cecil baldwin headcanon


Cecil Palmer

I finally listened to all the episodes of  Welcome to Night Vale I had missed!

I was 15 episodes behind!! Anyway, I decided to make a new fanart of Cecil, because my idea of him has changed… I still need to decide what his tattoos look like… Let me know what you think!

(too bad khoshekh’s detail is a bit blurry, but the image is quite small)

Part of my headcanon for Cecil has him being somewhat inhuman. Like, not fully fledged eldritch horror. Just like…like he’s human, but there’s just something off about him like he’s from some different dimension. And he does have some “inhuman” abilities and characteristics (third eye, tentacle tattoos that can move) and he has the ability to “charm” or sort of sedate people. (Obviously, I mean, dat voice). I think back to in one of the first few episodes where Carlos detected some crazy radiation coming from the mic at the radio-station. Subheadcanon: Cecil uses his voice to charm Night Vale citizens through the radio so they don’t completely lose their shits/are less scared. Hence mic being soaked in “radiaton”.