Revenge For Jolly! - “You Can’t Throw Ranch!”

This is still one of my favorite film moments ever because it nails the point of the thing..

“You can’t just go and throw ranch at people! RANCH?! You can’t! No! No! Noooooooooooooo!” 

Darth Vader himself couldn’t compete with that: “Nooooooooooooo!”  

And poor, dim-witted Cecil trying to console Harry. (“It’s okay! We can wipe it off later!”)

It’s truly fucking hilarious.  

Then Harry turns around and shoots her. And it suddenly stops being funny.   

Cisco brought the Team into the cortex late into the night on Halloween, set up an entire marathon of horror movies, and made Barry flash out to grab bags and bags of popcorn. Next thing they knew, Caitlin, Cisco, Barry, Iris, Joe, Cecile, and even Harry were lounging in the Cortex, enjoying the snacks and films and the heap of blankets on the floor.

oh Harry, we missed you and your deadpan snarkiness

but we love you and Cisco’s ridiculousness too

bless Iris for just wanting to get married before the bad luck spread even more; that scene was hilarious

but what got me busting a freaking gut was when Harry Wells repeated “I’ll just portal you there right now” in that fucking high pitched shrill voice, I mean fucking HELL I died

it makes me bummed that Jesse broke up with Wally.

I hope that Wally figures stuff out for himself, and maybe even joins the Legends. I’d be down for that, I know a lot of fans would love that

this episode was a tad cheesier than I like, but it was still fun and after last season’s darkness, this is so needed

can you believe Cecile is pregnant? that’s so awesome. Joe looks so stunned


send out a 911 because they’re gonna have some fun and you know you better run ‘cause it’s a girl’s night! they’re gonna stay out and play out without you… sounds like a description for the episode but it’s actually a Miley Cyrus song. 

uh uh let’s go, G.N.O.! ♪. 

now for the boys, Cisco plans the perfect quiet bachelor party with cute videos, a nice steak dinner and cigars.. but then Ralph Dibny ruins everything. drunk!Barry makes up for it, tho. meanwhile, Joe is having an all-around terrible night. and oh yeah, KILLER FROST is back!!!

The end of an era for the group formed by Maj. Boyington.

Harry Johnson, the last of the original members of the Black Sheep squadron formed by Greg “Pappy” Boyington, passed away in his home in Destin, Florida on the night of December 3-4. Nicknamed “Skinny,” Harry joined the squadron in November 1943 as a young replacement and participated in their second combat tour, which included the rough missions over Rabaul. He claimed his one and only victory–a Zero–on the last day of the 6-week tour.

Harry was not only the last survivor of the 49 pilots and two ground officers who formed the original Black Sheep, he was the last member of VMF/VMA-214 to shoot down an enemy aircraft in any conflict.

Those days of combat and camaraderie were among the highlights of Harry’s long life, and he was justifiably proud of his membership in one of the world’s most famous fighter squadrons. But there were more important elements to Harry, such as his successful business practices, the decades he spent with his late wife, Dorothy, and the children they raised together.

Rest In Peace, Harry Cecil Johnson, you have slipped the surly bonds of earth.

Source:  Warbird News Facebook Site.

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Last Night...

Baltimore passed it’s 300th killing in the city. People will use this figure to continuously dump on the city, blaming everyone they can think of for its crime and violence, but they’ll forget one thing: 300 is not just a number.

Here are the names of everyone killed within the city limits so far this year:

