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150302 [CeCi TV] Lee Jungshin CeCi Magazine March Photoshoot making

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Was flipping through Naver looking at Jongsuk's news articles

There are 12 pages (100+) articles for the Ceci photoshoot, with most outrageous titles like ‘Angelic Face and Devilish Body’, 'He even has a good body, what to do?!’, 'When did he get those abs?!’, 'The reversal charm of a Manly Lee Jong Suk’… and when I got to the end of the 12 pages, there were 4 more pages of Skinfood articles. CRIES. :DDD

He was even one of the search keywords today:

(No. 8, Lee Jong Suk, magazine photos)

Actually, Jongsuk always films for Ceci because he has said that he knows fans like Ceci a lot. In fact, the Ceci staff members will often go to the DCGall to listen for reactions after they publish Jongsuk’s photos. In return, Jongsuk’s fans would go to Ceci’s website and also the personal blogs of staff members to thank them and give enthusiastic response. It is a very good relationship.

I mean, just look at Ceci Korea’s Youtube channel, they don’t post videos of most shoots they do, but every time Jongsuk does a Ceci shoot, they post the BTS of it. :-)