cecil design

Commission for a non-tumblr user  ❤︎

I had a lot of fun drawing these two, especially ‘cause i was able to take my own twist on the characters designs, though it is so hard to draw tattoos aaa

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*emerges from the swamps of sorrow*

MY FINALS ARE APPROACHING REAL FAST AND IM NOT 100% SATISFIED WITH THOSE. Buuut ehh i’ll leave the new babies here anyways, maybe i’ll return to them someday. I’ll be tagging those mosquitoes as “erika” and “wtnv” because i think some of the NV fans might enjoy ‘em.

Welcome to Night Vale: ALL HAIL

mock poster for my advertising design class- the dates are real though

DISCLAIMER: the images used are in no way mine or am I passing them off as mine, they were taken from detailed Google searches