cecilia green

Quick Overview

I believe this is actually the first non 5 star exclusive I’ve done, Well done me. Maybe its because she reminds me of Palutena from Kid icarus, but I know Cecilia would be proud, considering she was the first unit I made 5 star. Which says something right? Both yes and no. Back before skill inheritance I would claim she was somewhat better than Nino in the meta. Nino hits harder and faster, but with Takumis everywhere Cecilia would be a destroyer of him, as well as Kagero another popular unit back then. Times have somewhat change and shes still very useful mind you, especially for F2P players, just note her speed is somewhat lacking.

Base skills

Cecilia comes with Gronnraven + in her base set which is a amazing weapon, and arguably the best green tome, alongside Gronnblade +. Gronnraven is what made her strong in the post inheritance meta as it is essentially a weapon triangle advantage against Blues and Colourless. and although she had a lot of draws, the matches she did win such as Takumi and Kagerou made her a great niche pick. She then had Attack + 3 which is always a nice boost along with escape route, a somewhat mixed skill, her defence is not that great to use it as she will normally die to any red near her. But if she did have it active she can warp around the map. Finally Rally resistance is alright, theres better assist skills

If you want to wrap her skill set up, either the hone/fortify cavalry for horse emblem works or threaten res. as a proc skills, Draconic Aura or Luna is great

Suggested set

If you haven’t guess I really love Cecilia I think shes highly underrated so you’re having two sets for her

The goddess of light and her ravens

+atk - def

Gronnraven+, Reposition, Luna

Triangle Adept 3, Blue tome breaker/Lance breaker, Fortify cavalry/threaten res

So Cecilia kinda looks like Palutena and I guess her ravens can be like angels/pits but anyway, Gronnraven and triangle adept sync very well together, as its boosts the damage against colourless as well, meaning she can beat out two colours and take even less damage from a Takumi and Bridal Cordelia. Blue tome breaker is preferred due to how popular blue mages are ESPECIALLY Reinhardt. This set can mean he’ll do 0 to her and she’ll strike back with a KO. Lance breaker works better tho for more general kills. Finally Fortify cavalry is she’s on a horse team is a must, or even if you pair her with a horse unit, such as Xander as they cover each other nicely and Xander can provide a Hone cavalry buff which allows Cecilia to have 0 losses against any no red unit. If theres no other horses though, threaten res is the best choice. Speaking of reds tho, avoid them like the plague, they will burn her up faster than when Zephial struck her down. Oh Luna is the best option for general damage on a proc skill

Natural blad-eauty+

+Atk -Def

Gronnblade + , Reposition/Ardent sacrafice, Moonbow

Life and death 3, Desperation, Fortify/Hone cavalry

This is the set which makes Cecilia the best green horse emblem member. with +6 to all stars bar hp, Gronnblade+ gets not only +24 from the buffs, but essentially +30 in total since the attack is increasing attack, and her stats end up looking like 59 / 36 on the attacking end meaning with desperation 136 units in the game get annihilated at the time of writing this. However there is a catch… You’re team has to have Cavalry buffing skills, hence the name horse emblem, you use just horse and you need to start in a way where she has those buffs, but then also finish that those units who can add +6 to the relevant stats actually stay standing next to her, of course they get buffed too, but crack one part of horse emblem and the rest normally follow


Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. The one I had been planning on that evening walk. I can become again the man who once crossed the surrey park at dusk, in my best suit, swaggering on the promise of life. The man who, with the clarity of passion, made love to you in the library. The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame.

Cecilia Reading. Sir William Russell Flint RA, PRWS (British, 1880-1969).

Cecilia Green was Flint’s favourite model, appearing in many of his paintings in roles which varied from Spanish gypsy to cloistered nun. Her nude poses – more aesthetic than erotic – were, and remain, famous. Their association lasted for some 15 years, but she was much more than his model and his inspiration. Flint’s wife was confined to a nursing home with arthritis, and Cecilia took over many additional duties, such as dealing with agents and acting as hostess.


@edwardspoonhands is a smart guy so I’m assuming he already looked into this song and knows it’s about his daughter, but for everyone else…

Andrew wrote this song shortly before his daughter (Cecilia) was born. Fun fact: Cecilia is a super awesome science baby! See, the intense chemotherapy treatments Andrew went through before his transplant made it basically impossible for him and his wife to conceive naturally, so they had to do IVF. Thankfully, it worked. ~YAY SCIENCE AMIRITE~

The other really important detail you have to consider is the importance of the sky in Andrew’s music. It’s a consistent image he’s been using for the past 15+ years. Go listen to “Watch the Sky” if you wanna understand.

It’s important to consider these things when trying to understand the song. After years of pain and heartbreak and NEAR DEATH (this poor little satellite has seen a lot of shit) this little girl emerges and changes his whole life. HIS WHOLE CONCEPT OF THE SKY CHANGES.

In the grand scheme of things, he’s just a tiny part of her life, and he’ll never be able to truly understand her, just like she’ll never truly understand what he went through before she arrived. She’ll never understand how cancer almost destroyed this young satellite and made her life impossible. But dammit, he’s gonna keep and eye on her and try to protect her the best he can.

TL;DR If you criticize this song and let science get in the way of art YOU ARE GARBAGE.

The Letter (1958). Sir William Russell Flint (Scottish, 1880-1969). Watercolour with bodycolour.

The Letter depicts Flint’s favourite model, Cecilia Green. From the moment that Flint first saw Cecilia he knew that he had found the model that he had always wanted to paint, a woman who embodied his ideal of feminine beauty. Despite his obvious attraction to her, the relationship between Cecilia and Flint was purely professional and she regarded him as a kindly uncle.