pete Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz  in the Third. He was born and raised in a small American town, not far from Chicago. At the time of studying at school, he was a leading player in the local football team. Field schools he continued his education at the University, where he studied politics and law. In the course of a semester he regularly went to lectures, but realizing that it’s not his ability I decided not to drive myself annoying ranting about the political situation in the country.
  • Pete the press decided it’s time to devote to music. In that era he was one of the brightest representatives of the Chicago punk. The musician was a member of such collectives as “ARMA Angelus”, “7 Angels of the Apocalypse / Culture of violence”, “extinction”, “forever ended today, Baxter, and yellow road priest.”
  • In addition to his musical activities, Pete the press is the author of a book called “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side”. This work describes about the nightmares and the fears experienced by adolescents, in particular the author of the book. Pete was pretty candid in their presentations, in the end he got a pretty good story. His second work was the book “Gray”.
  • Pete Wentz is a company “Clandestine Industries”, the focus of which is the spread of different inexpensive items such as books and clothing. Also at some point a musician has had his own recording Studio “Decaydance Records”. He recorded their albums bands like “Panic! At The Disco”, “October Fall”, “Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime”.
  • The life of Pete Wentz  was muddled and unstable. In February 2005 he tried to commit suicide Dorm. The musician took a strong dose of antidepressants, but the doctors had time before to provide him with proper medical care.
  • Pete’s world with his band “fall out boy” recorded the albums: “liked”, “take it to the grave”, “from under the cork tree” and “infinite height”, “Folie à-DEUX”.
  • Pete the press is one of the most controversial celebrities of America. in addition to noisy scandals about his photos with a naked body, his unflagging accused of various crimes, up to the use of illicit drugs.
  • Pete Wentz  is a company “Clandestine Industries”, the focus of which is the spread of different inexpensive items such as books and clothing. So at the moment the musician got his own recording Studio “Decaydance Records”. He recorded their albums bands like “Panic! At The Disco”, “October Fall”, “Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime”.
  • May 17, 2008 took place the wedding with ashlee Simpson. The ceremony took place in the mansion of Ashley’s parents in Encino, California, and passed without great pomp: the ceremony was attended by just 150 people – friends and relatives of the spouses. Among others, at a wedding attended sister Ashley, actress and singer Jessica Simpson, and Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden and his wife Nicole Richie. Interestingly, the guardian wedding rings made… favorite bulldog Pete - Hemingway
  • November 20, 2008, ashlee Simpson gave birth to Pete’s son.The boy was named Bronx Mowgli Wentz . Delivery in Los andzhelesskom the medical center Cedars-Sinai
  • In March 2010, Pete has created a new group, Black Cards, plays in the genres of pop, electro, dancehall, experimental. The band: Pete the press, Bibi Rickshaw, Nate Patterson Spencer Peterson.
  • February 9, 2011 the world learned that the family of a has filed for divorce. According to official data, the cause became insurmountable odds.
  • Since August 2011 Pete is Dating model Meagan Camper.


  • Pete wrote a book called “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side”, based on his nightmares. His next book was called “Rainy Day Kids”, the release was scheduled for 14 February 2006 but was postponed because Pete was not pleased with some of the chapters. In addition, Pete has written another book along with James Montgomery, editor in chief of MTV News “Grey”. 

  • Pete also has his own company Clandestine Industries, which distributes books, clothes and other goods. Besides, he has his own recording Studio Decaydance Records, on which were written the albums of groups such as Panic! At The Disco, October Fall, Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime. He also collaborated with on the film Bartskull Films, and released their DVD “Release the Bats”. 

Sense Of Place Minneapolis - Bad Bad Hats’ Local Spots

World Cafe is spending the week in Minneapolis to bring you as much of the the sights, sounds, and musical history of the Twin Cities as we can cram into one week! During our visit, World Cafe guest, Bad Bad Hats gave us a list of recommended stops to make along the way. Check out a handful of them above. 

Tune in and check out World Cafe Sense of Place on NPR for Bad Bad Hats complete session, plus a live studio performance video! 

Photos by: John Vettese / WXPN

Hold the Ice: A Beating Heart is Being Delivered

Over the last several years, a game-changing way to deliver donated hearts for transplant has been tested by leading U.S. hospitals. The Heart in a Box system, already commercially available in Europe and Australia, promises to extend the time that a human heart can be kept outside of a living body. It could also let surgeons use donor hearts that were previously rejected.

