Are we living a life safe from harm? Of course not we never are but that’s not the right question. The question is: are we living a life that is worth the harm.
—  Cecil Palmer (wtnv)

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I have a question about the live shows. My dad insists that they're counter-intuitive, because once we see the actors performing, it'll take the mystery out of what the characters look like, especially Cecil (I've told him many times how cool it is we have no real description for Cecil). I know this is wrong, but I don't know how to explain it. Can you help me at all?

I got this question some days ago, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

It does seem like some fans are very fond of the idea of keeping their head canons intact. I don’t really have a watertight argument to refute that, but here’s my thoughts. 

The live shows have no props or costumes. The actors stand on stage holding the script. I would argue that this makes it less like “this is Cecil Palmer” and more like “this is Cecil Baldwin, the actor, and he will now perform Cecil Palmer for you”.

In a play with costumes, wigs, and props, you would get a different sort of immersion experience. But since WTNV is audio only, there’s something different going on here. The immersion comes from familiar voices and familiar music; the show is fully there, what happens on stage just adds to it. You get to see Cecil’s hundred faces and gestures a minute. You get to be entertained by him in person. But it’s Cecil Baldwin doing that, not Cecil Palmer. 

When I listen to the podcast now, even after seeing one live show and countless photos from other shows, I don’t see Cecil sitting down with a script in his apartment. I see Cecil Palmer in a radio station. I must admit my CP looks like CB now, but that might just be from fangirling and looking at photos of him every day for.. three years soon?

Cecil’s faces and hand gestures are priceless, BUT if your dad really insists on not seeing the actors, tie a bandage on his eyes during the show? It might sound silly, but hearing the live show is still a completely different experience than listening to a podcast. You’re there in the same space, and you feel the audience’s energy and it’s super exciting. 

If blog readers have reactions/personal stories about this, please let me know!

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Waittttt, did I miss something.??? What/who is the purple square? His name was Something strange?? Like, Dan strange or tad or something? Is he made up? A fan theory?? WHO IS THE PURPLE SQUARE??!??

Okay, so it’s a touch of both.

For starters, his name is Tad Strange. He’s going to be voiced by Cecil Baldwin, and he IS a canon character, but that’s all we know for certain. 

Then there’s this from Bill Cipher’s AMA (which, if you haven’t followed, was basically a mass public interview with Bill. Actual Bill. Alex Hirsch was in charge of it.)

So, things we know for certain:

  • Tad Strange is a Gravity Falls character voiced by Cecil Baldwin
  • Tad and Bill know each other.

Assumptions being made

  • Tad may LITERALLY be a square, in much the fashion that Bill is a triangle. Bill sounds kind of literal about it (real square), though he may have just meant Tad’s lame.
  • “Tad Strange” sounds like a pseudonym much the way “Bill Cipher” is. Bill confirmed that his name is just a pseudonym because his real demon name cannot be heard or comprehended by human ears.
  • Bill sounds familiar with Tad. More like a peer he finds annoying rather than a sniveling lower life-form (human).

All in all, this adds up to an extremely loose (but interesting) theory that Tad is a square demon. A lot of people draw him purple as a reference to the color scheme of Welcome to Nightvale, which Cecil Baldwin is widely known for. I’ve also seen designs of him that resemble a floppy disk, because of the cryptic message from the mysteryofgravityfalls website “don’t copy that floppy.” There’s one depiction of him as the all-knowing being on the other side of the mailbox from the gravity falls short, and another based on the illuminati square and compass. Scroll through here.

Additionally, there’s a theory that he may be linked to Gompers. People have been suspicious of Gompers’ slit-eyes for a long time, since they’ve got the same shape as Bill’s (but sideways). Not to mention the long lore behind goats and devils/demons.

Then this, also from the Bill AMA

Whether or not Tad’s involved, there IS something up with Gompers. Either Bill did something to Gompers, or was around to witness something done to him, and likes the change. People like the idea that Tad is Gompers, and has been turned into a goat as punishment.

In summary, this stuff is like 95% wild mass guesses and headcanons right now. Tad Strange might be a used car salesman from Denver for all we know, but he is a character. The fandom right now is just having fun assuming that he’s a purple square demon on bad terms with Bill, and has since been turned into a goat.