cea allstars

cea love triangle

Chapter 1

Erica’s P.O.V

I walk into cheer extreme my home, I open the door and I’m greated by a hug from my coach Ben. 

“Hey Erica!”

“Hey Ben!”

“Are you gonna throw your kick double today” he asked

I shyly nodded unsure.

“C'mon, it’s gonna give Angel Rice a run for her money.”

It’s true, I’m a really good tumbler just not a lot of people know it and It looks really bad all the other times but besides that I’m good.

I go to warm up and sit with my bff Gabie.

“OMG ERICA! I have great news!” Gabie exclaims.


“I GOT MY KICK DOUBLE!” she said.

My heart sharttered, Gabies not even a good tumbler! She’s already point flyer (and maddie was way better js) what else does she need. I see shimmering golden hair on the tumble track and admire my crush holden ray<3 Holden walks over and I try to contain myself. “Hey Gabie Hey Erica”

“OMG HOLDEN I GOT MY KICK DOUBLE” Gabie basically yelled.

“OMG Gabie thats great! I’m so happy for you.” and than he HUGGED HER!!!!!!!

What a little hoe bag she KNOWS I’M IN LOVE WITH HIM. I get up from where I’m sitting and leave practice. It’s okay I’m Erica Englebert. I drove all the way to university of carolina to go talk to my iconic legendary queen and saviour 

Maddie Gardner.

Gabies P.O.V

Erica is such a idiot and is jelous of me all the time. It’s not my fault that she doesn’t work as hard as I do. I am in the gym from 3:30-11:50. Yeah. I know. I’m good. We were trying to go full out but Erica wasn’t there so a lot of stunts didn’t go but she wasn’t missed during tumbling because Courtney wouldn’t put in her janky full lmao. After practice I did really good and than my secret crush holden ray came up to me and asked me if i wanted to get ice cream after practice and I said yes. I posted a photo of our ice cream on instagram and I got like 200 likes in 52 seconds because I’m famous. I got a notification from my unfollower app and I go to check who unfollowed me…

it said:


Holden P.O.V

I don’t get why these girls are in love with me I am gay af.

stay tunned for chapter 2