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[I love thinking about how history will describe Rom after the end of DS9: “Grand Nagus Rom was responsible for major reforms in Ferengi society, and was also a technological genius who made several contributions to the Alliance efforts in the Dominion War. His mother, Ishka, was a pioneering feminist activist, and his wife Leeta also contributed to Rom’s successes. His son, Nog, was the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. He also had a brother who owned a bar on an old space station.”]
SNL in 2016

In 2016, Cecily was a Disney princess with a Disney Prince

Bill Murray and the Cubs celebrated…

Lin was unfortunately, wrong…

Matt the Radar Technician was born…

We had a few questions for Tom Hanks….

We celebrated Christmas in Hollis…

And the first Thanksgiving with Wiig and friends…

We found friends in unlikely places….

We all sang hallelujah…

And this was not a feminist song…

We got new cast members….

And had fun with a few old ones !

And live from new york….. 

This was 2016 !

Imagine going to high school with all your favorite fictional characters

Supernatural Cast + Spouses/Children (06/05/17)

After getting this ask, I realised I hadn’t seen a post like this before… So here’s a list of the regular/recurring (4+ episodes) Supernatural cast’s spouses and children*

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) - Wife: Genevieve Padalecki (Ruby 2.0), Children: Thomas Colton Padalecki, Austin Shepherd Padalecki, Odette Elliott Padalecki

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) - Wife: Danneel Harris Ackles, Children: Justice Jay Ackles, Zeppelin Bram Ackles, Arrow Rhodes Ackles

Misha Collins (Castiel) - Wife: Vicki Vantoch, Children: West Anaximander Collins, Maison Marie Collins

Mark Sheppard (Crowley) - Wife: Sarah Sheppard, Children: Isabella Rose Sheppard, Max Sheppard (with Jessica Sheppard), Will Sheppard (with Jessica Sheppard)

Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) - Children: Madeline Rose Beaver (with Cecily Adams)

Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) - Wife: Elaine Aronson, Children: Lily Armstrong

Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer/Nick) - Wife: Tracy Pellegrino, Step-Children: Tess Aziz, Misha Aziz

Rob Benedict (Chuck) - Wife: Mollie Benedict, Children: Audrey Benedict, Calvin Benedict

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) - Wife: Hilarie Burton, Children: Augustus Morgan

Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) - Husband: Travis Hodges, Children: Tabitha Jane Hodges

Ty Olsson (Benny Lafitte) - Partner: Maja Milkovich, Children: Dagan Hunter Olsson (with Leanna Nash), Mackenzie Olsson (with Leanna Nash)

Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Campbell) - Wife: Arlene Pileggi, Children: Sawyer Scout Pileggi

Alaina Huffman (Abaddon) - Children: Elijan Huffman, Hanna Huffman, Charley Jane Huffman, Lincoln Julius Huffman (all with John Henry Huffman)

Amanda Tapping (Naomi) - Husband: Allan Kovacs, Children: Olivia Kovacs

Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle) - Husband: Marcos Farraez, Children: Charlie Farraez

Kurt Fuller (Zachariah) - Wife: Jessica Hendra, Children: Charlotte Fuller, Julia Fuller

Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) - Children: Calliope Maeve Day

Katie Cassidy (Ruby 1.0) - Fiancé: Matt Rodgers

James Patrick Stuart (Dick Roman) - Wife: Jocelyn Stuart, Children: Graham Parker Stuart

Julie McNiven (Anna) - Husband: Michael Blackman Beck, Children: Tasman Scott Beck

Sebastian Roché (Balthazar) - Wife: Alicia Hannah

Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel) - Wife: Jaci Hays, Children: Steve Speight, Fletcher Speight, Frank Speight

Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester/Michael) - Wife: Mandy Musgrave, Children: Macklin Cohen

A.J. Buckley (Ed Zeddmore) - Fiancée: Abigail Osche, Children: Willow Phoenix Buckley

Jake Abel (Adam Milligan) - Wife: Allie Wood

Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester) - Wife: Kristin Randol, Children: Vivienne James McKinney

Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker) - Wife: Ryan Michelle Bathe, Children: two sons

Kevin McNally (Frank Devereaux) - Wife: Phyllis Logan, Children: David McNally, Rachel McNally (with Stevie Harris)

Fredric Lehne (Azazel) - Wife: Ginger Lehne

Lindsey McKeon (Tessa) - Husband: Brant Hively

Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell) - Children: Lucas Manu Nemec (with Jami Schahn), Sadie Joy Nemec (with Jami Schahn)

*most of this was taken from google - let me know if I’ve missed anyone/got anything wrong!

anonymous asked:

If you go to the skam latinoamerica account on twitter you'll find the video of iman in pink with eskild!!!

The cast got told off somehow because both Adam and Cecilie deleted their instastories 😂

Adna just posted on his story with Simo

I think that the fact that they’re posting so much and showing us the clothes and stuff and that everyone is there except Cengiz is just a way to trick us into think that Yousef is actually leaving. I mean if we saw Cengiz there the surprise would be over 

Let me be in denial okay???? hahaha

I remember [“Profit and Lace”] being a very problematic episode, simply because we shot many of the scenes over again…I’m thinking of one scene in particular, in which Moogie [Cecily Adams] and Quark have an argument and it ends up with her having a heart attack. We shot that rather darkly, and I liked [director Siddig’s] take on it quite a bit. I wanted to explore - what’s the word I’m looking for - the dysfunctional aspects of Quark’s family, the darker elements of a dysfunctional family, where things get so horrendously bad that it causes someone to have a heart attack…

I must say that Cecily didn’t care for it and, obviously, the producers didn’t care for it either. So we reshot it. I thought of that epiosde really as a one-joke episode: let’s put Quark in drag. That must have been the basic idea and then they filled in the blanks. It didn’t say much of anything. It would have been a great chance to let Quark see the other side of male chauvinism, to be a woman and to explore all of that. Perhaps he would have learned something from it. To some small degree he did, but we didn’t really explore that very much either.

—  Armin Shimerman in an interview in Starlog magazine, July 1999. For my review on the travesty that is “Profit and Lace”, go here.

The idea is to gather fans of the amazing Amy Poehler to write a letter to her. In any length you’d like so that we could bind it up together and make it like a real book for Amy’s upcoming birthday on 16th September 2015. Here are the details. 

  •  Write a letter. (Best if typed it out rather than write it on paper, length doesn’t matter, it can be about how you feel about Amy, why you love her, birthday messages, anything you like.) With a title at the beginning. Just like the subject you type for an email.  Start the letter with “Dear Amy." 
  • Please send a picture of yourself along with your letter. 
  • Please also add where you’re from and your Instagram/Tumblr username at the end of your letter as well. 

You can email it to either amypoeher or feyandpoehlerforever before AUGUST 31ST

amypoeher’s email: allparksandrecreation@gmail.com 

feyandpoehlerforever’s email: emily_bates62@yahoo.com 

Since this is going to be a real book with chapters and preface and basically everything you see in a book, therefore we need your real info. Message us if you have any question or if you want to participate in this project. The deadline is August 31st. Thank you very much! Let’s all just wish Amy a very happy birthday!

Ps. smartgirlsattheparty We just need to thank Amy for teaching us the right values and telling us how to change the world by having the right attitude and we must admit it does brings a strong impact on girls nowadays and we would just like to thank her by writing this book out on her birthday. Something to let her know and actually shows that the influence she has made all around the world.



We are all Morgan.