cecil's questionable fashion sense

I accidentally a bunch of Cecils. NOW I’ve worked out my headcanon! (I think.) Dark skin, ONCE had dark hair until An Incident Involving Scouts turned it snow white, eyes are light blue verging on purple, thin-framed glasses with no frame bit on top, really really expressive eyebrows. A bit shorter than Carlos (which puts Carlos as slightly on the above average height side - have you ever tried to rest your head on the shoulder of someone shorter than you? It’s hard!). Does wear the collared-shirt-tie-sweater-vest combo at work, because he’s a ~professional~ (just… don’t ask him to co-ordinate patterns in any way), but at home… yeah, best to avoid his closet.

Not just for his really dubious fashion sense. It also bites sometimes.

Guest-starring Carlos, Khoshekh, and Carlos’ former sandwich.