cecil fan art


Here, have a little Cecilos fanart for Pride, because I know you nerds all love Night Vale [myself included hehe]

For those who don’t know Night Vale… Just take in the Pride

Edit, like 3 days later: well fuck, I forgot Cecil’s tattoos

More podcast fanart. This time, it’s my first podcast, one which has kept me company on many lonely nights, and one which has earned a special place in my heart: Welcome to Night Vale.

NOTE: Unlike with Wolf 359, I know what the voice actors look like and I have seen plenty of fan art, so my interpretation of the characters has been influenced by these factors.

But where is the light coming from? I do not know. Why are the sparkles there? I also want to know.

Man, I haven’t done fanart for WTNV in forever. Glad I went back into it.

ANYWAY, Cecil Heckin’ Palmer as A1, as asked by @lessonsinsilence