cecil design

Commission for a non-tumblr user  ❤︎

I had a lot of fun drawing these two, especially ‘cause i was able to take my own twist on the characters designs, though it is so hard to draw tattoos aaa

Please do not use without permission | do not redistribute


*emerges from the swamps of sorrow*

MY FINALS ARE APPROACHING REAL FAST AND IM NOT 100% SATISFIED WITH THOSE. Buuut ehh i’ll leave the new babies here anyways, maybe i’ll return to them someday. I’ll be tagging those mosquitoes as “erika” and “wtnv” because i think some of the NV fans might enjoy ‘em.


also hey, have some sweet cecilos
including three of my fav obscure cecil designs @blobcecil , @eyececil and the formless cecil except the floating “CECIL” and mouth w/ clothes. i don’t remember the artist’s url for the design though

idk i just feel like there’s something rlly cool abt podcast fandoms in terms of fanart, like one of the benchmarks of a well known podcast is a certain similarity between character designs despite it not being the same, exactly, like you just see fanart from an artist you’ve never seen before and you’ll be like hey is that cecil and you read the tags and what do you know it is the gay radio host

like there are barely any character descriptions but somehow a certain design just latches on and that’s really really cool