Whenever I write a novel I’m reminded of the essential hubris of criticism. When I write criticism I’m in such a protected position: here are my arguments, here are my blessed opinions, here is my textual evidence, here my rhetorical flourish. One feels very pleased with oneself. Fiction has none of these defences. You are just a fool with a keyboard. It’s much harder. More frightening. At the same time, I work really hard on my novels, so when I return to reviewing I expect the novels I read to really have something going on. Not perfection, because I know that’s impossible and not really even desirable – but some kind of genuine urgency. Some risk has to have been taken. Something in the book has to be genuinely fresh: perspective, language, form, ideas, something.

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I'm doing a mock interview tomorrow. I'm 15. Hopefully it's good experience!

I hope it goes well today! If any of you ever have the opportunity to do a mock interview, take it. An interview may not seem like something you need experience for, but it absolutely helps. You’ll get a good idea of what kinds of questions will be asked of you specifically and you’ll be more prepared and comfortable when the real thing comes along.

LARGE AS LIFE: Rise of the Everyman | Onnit Academy

At Wrestlemania 31, Seth Rollins became the WWE Heavyweight champion of the world. That same night, many of the sport’s most legendary superstars also appeared on stage. Nostalgia aside, after seeing The Undertaker, Triple H, Sting, The Rock, and Bret Hart enthrall the 76,000 plus on hand, the stark differences between the new champion and his predecessors made it official, this is the age of The Everyman. [Read More]

Lianne La Havas Talks Working with Prince,
 Admiration for Lauryn Hill + Jamaican Roots

Exclusive Interview with Gwenda Bond, author of “Lois Lane: Fallout”!

We here at MuggleNet were big fans of “Lois Lane: Fallout” when we got to review it earlier this summer, so we jumped at the chance to talk to Gwenda Bond, who’s writing a new chapter in Superman mythos with her YA novels that follow the adventures of a teenaged Lois Lane.


Demi Lovato Reveals What Her Upcoming Album Will Sound Like

Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer” is actually one of the hottest songs of the summer and it’s gotten fans excited for her upcoming album, which like her single will be an evolution for Demi musically.

She tells On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “There’s definitely mote soulful songs on the album. Also, it’s a little bit more rhythmic than my music normally. So, I’m really, really excited for people to hear a little bit of a hip hop influence on some of the songs.”

No word yet on when we’ll get our hands on her album, but “Cool for the Summer” is out on iTunes now!



El famoso presentador, biólogo y pescador extremo Jeremy Wade estará en un hangout.

Back in 2005, Debuchy gave an interview to LOSC that I’ve always seen around but never stopped to read. I selected the questions I found more interesting and I’ll be posting them here throughout the week. I’d like to thank futboltrash for the translation and onceuponalany for the revision; go give them a follow if you’re not following them already :)

Part 2 (you can read part 1 here)

7. Alright so the cinema: the last film you saw?
Mathieu: Uh, I don’t remember, Ludivine!
Ludivine (who joins us coming from the kitchen): I believe it was Bad Boys. It wasn’t recent!
Mathieu: Like I said, I prefer DVDs. I just bought Spiderman 2. I like action movies. I also have a thing for horror films.

8. Whoa! Do you have a favorite film in that genre?
Mathieu: Chainsaw Massacre. It’s not something I would watch with Ludivine.
(Ludivine enthusiastically nods in agreement)
Mathieu: On the other hand, there’s another film I can watch on repeat: The Great Escape with Steve McQueen.

9. The number one dream of Mathieu Debuchy?
To have a child.
Ludivine (teasing): Oh really, just one?
Mathieu: Ludivine wants twins.
Ludivine: Yes, I want to have a boy and a girl.

10. Have you started talking about it yet?
Mathieu (smiling): No, not really, it’ll happen when it happens. Another dream of mine would be to have a great career.

11. What does that mean to you, a great career?
Mathieu: To feel comfortable in a club. At LOSC, I feel very good, like a fish in the water. But of course the chance to evolve at a big European club is tempting.

CNBC asks Christina Grimmie what her summer reading list is

In this latest installment of CNBC’s summer reading series Christina Grimmie, a singer/songwriter, offers up her suggestions. The recording artist, who was discovered on NBC’s “The Voice,” recently released her new single., “Shrug,” and will be opening this year’s iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Growing up, I never liked to read, if I’m being honest. I found a new love for reading witin the past few years. I love to read while I travel and because I travel A LOT — and sometimes a computer doesn’t pass the time properly — I always like to have a book on hand. And when I’m home, weirdly enough I sit on the floor in my room and read — and that’s become my “spot.”

Here’s what’s on my reading list this summer:

Death Note

Written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata
It’s a psychological manga thriller about a high-school student named Light, who finds a book that can kill people; There is only one detective in the world (a guy named L) who is smart enough to suspect Light and crack the case. I love mind games, so this interested me right off the bat.

Classic Christianity: Life’s Too Short to Miss the Real Thing

By Bob George
This is one of my favorite books on the Christian faith that helps put into perspective what the real Christian life looks like. 

Fullmetal Alchemist

Written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa

This is a manga series about a brilliant young alchemist who, as a young child essentially “sold his brother’s soul” by accident in an attempt to bring their mother back to life. And now his little brother’s soul is living inside a giant suit of armor. The book is about their adventure to get his brother’s body back. But there are lots of roadblocks on their journey. I am immediately drawn to Edward (the main character) because he is hysterical and has such personality. The story line is amazing.


The Case for Christ – A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus

By Lee Strobel

This is the true story of a man’s attempt to “disprove” Christianity, when, in the end, he finds it can’t be done. The research in this book is truly remarkable and really makes you think!

Touching Spirit Bear

By Ben Mikaelsen

This is one of my favorite books of all time! It’s about a delinquent named Cole who is such a bad child, his punishment was to live by himself on an island. Being as cocky as ever, he thought he was prepared. This book is about how he is humbled beyond belief when he meets the spirit bear, who shows Cole who’s boss. I read this years ago and it’s still one of my favorites to this day.

Commentary by Christina Grimmie, a contestant on Season 6 of The Voice (Team Adam). Her newest single, “Shrug”, is already in major rotation on several radio stations, including Radio Disney. Follow her on Twitter @TheRealGrimmie.