cecelia halpert


→ Cecelia “CeCe” Halpert | 19| District Eight | Selena Gomez | Open

CeCe is the sweetest girl on this planet. Back home in England she’s been class president for the last two years. She’s hoping that it will help her chances of getting into her dream school. Yale Law. She likes to argue in the only way she thinks makes sense, in a court. Her dream is to become a worldwide known lawyer. Helping people fight for their rights. Mainly because hers were taken away when she was fourteen. CeCe got pregnant at age fourteen and was forced to give up her child for adoption by her parents. Since she was a minor her parents got to decide her fate.

Freshmen year of high school she was pretty interested in going to Senior parties. As well as Senior boys. One night she drank a little more than she was used to and hooked up with a stranger. 3 months later she got notice that the hook up led to a lot more than a headache and a broken heel the next morning. She was pregnant. CeCe decided to tell her parents so she wouldn’t have to hide it. They reacted as any parent of a pregnant 15 year old girl would but they took it a step further. They controlled, manipulated, and made the choice for their daughter; adoption. She tries to keep it under the sheets. The darkest secret on the brightest girl.

  • Wishes she never gave her son up for adoption
  • Has never been in love
  • Is searching for her son, wanting to get rights back
  • Forigen exhange student from England
Friends with → Madge Undersee, Delly Cartwright, Rue Springer, Tanner Nynx, open
Possible love interest → Tanner Nynx, open