my evangeline,

i did something i already regret. but, itll help me and you.

i said goodbye.

and, its going to fucking suck, not hearing your voice over the phone and not seeing your smile when we facetime. but it will be better for both of us. i can get clean. you can further your relationship with greg. you can be happier and healthier and ill find someone eventually.

my heart will always yearn for you, but it’ll learn to distract itself from the smell of your hair or the way your eyes flutter when you laugh.

ill find someone. you’ll find someone too. hell, maybe its greg.

youre still my evangeline.

i’ll still write to you.

you still mean more to me than life.

its better for both of us. i love you, but i can let myself be poisoned anymore, regardless on if you mean to or not. have fun with greg. i really hope he stays as amazing as you say he is.

-isaac, who’s still your guardian angel.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad to headcannon characters that are minors as being a certain sexuality like asexual or gay?

asexual yes, gay no

let me explain

i’m only referring to young minors here (from elementary to middle school) but the issue with headcanoning characters who are minor as asexual is that asexuality is entirely based around sex. when you headcanon minors as asexual you’re implicitly thinking about their feelings about sex and whether or not they experience sexual attraction. that’s creepy. that’s wrong. don’t do that. 

on the other hand, headcanoning minors as gay is fine! being gay is not all about sex. kids can be gay. kids can have crushes on their friends and hold hands with them. it’s not about sex and therefore thinking a character might be gay is fine. it’s good. it’s encouraged 

so let me reiterate:

asexuality = all about sex! 

being gay = not all about sex! 


the new Norma