Hey all! So this is my first ever follow forever (I apologize in advance if I forget anyone - I don’t follow too many people, but this is my fault, it’s nothing personal). 2013 was a pretty great year. Hope you all had a great time too!

Due to this blog being a side blog, everyone listed bellow are blogs that I admire and wished I spoke to more :) I follow all of them on my personal blog. In addition, they are blogs that 99% of my reblogs are from! 

Please follow them! You won’t regret it! They are the best. Thanks!

a-c: amerrymessofness; apartment4d; belleslacey; ceceschmidt;

d-m: dayandmiller; im-not-a-gold-digger; jakejohnsons; jess-and-nick; jess-miller; lizmeriwethers; merrynesssmas; millersgirl; merrylittlemiller; 

n-q: nickmillers; newgirled; newgirlfamily; newgirlramblings; newgirlthings; nickmillersturtleface; nnewgirl; ohreallo; obnessive; panic–moonwalk;

r-z: yolandawinstons; zooeydamndeschanel; zooeydeschanel

NOTE: 1) Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog roll. Sorry! 2) If you are a New Girl centered blog and you weren’t listed, introduce yourself to me! :) I’ll be sure to follow you! And 3) I apologize that the graphics aren’t 100% up to par. I did them in a rush. :D

you need these people on your dash and if you don’t follow them you’re making a big big big mistake. Thank you for your amazing quality blog!! sorry for the sucky edit