Recently fell in love with Welcome to Night Vale.

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REMEMBER: If you see something, say nothing, and drink to forget. 

Thus I present some of my random WTNV Headcannon: 

Carlos sings along to and dances seductively to salsa music while he cooks. 

Cecil can’t sing to save his life, but insists on doing so publicly and loudly. 

Old Woman Josie used to work for A Particularly Menacing Secret Government Agency, the secret brother of A Vaguely Menacing Government Agency. 

Leanne Hart keeps a bottle of whiskey and a 12 gauge shot gun in her purse for budget meetings. 

The hooded figures prefer Chinese Take Out to Big Rico’s. 

The Glow Cloud pulses and changes colors to the tune of rock n roll classics.

Every single citizen of Night Vale has a fuzzy mildly misshapen sweater knit by Old Woman Josie and her angels. 

Cecil abhors horror movies, Carlos loves them. The only scary movie Cecil likes is The Woman in Black because it reminds him  of his Aunt Susan. 

The interns of the Night Vale Community Radio Station are buried with full honors and the severed heads of several small rodents for good luck. 

Cecil has undiagnosed ADHD, which Carlos has attempted to explain to Cecil several times before giving up. 

Cecil gives Carlos flowers at least once a month. Carlos tried to return the favor but accidentally sent Cecil to the hospital by giving him carnivorous organ feasting daisies. 

Carlos has accidentally burned off his eye brows. Cecil told him he was still perfect, but the Faceless Old Woman Who Lives in Your House laughed loudly for a week. 

When Cecil gets frustrated he throws Molotov cocktails full of tarantulas in Steve Carlsburg’s bedroom window. 

Carlos is deadly allergic to bees. Cecil attempted to use his radio host position to begin a city wide campaign to exterminate all bee and bee related products to the annoyance of the City Council when he discovered the allergy. 

Dana the intern had to use her nice flannel shirt to put out the flaming rainbow ceiling tiles and Cecil bought her a brand new once decorated with green eyeballs. It’s now her favorite shirt. 

Cecil can’t swim. 

Leanne keeps attack goats in the cabinet under the stairs. Just in case. 

Every time Carlos is supposed to be sent for re-education,  Cecil goes instead. 

Carlos hates that he does that and insists on taking care of him afterward with bandaging and massages. 

Old Woman Josie has tasered a hooded figure for picking on her angel. 

The Faceless Old Woman has shipped Carlos and Cecil since the perfect haired scientist came to Night Vale. 

Telly the barber was a victim of dark magic, resulting in his mental break down and subsequent cactus needle cutting career. 

Everyone thinks it was Cecil. 

It was actually Steve Carlsburg. 

Carlos loves Cecil’s tattoos, the government mandated ones and the ones he chose. 

Carlos has a tattoo he got for Cecil, a little phrase in Latin written under his rib cage that translates : “You are my moon and stars” from Cecil’s favorite books, Game of Thrones. 

This is a warning for the new episode of night vale called Hatchets, there’s a really graphic description of a car accident thats basically the whole traffic segment, so if you get triggered by car accidents, gore, or death, dont listen to it and once traffic starts just skip to 8 minutes 30 seconds. Please make sure people know this, its really triggering and comes with no warning.


"Carlos, beautiful Carlos, tragically shorn of his locks, reportedly was the only dissenting voice—but it is not clear he actually opposed the measure, as the minutes only report him stating, ‘There is no time. No more time,’ into a black rectangle in his hand, and then running, winded, from the community hall. According to Old Woman Josie, he was still absolutely perfect, and smelled of lavender chewing gum."
                                   –”Welcome to Night Vale” podcast, Ep. 4, “PTA Meeting” 

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Pretty sure everyone in the entire fandom has done their take on the 'and I fell in love instantly' moment by now, but I’ll always have a special place in my black little heart for those early episodes so I had to do it anyway :V

I’m sry but there is no way Carlos was as suave and professional as Cecil claims during that town meeting 0% CHANCE.

  • Cecil:Dear listeners, Carlos is so perfect! Do you think he likes me? He asked me to help with an investigation. Is that flirting? His hair is so perfect. Do you think he'll ask me out? Should I ask HIM out? His hair! Call the station to tell us what you think!
  • Cecil:Ah! The first caller!
  • Carlos:you know I listen to your show right
  • Cecil:
  • Cecil:
  • Cecil:
  • Cecil:
  • Cecil:
  • Cecil:shit