cece phillips

Love Matters

Request: One shot request where you’re Dwight and Angela’s daughter and you’re actually surprisingly attractive considering who your parents are and you start dating Pam and Jim’s son and Pam and Jim are totally cool with it and they love you, but your parents are really mad and Angela lectures you on how they’re turning you into a bad person (I don’t want to use the word whore?) so you end up spending the majority of your time at the Halperts’.

A/N: Hi guys! We are trying to catch up on some older ones, but if they still don’t get written try to send them in again. Anyway, this story is AU because I’m having Dwight and Angela’s child be a daughter instead of Phillip, the son they had. I hope this is how the requested wanted it to be. It’s also pretty long so I apologize for that, but enjoy!

Being the daughter of Dwight and Angela Schrute was not an easy thing. While your parents loved you very much, the could be hard on you at times. Not to mention how strange your father could be and how uptight your mother sometimes got.

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