cedapersonnel-deactivated201501  asked:

CEDA has caught wind that you two and another female are out moving away from the compound in New Orleans. It would be advised that you were to remain within reach of the military and CEDA units for your own safety. We are hoping that you will regard this message with the utmost importance and continue to make your way to safety. CEDA thanks you for your cooperation.

There’s an entire pad of these sitting here if anyone else has got something to say to these clowns.  It’s not gonna do shit, but seeing as paperwork seems to be the only thing CEDA is good at…  Why not.

((Seriously, everyone fill one out-  Reblog and tag cedapersonnel to be sure they see it, or feel free to submit directly to them.))

Nolan: I wonder how many people’ll be cheering if I managed to kill you?

Ictus: He’s seriously really nice if you get to know him! …Maybe….

((So, this was SUPPOSED to be posted earlier, but I forgot I was working on this and it sat on my desktop for 6 hours. WHOOPS.

Also, Nolan’s kind of an asshole. Feel free to knock him down a peg.))

One For Your Suggestions Box.

I’m an “unhappy fellow?!"  REALLY?  Are you kidding me with this shit?!

God.  …You know what CEDA could do to improve my welfare right now?  You and all your incompetent coworkers could take all your moronic friendly-advice, bullshit flyers, and your worthless goddamn rescue choppers, and go to hell.

That’d improve my welfare tenfold.