I wore Si in the Ergo today. I snapped a few pics of him strapped to me before we left the house. He clearly loved it.

Then we went to Glebe Markets where he fought sleep so that he could see everything going on around him. He’s such a curios little nugget.

I bought an empanada, ate it carefully hovering the plate over his head and thought I’d successfully managed to keep crumbs from reaching him. When I looked down he had empanada flakes all over him haha. Sorry kid. Still learning how to do this!

I gotta say.. I kinda loved wearing him today. I think he might be my new favourite accessory.

Dear QB,

By the time you read this (if you ever do?) you’ll already know that Mama likes to get ARTY. I really can’t wait to be able to do art with you. To let your creativity flow however you like. I want you to pull things apart, glue things together, smudge paint on things, to draw, trace, copy, appropriate and create. If you don’t like it, well I guess that’s okay. But something tells me you’ll enjoy getting messy and having fun creating pretty/silly things with me for your Mummy. 

Here’s an altered book I made for your Mummy after we had been dating for a couple of months.  Each page had something to do with our fresh, new, blossoming relationship and it came in a COOL little customised wooden box.

You’re probably reading this going “How lame are you Mama?” and the answer is A LOT LAME but I won your Mum’s heart and now we’re married and you’re currently 25 days away from being born so.. HA, my lame worked!

It’s time for my second giveaway.
This time it is a unisex tri-blend cecart t-shirt. The size is X-small.

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