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#CecilosWeek Day 2: Future!

We were originally gonna do Cybervale- but then things got pretty Borgy ;)

Turns out Carlos totally creates the Borg race in the future… (so he can date another perfect Being) and also he has Tony Stark esque facial hair 😎

@sarenderpity is the lovely Borg Cecil. @derpkind / @kindofderp as Carlos.


Surfin U. S. GAY! For @cecilosweek !!! This was really fun and I’d love to bring Vacation Cecilos back again when we can actually make it to the Beach tbh 🏝🏄

Cecil: @sarenderpity
Carlos: @kindofderp/ @derpkind



Night Vale is my favourite series to film~ we always have so much fun and the editing pushes me further than I normally go. Episode 3 went out yesterday, so I hope you enjoy it!

Ft. Myself as Carlos, Jack as Cecil, @0becki as Steve Carlsberg and @roguearcanis as the Faceless Old Woman.

Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JxISL2MqLk

Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLesqDTBz10


March 14th. 

Today is one month since Valentine’s Day. As you can read and listen and someones touch, we and Night Vale survived the day. It was terrible and bloody like a nightmare but Night Vale can say proudy that no one die this year, that we survive, as a town, even the lovers. We will carry them forever in our scars… unless you alredady drink for forget. No one could blame you for it. 

But this year Carlos told me that… Valentine’s Day is a happy day out of our town! Is that possible? I couldn’t say. I am sceptic as you, listeners, but Carlos was very confident about it (a scientist always is confident) so… maybe? I don’t even know. Today is one month since and I am still shocked. 

One month later the ban about hearts and teddy bears is lifted so you have here two of my favourite photos.

Cecil, do you know who took the photos? I don’t remember anyone took us a photo none of those days. That’s very weird.

The Sheriff Secret Police took them! For our relationship dossier. 

Do they? Oh. I understand.


Cecilos Week day 3: home/AWAY

Today was a day for vacation Cecilos! This was probably the most fun we’ve had for Cecilos Week so far. We’ve been wanting to do this for a while and this was a great opportunity. We also got to include our baby lovebird, Lorel!

@kindofderp / @derpkind as Carlos
@sarenderpity as Cecil

(Btw, more photos and videos of each theme are going up on Instagram at @derpkind and @sarenderpity, and Lorel has her own account there: @Lorelthelovebird)


Scientifically speaking… Never, ever, you should celebrate the “Bring your boyfriend to work Day” for these simple reasons:

1- You’re not going to work, really.
2- Your boyfriend’ll gossip with your coworkers about no-scientific facts.
3- Say “goodbye” to your tidy desk. (although it was not very tidy)
4- You’ll spend too much time explaining that hydrogen is
5- Too many cuddles.
6- No, definitely, you’re not going to work.