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Comfort (closed with Justaradioohost)

Carlos tapped at his laptop, trying to keep his mind focused on the grant applications that would fund his team, and give them all paychecks every week. Though even with how important this was, he found his mind wandering.


His sweet, lovely, honey-voiced-honey, Cecil.

It’d been nearly three days since…. Well, since what happened. Since he came home, crawled into bed without more than a mumbled hello. Station Management had given him a few days off. Normally Carlos knew Cecil would be ecstatic at the prospect of a ‘staycation’. Right now…

Carlos shook his head, as if to shake away the thought. He glanced over the application, clicked on the 'save’ button, and closed the lid on the laptop. Science later, boyfriend needs comforting now. Or at least it was worth another try.

Carlos half debated making Cecil something to eat… He honestly wasn’t sure if Cecil had left the same blanket-nest he curled into three days ago. That seemed plausible due to the fact that he was in more or less the same position when the scientist left and came home from checking on his experiments for a couple of hours a day.

He swallowed a little bit, having reached the doorway to the darkened bedroom. From the doorway Carlos could see the small lump of blankets that he knew his love was buried under. “Ceec?” The scientist’s voice was soft. “You awake?”


You know what the world needs?

Fallout 3 / Night Vale Crossovers 

Carlos wakes up right after taking his GOAT assessment only to find that his beloved scientist-father has escaped the vault. 


Upon entering the wasteland, his pip-boy picks up a radio signal belonging to the honey-voiced Cecil Palmer; a wastelander who has holed up in an old radio station, which also happens to be heavily irradiated. Oddly enough, the radiation hasn’t killed Cecil, but perhaps it has contributed to his odd mannerisms?

Imagine Cecil finally gets vacation time and swallows his anxieties enough to enter the dog park to look for Carlos. They’re on the phone with each other and Carlos is trying to direct Cecil and Cecil is doing his best to give any landmarks he might see as reference. Then Carlos gasps and excitedly tells Cecil “Oh my gosh, I can see you! There you are!” Cecil starts spinning, looking for him but seeing nothing. “Carlos, where are you? I can’t see you?” “I’m waving my arm over my head. Oh, Cecil, that has to be you!” “Carlos, I can’t see anyone.” “Just keep walking forward, you’re coming straight at me. Oh, Cecil, it’s been so long…” “Carlos-” “You look so well- er, I think you do. The sun’s kinda in my eyes but just keep walking, you’re so close now…” “Carlos I-” “Cecil, honey, are you okay? You… there’s something wrong with your face. Oh God, Ceec, what happened to your eyes? And why are you covered in blood?” “Carlos I’m standing still. I’ve been standing still. Who is walking towards you?” And then there’s a scuffle from the other line and a few seconds of deafening silence before the line goes dead.

Reasons to love WTNV:

There is a healthy, homosexual couple. Stereotypes are not as prominent. Yes, Cecil is a little flamboyant, but that happens. It’s not like Fink and Cranor made him this overly stereotyped flamboyant man. Before he and Carlos get together, he talks about him a lot and gushes. Women do this over men all the time. It’s not a new concept. People of all genders will gush about their crushes. Carlos is fond of pet names. He is always calling Cecil a pet name, but that is not a gay stereotype; that is a couples stereotype. Some people love pet names. Carlos calls Cecil ‘honey’ or 'baby.’ The two go through hardships like all couples do. They are not written to have everything as perfect. Fink and Cranor have written this weird-ass, satirical podcast, but they are realistic when it comes to couples. Cecil calls Carlos 'perfect.’ Heterosexual couples do this frequently. What I fucking love about Welcome to Night Vale is that they do not portray the two as this flamboyant, overly sexual couple; they are just a couple.

Ok, everyone’s hating on Carlos, so here’s my two cents before I go to bed

The line I keep seeing on my dash is this

And then, you know, I’m sure everyone who listens to your show will, you old blabbermouth!

You know, it would upset me if it weren’t just who you are. So much of each other would be annoying if it weren’t also the essence of us. Hmm.

(from the transcript provided by cecilspeaks)

Ok, so what I’m hearing here is Carlos calling Cecil a name he’s not sure how he’ll react to. Throughout the episode, Carlos has half a dozen nicknames for Cecil, sweetie, babe, honey-voiced honey, my sweet Cecil. What I hear is Carlos giving Cecil a new nickname, and wondering if Cecil will take it as such.

Now let’s look at the second part of the line. The tone is lost in text, but he sounds thoughtful, reflective almost. Think about how these two got to know one another: Cecil gushed about him on the radio.

THINK ABOUT IT. Put yourself in Carlos’s shoes for once.

You come into a strange town and some guy won’t shut up about you on public radio, that’s gotta upset you a little. What stunt is this guy pulling? Is it some elaborate prank? Is he messing with you?

No. He just… does that. Tells the world how he’s feeling. And you realize that he’s not a bad person, he just has a few quirks. To ask him to stop would be to ask him to change who he is as a person.

Carlos loves Cecil, and accepts him as an imperfect person. He calls him a blabbermouth, which in meaning does apply to Cecil, but it has negative connotations. But he’s not patiently choosing his words, he mispronounced “scientific” as “scientifric” for crying out loud! I doubt the negative implication occurred to him until after he said it. So he assures Cecil, “It’s who you are, and I accept you.” He tries to take it back as best he can in case Cecil is offended.

So, people who think Carlos is abusive, curl up your overlong arms, because you are reaching.

Carlos's Song
Carlos's Song

Doctor Horrible is still something near and dear to my heart. I also love anxiety!Carlos bc of personal reasons and my love of projecting my mental health onto fave characters.

Here’s a story of a boy
Who grew up smart yet anxious
Thinking friends were fairytales
And science was made only for me

Even in most voids here
Burning stars still can be found
And every day of words
Brings kindness
pulling down my head from in the clouds

Grades soon seemed so hollow
For a boy that’s barely coping
Dreams were easy to achieve
If work was all I’d hoped to then do

Anytime I’m hurt there’s you
Who picks me up again
And every drop of love
Will keep me going
‘till we both can see the end

So keep your head up Cecil, honey