The standard method sees a donor’s heart packed into a handheld cooler in an icy, salty slush. By cooling it down, this keeps the dormant organ viable for up to six hours after it is harvested from the donor, transported to the recipient and transplanted. The Heart in a Box turns the current method on its head, placing the organ in a machine that keeps it warm, pumps blood into it and makes it work while it is being transported. This method pushes the time the heart can be out of the body up to 11 hours, potentially upping the number of patients who could benefit from a distant donor’s organ gift. Learn more and see a video below.

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forever and always {l.h}

A/N: wow so randomly last night i had the GREATEST (((worst))) idea of my entire life to write a one shot based off of the song ‘forever and always’ by parachute and i somehow managed to finish it even tho i literally murdered myself in the fukcnig PROCESS?!?! i’m not 100% on the ending bc i tried to make it meaningful but my brain is mush after writing this so lmao… i’m actually rly proud of this tho so ya this is me breaking my own heart and i hope u enjoy!! also, just a small ps: i’m a 17 yr old girl who has nvr gone to medical school, so i’m solely basing all i know off of greys anatomy (((lol)). i don’t even kno if “the surge” is a thing, but i made it one so ya :-) i advise listening 2 the song as u read maybe ??

words: approx. 5852

pairing: yn/luke 

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The troubled vine

Dhun walked through the grove where he had meditated months ago. A new tree was growing in its center, a cedar which had just broken though the ground. A sign of a new generation preparing to fight it’s way through the weeds in hopes of taking it’s place amongst it’s elders as an ancient of the woods. The Venomancer almost didn’t notice it as he paces in the grove. The plants beneath his feet wilted as they heard his troubled thoughts. He had received a peculiar daydream, one which called both to his past and his future. He played it back in his mind constantly. Cynical, innocent and Madness where all perplexed. The curiosity was eating the trio of souls up. They had solved so many mysteries of the multiverse yet this one was eluding them. It frustrated them all. @weareoracle

Guys, I have a confession to make. I think Faybelle might be my favorite character now. I still love Maddie, but she’s becoming less and less interesting in the show while Faybelle is continually really amazing. Maddie has been relegated to goofy sidekick and really has no character development at all these days. Hopefully the specials continue to focus on characters other than Apple and Raven and we can see more of Maddie in the next one. I’d love a special where Maddie and Cedar take center stage! Those two girls have been around since the beginning and have had so little focus in the show! Cerise too!


Elizabeth Peña has passed away on October 14, 2014 at the age of 55. The Cuban actress, with a professional career spanning nearly 40 years, left us on the night of October 14 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She had recently wrapped work on the first season of the El Rey Network’s action series, Matador, where she played the title character’s mother Maritza.

Well known in roles like La Bamba, Rush Hour, I married Dora, Modern Family and the voice of Mirage in the Incredibles.

Steroline AU fic: Memories of an amnesiac (1/5)

dA/N: Yes, almost two weeks and it’s finally over. It took longer this time, I know, but I wanted to post this when the entire series were all done, and with my own personal agenda it really was a challenge to achieve. But here it is, if you like it and even if you don’t like it, I want to hear your thoughts about it, so let me know :) Hope you enjoy.
BTW: Loved writing this piece hearing “Erase/Rewind” from The Cardigans, and I probably will use other of their song in another fics, I really love their songs. But this in particular looks like it was maid to be paired with this fic.

Chapter 1 - Inside truth

Stefan opens his eyes, feeling his body still sore. He blinks, getting used to the light in his eyes, his mind processing where he was and what had happened. Today ended a week since he had been in a car accident, an casualty that wiped away all his past memories. And since he had no recollection of what happened with him for more than seven days, such things as waking up was an important, relevant event.

The man in front of him he already knew. Damon Salvatore, his brother, who was a bit of an ass, but who was there every other day, so he could be the person that seem to care for him the most. He didn’t look much like him physically, his blue eyes and dark-brown hair being the opposite of his own green eyes and light-brown hair. He even thought to ask him if one of them was adopted, but after seeing their parents, he began to see the similarities.

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