Spoilers ahead. Only read if you have listened to Condos and Matryoshka or don’t mind the spoilers.


I’m currently listening to Matryoshka again. I had this thought occur to me and I went back and listened to The Story of Huntokar again which inevitably made me realize the thought couldn’t be true. But then, I decided to listen to Matryoshka again. And I am. And god guys I’ve had a realization.

In Condos Hiram comes on Cecil’s show after The Faceless Old Woman because apparently it’s a matter of legality and political candidates are supposed to have equal airtime on the radio to present their campaign. Hiram goes on to talk about why he is running for NightVale mayor and he tells this story.

When we was very young he was in a town. Not NightVale, somewhere else. He hadn’t heard of NightVale yet. And, as he was hungry, he asked a passerby where a good place to eat was. The passerby promptly screamed in fear and ran away. Obviously Hiram was hungry and sad after this.

But then, years later, he had a similar experience in NightVale. But instead of running away screaming the man did a weird thing with his mouth and pointed towards the Moonlite All-Nite Diner.

Hiram presents this as his favorite memory- when he realized he had found a place that accepted him despite his dragonly-appearance. This was why he was running for Mayor- because NightVale was a place he could truly call home.

Then Old Oak Doors happened. Then, Review happened. Then, The Trial of Hiram McDaniels happened.

Then, Execution Day happened.

Hiram leaves NightVale after the devastating accidental execution of his Violet Head. In Matryoshka, he returns, for one last time. Asking the rest of the dragons to leave NightVale alone, to uphold the treaties Huntokar had set in place.

And he says, “They attack me only because they are scared of me. We cannot find forgiveness in relentlessness.”

In short, Hiram McDaniels came to NightVale and thought it was the one place he could truly call home.

But in the end, it ending up being still very similar to the rest of the world. The world that ran away from him, screaming.

And I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I think that’s actually really sad. Not “oh shame on NightVale” sad (no hecking way NightVale’s actions were still justified,,, almost all of them anyway), just… it makes me feel sorry for Hiram in a way.

Edit: note that obviously none of this excuses any of Hiram’s actions. He made his own choices and they came back to haunt him. Most of the consequences Hiram received were justified and his own fault. But Cecil and even Dana later admit that the death of Violet was unnecessary. Which is the one action of NightVale’s that I feel WASN’T justified. That’s where this post came from, from that canonly-admitted overreaction to Hiram’s actions.

Types of welcome to nightvale fans:

-gore enthusiasts

-“i liveblog when a new episode comes out and don’t tag my one sentence posts”

-white cecil™️

-tentacles™️ (despite that never being part of canon)

-“my third eye is wide open and finknor gave me the power to see the future”

-20gayteen strikes again

-vore enthusiasts

-people who just post quotes from the show

-“Hiram did nothing wrong and this is how he can still win”

Live Notes: WTNV The Mudstone Abyss Part 2

- Two Desert Bluffs episodes in one year is a blessing

- Nice to know that Desert Bluffs Community Radio is more adult than it’s Night Vale sister

- Kevin dresses just as badly as Cecil and that’s ok because none of y’all will actually draw it

- I didn’t actually need to know about Kevin’s sex life but…ok

- What the fuck kind of disagreements can you have about banking of all things?

- Wow, Charles and Kevin’s relationship doesn’t wait for anything, sex on the first date? Get it, Kevin!

- Now for a fandom debate…who tops?

- ‘And I support her brilliant idea 100%’ Wow, I love Kevin’s sassy passive-aggressiveness

- ‘So much closer’ You have a boyfriend Kevin, stop sensually whispering in my ear, please

- ‘There’s water…somewhere’ Kevin has no clue what he’s talking about and is making all this bullshit up to impress his boyfriend and, honestly, relatable

- ‘Why would anyone be single when you can walk up to the perfect guy and say ‘let’s get to know each other”’ I can fucking feel how much Kevin is calling out both Cecil and Carlos (those two are a literal disaster sometimes) but it’s still just subtle enough that I might be wrong

- Oh, Charles has a kid


- I’m feeling conflicted, Kevin is feeling more emotions but…guys, I don’t want him and Charles breaking up. He seems happy (well, ok, Kevin doesn’t like Donovan that much but he still seemed really happy with Charles)

- ‘Keon and Kelton’, Kevin I swear

- ‘Albama’ He’s trying

- Ok, Lauren’s lost it

- Ok, Kevin is also losing it too

- ‘Crabgrass to the petroleum’ Ok sweetie, don’t hurt yourself

- This weather is really fucking pretty, this is a Desert Bluffs weather?


- Ok, it’s exactly like Carlos’s first voicemail just…with whatever the fuck is happening instead of the man in a tan jacket plus Charles rooting through Kevin’s shit

- ‘Your friend Lauren’ Charles, I don’t think they’re friends

- Aww, Charles seems really sweet, he’s concerned about their relationship. And you guys thought he would be a bad guy


- Ok, Charles is also losing it

- I have to wonder who’s actually playing the voice mail. Is it Kevin? This question isn’t just limited to this episode, by the way, Voicemail was a whole episode of voicemails playing over the air. Was Station Managment just high and Cecil got bored and so he aired his voicemails?

