No big deal, just Cecil doing the Night Vale community calendar on the goddamn Late Show. 

The rest of the segment is available here and you should watch that too probably.

I’ve been a fan of Cecil Baldwin since I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale, but my appreciation for him goes outside of acting. He is a kind person and was very courteous to me when I spoke to him. From his social media you can tell he is a person that fully embraces his queerness, and it has inspired me to do the same. And lastly he is a very brave person. Last night on twitter for the #queerselflove Cecil revealed he was HIV+. I was surprised because many individuals who are HIV+ never reveal it unless to people close to them because of this foolish stigma we have towards people who suffer from it. To see Cecil be so open and honest about a topic that even in 2016 is taboo, and doing so to embrace his queerness, and allowing others to share their stories, made me admire him even more. He is not just a phenomenal actor, but a phenomenal person as well.