cease fire song

GUYS! So i just realized that “The Hanging Tree” has a much different meaning… it is not just an idea, nor is it a fairy tail, nor is it simply a song, it is much more then that… it is the rebellion itself.

The Tree = the rebellion

Hanging = people will die, blood will be spilled

Are you coming to the tree? = are you joining the rebellion

Where they strung up a man = they being the previous leaders, strung up being killed

they SAY who murdered three = there was no proof. they killed a man in cold blood

Strange things DID happen here = there was a previous rebellion

no stranger would it be = people are ready to rebel

if we met up at midnight = meet the rebels, come meet with us.

Where i told you to run = run, run away from the capitol, run away from the control, run to us

so we’d both be free = the outcome will be our freedom

wear a necklace of Rope (book version = there is a chance you will die, nobody can guarantee your safety. Someone may kick the chair out from under you.

wear a necklace Hope (movie version) = trust that you will not be hanged, people will try to protect you, and you will bring hope to the rest of the nation

Where a dead man called out = the people falling (in the first rebellion) and calling for a cease fire. the capitol falling (in the second rebellion) and president snow calling for a cease fire

For his love to flee = cease fire, end the rebellion, no more fighting! Run from all of this! (or run to the side you chose and with them)