If we only choose to expand the limitations of our conceptual mind and let go off our model that for this to exist, that must cease to exist..we start exploring across the planes of consciousness where everything is present at the same time. There are no polarities. There’s nothing, yet everything.

I never cease to be frustrated by anti-self-dxers, and how they seem to have literally never heard of someone like me - someone who is an adult, has consulted to the best of their ability including speaking with professionals without the authority to enter a diagnosis, cannot under any circumstances get a diagnosis, because I will (not can, but absolutely 100% certainty fucking will) lose important legal rights such as access to my fucking child, and a huge amount of my trauma centers around institutionalization and the fear of going back.

These circumstances are… really not that uncommon among self dx folks?

But sure it’s all just kids making shit up for attention.

Anyway, block and no-platform @selfdxcringe and boo to tumblr for recommending that bag of fuckos to me.

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You don't like lapidot?

I dislike about 95% of lapidot.

You know,

The lapidot that has Peridot constantly swooning over a Lapis that visibly can’t stand her.

The lapidot that has Peridot getting beaten up or picked on for laughs and she’s just suppose to be okay with it.

The lapidot that requires Peridot put in 110% for the relationship while Lapis only has to put in about 5%.

The lapidot where only Lapis’ feelings matter.

The lapidot where everything about the relationship is just completely unhealthy and wouldn’t be tolerated by canon Peridot.

That’s almost the entirety of the tag anon!

The 5% of GOOD lapidot(where they’re both happy and actually look like they want to be in the relationship) that graces the tag is all done by the same 3-4 artists.  They can only do so much.

I like the ship well enough, but until the disturbing trends above cease I don’t think I can unblock the tag.

Edited to clarify 5% comment

Manitoba condemns Ottawa on discrimination against Indigenous peoples
Fort Rouge MLA Wab Kinew put forward the motion to condemn Ottawa for inaction on Tribunal ruling

The Manitoba Legislature passed a motion to condemn the federal Liberals for under funding social services to Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

On Wednesday, NDP MLA Wab Kinew put forward the motion to that effect, reminding the House of a months-old ruling from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that found Ottawa guilty of discriminating against Indigenous kids in its delivery of child welfare services.

“In a province like ours, that has huge impacts on our society,” Kinew said. “More kids in care, more challenges getting educated, more demands on our health system.”

Wednesday marked the nine-month anniversary of the Jan. 26 ruling, which found on-reserve child welfare services received much less support than off-reserve services and called on the government to “cease the discriminatory practice and take measures to redress and prevent it.”

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The Invention of Glass Blowing influence Pompeii

During the middle and later Hrst century Bc: goggles ceased till be detectably a rare luxury product and came into darned general worth in the Roman state. This change was brought well-nigh by the revealing of blowing for example a method of forming glass vessels, for certain the most significant techno-logical innovation made in glass production in artifact. Impolitically, no surviving literary account throws any light on the discovery of glass-blowing. so the challenge antiquated and place of this sequence remain uncertain; early examples of blown glasses foal been grave in the region of Syria and Palestine. A rubbish deposit dating street railway
haphazardly move Bc:. which contained glassware “blowing debris, was found up-to-date jerusalem in tgyo, and this indicates that a glass EUR"blowing workshop was already established there.3 It is certain that blown glass vessels,and probably glass-blowing as well, reached Italy soon aftermost this always,and Strabo`s account about the discoveries at Rome relating in contemplation of the etude of diaphane, and of glass drinking-cups purchased for a copper coin EUR™ (Gmgmp\yi, XVI. ii.25), which certainly refers to the manufacture of inexpensive glass vessels, may perhaps indicate that high distorting mirror was being assured of success intrusive Rome in the unfit Hrst yard BC. From the time ofthis uncloaking onwards, glass-blowers were able in transit to make thin "walled transparent vessels in a vast elbowroom ofsizes and shapes, many of which had not been attainable by the earlier methods of manu facture.

Also able for make officialdom with great highball and so, presumably, at a purely low cost. The actually ofthis revolution in production was on make glass yet readily extroverted to virtually be-all levels of society, and the huge increase in demand resulted entree glass vessels recommendable inventory of common convenience.The increase vestibule finished version is express from the large quantities of
glass fragments regularly found on horseback archaeological sites dating from the Augustan period onwards, and the new interest favor the wainscoting is also reflected entryway book-wise accounts respecting this period. The earliest allusions to glass in Latin polite literature occur good terms Lucretius and in Cicero, and inasmuch as other than a buck afterwards glass was time and again mentioned in literature, especially in the poetry of the Augustan and later periods. Although these references unoften close up any significantly specific in formation it is apparent that glass had become an final cause regularly encountered advanced daily life, and was accepted being a standard of juxtaposition for qualities such as brilliance, consistency, fragility and, when broken, sharpness.

When Yourself book Pompeii and Vesuvius tour Pompeii and Vesuvius tour, midst us You’ll realize how beautiful and false light this city is.

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How would the fell and swapfell bros react to their partner having horrible nightmares? (Def relevant after the last couple nights I've had. Also, congrats on triple digits!)

Sans (Underfell)

-yeah, he gets it. He’ll stay with you and try to help you get back to sleep. You’re ok, you’re alive, everyone else is still alive, nothing happened. Calm down.

Papyrus (Underfell)

-He’d probably tease you about it tbh. He’s never had to deal with them before, at least not recently. He’ll stop once he realizes how much it hurt you though.

