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How would Starish and QN react when they see their s/o walking distractly and accidentally hiting a pole or one of those glass doors (it happened to me once) sorry bad english u.u

Natsuki- “*helps his s/o up immediately, pats their head and snuggles* Are you alright, ______-chan??? Not hurt anywhere right?”

Otoya- “Ah! _____-chan!!! You’re not gravely hurt right? Huh? You’re a klutz? No!! You just didn’t see the pole there, its okay!”

Masato- “*first aid kid, ambulance and doctor ready; also ready to cry if something serious happens to his s/o*YOU’RE ALRIGHT, NO???”

Tokiya- “*pulls out bandaid and sticks on s/o’s forehead* Now that was a little clumsy of you, right? Be more careful next time *smiles softly*”

Syo- “*panics as he helps his s/o up*Hurt anywhere?! Head, legs, arms?? You’re okay right?? Should we go to the hospital or something?!”

Ren- “Ara, *helps s/o up* You’re fine, no, little lamb? *chuckles a little*Okay, if you say you are. Huh? A klutz? I doubt you are. Super cute? Maybe you’re just that? *winks*”

Cecil- “Its okay, ______-chan! I hit poles too!! You’re not hurt though right??? Should we go to the doctor?? *eternal void of worry*”


Reiji- “*dusts his s/o off* uuuu, _____-chan you gave me a small heart attack just now!! Heh? Heart attacks aren’t small? Haha, this little bump on your forehead is small then! *laughs*”

Ranmaru- “Tch. You should watch the road while walking. What if you stepped on a dog or something? *sighs but helps his s/o up anyway*”

Ai- “There was a very visible pole there, how didn’t you see it? *frowns*This is why you should concentrate even while walking *pats his s/o’s head* You’re okay though, no?”

Camus- “Fool, *helps his s/o up* You should be more careful. You gave me a fright there, what if something grave happened to you huh?!”

The internet is outraged over tragic loss of #CeciltheLion and for a very good reason – He was illegally poached by American, #WalterPalmer. Walt is a rich older white guy, a dentist, a big game hunter and – you guessed it – a major fucking douchebag. Here’s why:

1) He paid $50K to kill, skin, and behead a treasured African icon. Walt is apparently flush in murder money.
2) Palmer and team lured the great animal out of a protected reserve with bait and spot light to kill him. Illegal? You can say that again.
3) Cecil suffered for over 40 hours before Palmer tracked him down and finally killed him – for a trophy. Sickening.
4) Palmer was previously sentenced to a year of probation after lying about where he killed a black bear in Wisconsin a few years back. Walt clearly isn’t new to this game.
5) Palmer often goes after endangered big game, even killing a WHITE RHINO.
6) There are tons of photos circulating of Palmer posing with his dead endangered trophies. Google it if you want to see a grown man hugging bloody animal caucuses.
7) Cecil was part of longterm Oxford study and a major tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. The already hurting economy will surely suffer more.
8) Conservationists say that Cecil’s 5 cubs will likely be killed by the new Alpha male. So Walt really killed 6 lions in this illegal endeavor.
9) Locals serve 2-5 years for illegal poaching, but charges against Palmer have yet to be served.
10) There’s currently a manhunt underway in Zimbabwe to find Palmer. Why are you hiding, Walt?
11) According to a spokesperson for Palmer, he’s “upset” over the internet outrage and that the hunter has become the hunted. Sorry, Walt. You’re just a cruel asshole. It was a only a matter of time.

Just because you’re an old rich guy, doesn’t give you permission to do this heinous shit like this. Sign the petition to demand justice for Cecil and to end trophy hunting in Zimbabwe:

#endtrophyhunting Photo: Paula French

Nico coming out to Hazel

Art + Fic because I’ve had this small fic sitting around in my drafts for awhile and felt like publishing it. Thanks to everyone who came to my stream!! Drawing this one was a lot of fun.

“Yeah, I uh…” Nico’s gaze was faraway, and he began to twist at the ring on his index finger. Nico sighed and looked away. “Forget it.”

Hazel stuck out her lower lip. “Nico, what’s been eating at you?” She murmured tenderly. Hazel took a step closer to her brother, and Nico shuffled his feet in response. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you disappearing again.” She blinked slowly, not looking away from Nico’s dark, hollow eyes. He wouldn’t meet Hazel’s gaze. “C'mon, sit down at least.” She reached out and gave a little tug to Nico’s wrist.

They sat down at the base of a tree and gazed out at Camp Half-Blood’s morning-bustling troopers. They were far enough away, though, that they couldn’t hear more than an occasional pegasus whinny from the stables or giggle of the naiads in the nearby lake. Nico stayed quiet, and the two siblings sat in silence, listening to the stream.

Hazel shuffled through the river rocks at their feet and handed Nico a smooth, flat one that. “Here, watch me.”

Nico tossed his gaze over at Hazel, then at the rock before taking it from her hands. He followed Hazel’s lead when she threw the stone into the river, except Nico managed to skipped his three times.

“If there’s… Something you want to talk about, I’m all ears.” Hazel spoke quietly.

>>The rest of the mini fic under the cut:

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I know that one of the main concerns of a welcome to Night Vale movie would be that people don’t want to see a canon representation of Cecil.

So think of this. A movie about the citizens of Night Vale. Cecil is never shown, but is an ever present voice. Beneath a mauve colored sky characters like Janice and Earl and John Peters (you know, the farmer) go about their daily business and crazy Night Vale things happen while Cecil’s voice narrates from their radios. The only glimpse of him we get is a hand clasped in Carlos’ at the end of the movie as everything is resolved.


I got a new sketchbook, so here’s some of my recent doodles!!

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