Karim Bonner, Josphat Kobia, Leon Fleming, Matthew Thomas, Brian Chase, John Walsh, Robert Thomas, Troy Preston, Darius White, Anthony Richardson, Troy Pinkney, Donte Downer, David Hall, Harry Smith, Jason Ballard, Dashawn Allbrook, Marlon Harvey, Davon Johnson, Stephen Foreman, James Smith, Stephen Vaise, Victor Underwood Black, Marvin Barrett, Tavares Swinson, Derrick Dargan, John Imbragulio, James Williams, James Maurice Edward Jr., Malik Fuller, Unidentified Man, Kevin Mason, Jawan Goode, Leedell Brown, Owen Crayton, Anthony Reese, Dwayne Reid, Markez Jones, Djuan Tillett, Tameka Mobley, Terrell Walston, Davon Jordan, Alton Wallace III, Daniel Brooks, Sterling Day, Jarrell Hicks, Andre Robinson, Travis Dixon, Victor Gwaltney III, Kemmontay Mitchell, Jeremy Ward, Felicity Shelton, Carla Harrison, Steven Jackson, Jamar Green, Tyrone Damon, Tywaun Short, Billy Vines, Kevin Hill, Mark Nicholson, Jamal Rosebourgh, Troy Palmer, Carvell Jones, Nicole Torain, Reanna Greene, Daquain Tate, Tierell Wilder, Kareem George, Tyleah Fenwick, Martin Brooks, Ricky Chambers Jr., Andre Hunt, Davon William Johnson, James Maurice Johnson, Freddie Gray, Yogesh Sheth, Byron Showell, Khai Hebron, Jorvon Beatty, Keith Watts, Rodney Vandette Johnson, Melissa Anne Bingham, Armand Parrine, Paul Smith, Ivan McBroom, Matthew Hughes, Harry Davis, Odell Stewart, Louis Hicks, Tahil Yasin, Shawn Scott, Tiffany Chisholm, Wade Purvey Jr., Eric Diggs Jr., Shawn Hickman, Kelvin Warfield, Melody Johnson, Michael Smith, Jarmar James, Darell Alston, Charles Adams, Tyrin Diggs, Hassan Fields, James Mckoy, Bruce Fleming Jr., Umika Smith, Charles Jackson Jr., Shaquil Hinton, Charles Dobbins, Keith Leon Booze, Jennifer Jeffrey, Kester Browne, Eladio Bennett, Justin Mensupha-Bey, Ronnie Thomas III, Kevin Hart Jr., Terrell Patterson, Tony Moody, Gerald Smith, Jerod Richardson, Montez Parker, Tyrone Hamber, Calvin Bryant, Malcolm Alonzo Rodgers, Kevin Jones, Arnesha Bowers, Ronnie Walden, Elery Hudson, Andrew Powell, Antoine Johnson, Jamon Corprew, Curtis D. Mitchell, Jerome J. Grant, Steven L. Bass, Michael S. Montgomery, Pernell Morris, Henry MacArthur, Bernard Dorsey, Alan Durant Gilbert, Leasia Carter, Cory Turman, Tommy David Thomas, Marcus Warren, Jose Alejandro Cartagena, Brian Augins, Ivan J. Cox Jr., Nathaniel Wheeler Jr., Josh Remus Burnett, Keith Glascoe, Edward Burroughs, Derwin Jones, John F. Davis, Lamont Randall Jr., Gerald Thompson, Jaqueline Parker Antonio Anderson, Eric Forrester, Gary Jackson, Gregory Higgins, James Ricardo Smith, Tyrell Hardy, Darrius Johnson, Dante Barnes, Marvin Coston Jr., Frederick S. Taylor, Steven Justin Lewis, Tyrone Johnson, Robert Lee Jackson, Ronald Davon Penn, Terron Singleton, Damon Tisdale, Delvin Trusty, Shyteak Lawrence, Albert Mullen, Sina Masoodi, Raja’ee Naneem Sincere, Jefferson Bolden, Clerow Myers III, Daquan Mason, Damon L. Ramsey, Charles Diggs, Jaswinder Singh, Marcus Downer, Michael Polston, Franklin Grayson, Lorad C. Warner, Marquis Tisdale, Teon Simms, Jermaine Mitter, Donte Dixon Jr., Gregory Tynes, Terrence Boyd, Alvin Phillips, Darod Rosenburough, La Tonya Denise Battle, Tranell Dansbury, Robert Mullins, Christopher Giles, Steven Krug, Jerome Smith, Dontaye McDaniel, David Lamont Nolan, Sheldon Eubanks, Timothy Francher, Franklin Morris, Tyrik Adams, Marquise Caldwell, Melvin Heckstell, Kevin Carey, Paul Passley, Brandon Smith, Angelo Yancy, Richard Dabbs Jr., Thelonious Monk, Jason Summers, Raykwon Young, Darryl Wyche, Keenan Stanfield, Kevin Gray, Kevin Lyde, Ryan Mims, Michael Thompson, Daymar Rogers, Tyvonte Worrell, Theophilus Ruffin, Keith Gale, Antoine Smith, Kason Williams, Lamont Montague, Terry Whittaker, Stonie Baker, Romel Simms, Kirk Butler, Thomas Meehan, Michael Nichols, Troy Mitter, Darris Darnell Davis, Tondayo Johnson, Pierre Epps-Hamilton, Dante Lamont Barnes, Diane Griffin, Antonio McNeil, Cecil Harris, Kevin Cannady, Christina Gowran, Rayshawn Jones, Amir Billings, Tayvon Wilson, Juanito Mosquita, Brian Johnson, Kevin White, Deyquawn Cooper, Gordon Williams, James Gaylord, Ronald Stewart, Ryan Green, Noran Torbet, Wendell Taylor, Levar Round, James Anderson, Yeison Carreto-Guttierrez, Eigene Nesbitt, Keon Smith, Tabitha Holton, Markel Benson, Avery Kelly, Terrell Jones, Terrance Johnson, Andre Clark Jr., Dorian Pate Jr., Angel Powell, Kelavin Weaver, David Brown, Maurice Swilling, Daniel Blackston, Andrew Mack, Travon Venable, Calvin Ellis, Dustin Howes, Larry McDaniels, Damien Best, Matthew Kirsch, Monard Holeman Jr., Quentin Heard, Anthony Rucker, Dominic Walker, Quantaz Christian, Dale Abrams, Earl Keith Burton, Darryl Whitehead, James Dews, Lerell McBride, Robert Joseph Adams, Trevon Joyner, David Nance, David Moore, Kendal Fenwick, Gerald Stokes, Jaquan Holt, Unidentified Man, Tavon Allen, Unidentified Man, and Unidentified Man.

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Harry Potter AU where Carlos shyly shows Cecil his lion Patronus when they sneak onto the grounds one night, and Cecil smugly prepares to show him his own majestic creature and is speechless when a beautiful, lithe lioness bursts into existence. 

One Direction Preference #49: Your A Painter (watercolour edition)

Harry: Agnes Cecile

Louis: Wayside Boutique on Esty

Niall: Marion Bolognes

Liam: Guillem Mari

Zayn: Chloe Bruce

I do not own any of these paintings, The name of the actual artist are the ones you see after next to the boy’s name. I believe they should be recognized for their amazing talent so if you want go check out some of their other pieces.