My photos from the Welcome to Night Vale Live Show at the Keswick Theatre in PA! It was a fabulously entertaining evening and we had great seats. Thanks so much to ioannes-ametroepes for one helluva first [official] date ;)
Also, Mark Gagliardi hugged us both and it was wonderful. For my first couple’s cosplay, this couldn’t have gone any better. 


Kali and I are super excited to share this project that we have been collaborating on!

As our first year at Animation College is coming to a close, we were given two weeks to work on our own personal project.

So naturally, we decided to animate the opening of Welcome to Night Vale!

Enjoy! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

((PS, watch in high quality!!) 


I just love so much this photo and I tried to redraw it as Cecil and Carlos because Cecil and Dylan are too adorable for this world /)w(\ I’m really pround of this so I really hope you like it >w<