cecilos cats!

Night Vale Science Headcannon

Hey guys what if Carlos is explaining quantum mechanics and Schrodinger’s Cat to Cecil one night and Cecil doesn’t understand and he freaks out like “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO A CAT?” so Carlos is all like “No, no, babe, it’s just a thought experiment, nobody harmed any cats!” but Cecil still doesn’t leave him alone with khoshekh for quite a while. 


ookay so i just went on a huuuge unfollowing spree because i follow a lot of dead blogs/ones who i no longer share interests with, so i need some new people to follow. please like/reblog if you post;

- Welcome to Night Vale
- Gravity Falls
- SU
- Mainly amethyst.
- NIGHT VALE (seriously im lacking so much wtnv)
- cecilos (!!!!)
- mabifica
- alpha kids??
- cats. lots and lots of cats.
- cute nature things.
- warrior cats (leafpool especially shes queen)

and yea i’ll probably follow you ;)