- Ok, looking in the description, Kevin isn’t referred to as ‘The Voice of Desert Bluffs’. This is probably because Kevin was named before he got his own episode all the way back in Year 1 while Cecil wasn’t actually named until later but still, fun fact

If you could press a button that would give you a great deal of money, but it would cause someone you don’t know in a distant part of the world to die, then you would have a good model for how our current economy works.
—  Cecil Palmer, Welcome to Night Vale episode 105: “What Happened at the Smithwick House”
The Signs as Welcome to Night Vale Quotes
  • Aries: "There's a monster under your bed. A monster at your window. A monster any place you imagine one. You project your monsters on the world."
  • Taurus: "Believe in yourself. You are an ancient, absent god, discussed only rarely by literary scholars. So if you don't believe, no one will."
  • Gemini: "Follow your heart. It's in the Styrofoam cooler in the back of that pickup up ahead. Step on it. You haven't much time."
  • Cancer: "When life seems dangerous and unimaginable, just remember that it is, and that you can't survive forever."
  • Leo: "We have nothing to fear except ourselves. We are unholy, awful people. Fear ourselves with silence. Look down, look down, and forget what you've done."
  • Virgo: "Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you."
  • Libra: "The universe is vast. You are also vast. So is an ant. There are different sizes of infinity."
  • Scorpio: "The quickest way to your heart: Love, passion, sincerity (metaphorical). Sharp things (literal)."
  • Sagittarius: "We understand so much. But the sky beyond those lights--mostly void, partially stars--that sky reminds us we don't understand even more."
  • Capricorn: "The past is gone, and cannot harm you anymore. And while the future is fast coming for you, it always flinches first, and settles into the gentle present."
  • Aquarius: "Fear is consciousness plus life. Regret is an attempt to avoid what has already happened. Toast is bread held under direct heat until crisp."
  • Pisces: "There is a thin, semantic line between weird and beautiful, and that line is covered with jellyfish."
here’s what we know.

our cecil:

  • doesn’t have a brother
  • has evidence of a brother in his home
  • has a sister
  • is openly gay
  • lives in night vale, in which lgbt people are completely accepted

cecil from cal’s timeline:

  • grew up in a homophobic environment 
  •  has a brother (cal)
  • abby does not exist
  • janice does not exist

cecil from the cassette timeline:

  • dies at fifteen
  • at the age of fifteen, has a brother
  • this brother has “hollow eyes”
  • this brother believes radio voices should be high
  • would recreationally vandalize things alongside cal as a teenager


  • has “dark black eyes”
  • radio personality 
  • high voice
  • lives in a town more conservative than night vale (desert bluffs)
  • during the strex invasion, was physically handicapped
  • shown to enjoy dark, twisted things
  • often described as having a gruesome smile
  • has a fascination with teeth, gore and blood
  • decorates using the above


  • is cecil’s brother from an alternate timeline in which cecil never came out as gay
  • coughs up teeth
  • is bleeding throughout his episode 
  • leaves a bloodstain on cecil’s rug


  • is cecil’s sister from the timeline in which the show takes place

 “ash beach”:

  • similarly to how in “cal”, cecil hears crunching eggshells, the figures are describes as sounding like cracking egg shells
  • it was an episode in which people experienced false memories
  • in the episode, john peters (you know, the farmer?) experienced false memories of his long-lost brother

here’s what we don’t know.

  • e v e r y t h i n g



I…I must have dreamt it. The train, the woman in the deer mask, the men with crates or…or…hallucinated?
[Ahem] The 12:37 train to parts unknown from parts unknown is gone, and like most everything else in our memories, it likely was never there to begin with, but…Huntokar.

Huntokar is real. Right?

—  Episode 91, ‘12:37‘, Welcome To Night Vale


Thank you WTNV for creating a diverse cast of lgbt characters. Finding such an lgbt casual podcast..or STORY, for that matter, was so bizarre. Usually, shows like to stress that they have gay characters for views and put those characters in homophobic environments for plot and drama. “Hey look at us! We have TWO gay characters!! They’re entire personalities revolve around their sexuality but they’re here so give me progress points!!!”

Welcome To Night Vale never did that with Cecil or Carlos. Or Night Vale for that matter.

And then more characters were simply casually lgbt. Orientations went unmentioned and unknown until the moment they fell in love or talked about recent crushes. When Cecil first admired Carlos I had to rewind again and again to make sure I was hearing correctly. I had to do the same thing when Carlos explained that some of the desert otherworld warriors weren’t either male or female and when pronouns like “They/them” were used for them and Sheriff Sam.

Welcome To Night Vale’s character diversity never fails to make me think “Did I hear that correctly?” only to rewind and grin, realizing that I did. Hilariously, it makes me feel stupid when I rewind because I KNOW I heard correctly…I know I rewind over and over again because the part of my mind that is used to hearing incorrectly when I am no longer in the world of Welcome To Night Vale is responsible for my surprise and confusion when lgbt characters are mentioned even though by now I should know I am listening clearing and that I don’t have to rewind.

I don’t have to rewind.

That is such a new concept. To hear correctly when it comes to the lgbt community. To read correctly. To realize “No, I didn’t skip a line.” because I didn’t.
To realize “No, I didn’t accidentally fast forward.” because I didn’t.
To think “No, this is right. I’m in the right track. I don’t have to rewind. This is right. I heard correctly. I don’t have to rewind because I DID hear correctly.” is both beautiful and heartbreaking to be able to do. It’s overall effect is relieving. It’s joyous. It make me giggle like an idiot.

Thank you Joseph Fink and Jeffery Cranor for creating a story with diverse characters around every corner and letting me, for 30 minutes twice every month.. finally…break my habit of rewinding.