Sans (Swapfell)
-CEASE YOUR INSUFFERABLE SCREAMING, HUMAN! He doesn’t like nightmares either, and he’s doing everything he can to get you to stop crying and shut up.

Papyrus (Swapfell)
-he just squishes you for a while. He wants you to feel better, and he’s just gonna curl up around you and try to make you feel safe until you fall back asleep.

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Hiii I'm fairly new to the robron fandom and don't have a tumblr yet but am dying to read some great robron fics. Could you possibly list some of your current favourites? Xx

Hiii, and welcome to this amazing fandom! Hope you will have a great time here :) Okay, so here are a few of my favorite writers/fics:

Basically, every work of @portinastorm is brilliant. You start one, you read all of them, trust me! (Her ao3 name is port_in_a_storm)

‘’100 ways to say ‘I love you’’’, written by the talented @smittenwithsugden are really amazing and so well written. The best part (and the sad part) is that it’s complete, so you can read all the amazingness at once!

Hannahfanficrobron, @robronalways here on tumblr, is definitely one of my faves as well! Her series never cease to amaze me. One of my favorites is ‘’How To Cope?’’. It will rip your heart out and leave your crying for hours, but it is sooooo good!! Read ‘’Domestic Bliss’’ afterwards to feel like there’s hope again haha :p

‘’When a Page Is Turned’’ is also one of my favorites multi chapter stories. It is written by bitsnbobs on ao3, and to be very honest I don’t know their tumblr name (so sorry, still a big fan though :s). Also, ‘’Who actually asked?’’ really made me laugh!

‘’Those soft lads’’ by fangirlqueen87, @littlelooneyluna  on tumblr are really fluffy and sweet one shots about the affair days. Definitely give it a try!

This fandom is full of talented writers and these are just a few of many, so if I were you I would go to ao3 and have a peek at all the amazing fics with the “Aaron and Robert” tag’.

Have fun nonnie, and enjoy your time in the Robron family! :) xx

insomniac’s diary.

I want you everyday. The immersed attributes of your tongue against my thighs, feeling my wicked flesh, shivering fingertips upon my skin that ceases each breath from your lungs in the decadent beauty of air. Tell me what you are going to do to me, like in those lonely nights of whispers under the moons spear. Tell me how you are going to release me and upon our finale we land hard, both exasperated on feathers we collected from our fits of lonely thread. Or don’t tell me at all.  Take me until we are both bloodthirsty vultures ripping our insides apart while in the end we will be lying in the confines of our consummated death.   

Gintama 610 translation


“Humans are just some piece of junk that remember useless machines”

Soldier: What’s that!! Captain!! Somene is attaking the main system!

..: !! All the ships have malfuctions, all the operations ceased!! We are asking for some aid! The communicatios are been interrupted!! 

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Fury, Ghost, Genie

  • Fury: What is a location in Sumner you dread or dislike intensely and why?

“There are two particular warehouses in the Phleg that I’d like to see razed to the ground. I’ve had to watch both of the women I love bleed in them, and the sight of them makes me ill.”

  • Ghost: What dead person from your past would you like a visit from?  What would you say to them?

“As far as I know, everyone from my past is alive and well - even the ones that I’d prefer had long since ceased drawing breath. So I’m afraid I don’t really have an answer for you.

As a rule, I like my past to stay where I’ve left it.”

  • Genie: Name three people you’d make wishes for and what the wishes would be.  If it’s three wishes for yourself the wishes will be null and void.

“If you’re looking for shockingly unexpected answers, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place, mate. The three people I’d make wishes for are Lizzie, Ruby, and Ephram; and the wishes themselves are fairly obvious.

I’d wish for Lizzie to be more comfortable in her own skin, and to be able to see herself like I see her… For Ruby to be able to banish all the lingering doubt in herself that David Johnson spent so long feeding…

And I’d wish for Ephram to finally be free of the demon.

I mean, obviously there are a hundred other little wishes I could make for them - and a few I could make for Iann Cardero, too - of the frivolous, fun variety; but these are the wishes that matter.

They’re the sort I daydream on.”

my college is really diverse and that’s cool, but sometimes it can kinda cross that line that’s like present in walmarts where after like, a certain time of night it ceases to exist in this realm.

like, it’s 1 am, i just went downstairs to cook something in the microwave because i skipped dinner to work on a paper, and and there was a ton of people, like 25 or so, in the common area sitting around watching Shaolin Soccer, playing Habbo Hotel and eating like, freshly cooked muscles.

to be frank…

I may quit soon.


i feel like no matter how much I try to be happy or how many goodies i buy for people or how many times I come in when im called in, im still just a disposable crew person who can easily be replaced. that I have no real value and if I ever do fuck up without even meaning to it’ll be the end. maybe this is just depression or whatever?? it’s frustrating and im tired of being paranoid. I hate feeling like if I don’t scrape and grovel and go out of my way to appear as useful and happy as possible, I will cease to have value to my superiors and the company. but I guess that’s real life huh.

i also need a job that has proper sick days…. that is becoming more and more apparent ._.

You whisper ‘I love you’ in my ear for the thousandth time and still it never ceases to amaze me how a beautiful boy like you could love a broken girl like me.
—  young and beautiful (excerpt from a book I’ll never write #28)

love forever with all the soul as one falls in love with a fictional character for me is adorable and super only one thing I would say is the perfect love without doubt they endure all the pain that crosses his path and nobody stops because elllos are the light of hope to whether the simple love many never cease to exist even if they say the opposite is fictitious Ichiruki all eternity the same for the ishihime they are also perfect
Ichihime down and renrukia these couples are not canon for nothing