Admin Note: Representation IS important, but so is avoiding erasure. Crowley and Chuck, both, are major characters with canon LGBTQIA orientations, Charlie was openly gay, as were side characters like Damien & Barnes and Ceasr & Jesse and Corbett, and compelling arguments exist for reading Castiel as asexual. It’s equally as important to recognize the characters that are actively providing representation as it is to make wishes for those that aren’t.

Lolitas and the Weebs

My friend and I were going to our first Lolita convention and we were so excited. The first night was going to be a swap meet and then afterwards we would all go out and eat and then we were going to have drinks and dance.

Everything was going so well, we were having so much fun seeing everyone in our community as well as buying and trading new things to add to our wardrobe. Then they showed up.

Earlier that day a cosplay picnic had taken place, and since this was not only for lolita but for all Japanese fashion, those are the picnic were invited, because why not? They were into the fashion scene as well and reaching out is always good to attracting new members.

Those who came all seemed to be genuinely interested and had some idea of what was going on. Well, Ihad brought some of my handmade jewelry as well as some cute phone charms, some of which happened to be Pokemon. Well, they come in, one is cosplaying Ciel from Black Butler, the other Jojo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Ciel comes up and starts gushing over my phone charms, I think I have a sale and a few extra bucks for a meal. Jojo starts sighing and lamenting how awful Pokemon has become. Sighing more and more how he moved on to edgier things like DBZ and other anime he sees as far more superior than a show made for kids.

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