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period drama meme - couples 3/4 

Kleopatra Selene II ( 40 - 5 BCE ) and Juba II of Numidia ( c. 52 BCE - CE 23)

“Although Octavia had herself been unlucky in love,she was apparently something of a matchmaker. In 25 BCE she was instrumental in arranging a marriage between Selene and Juba. The young couple had had their lives turned upside down as a result of the actions of their parents. Once they arrived in Mauretania they were free to make their own decisions, accountable to no one, except possibly Augustus. They had much to do: the new kingdom of Mauretania was a vast territory, encompassing modern-day Algeria and Morocco, rather than modern-day Mauritania… [Selene] possessed enough prestige to rule alongside her husband as a queen in her own right and consistently referred to her Greek and Ptolemaic heritage on the coins she issued in her own name as well as those she issued in conjunction with Juba. Their new kingdom was in serious need of modernisation, so they refounded [the capital] Iol as Caesarea in honour of their benefactor Augustus. They filled Caesarea with grandiose buildings inspired by those of Rome and also of Alexandria. These included a lighthouse in the style of the Alexandrian Pharos, set up on an island in the harbour, a royal palace situated on the seafront and numerous temples to Roman and Egyptian deities. Their royal court attracted scholars and artists from across the Roman Empire and became a cosmopolitan fusion of Greek, Roman and Egyptian culture. The couple ruled Mauretania for almost two decades, until Selene’s early death at the age of 35.”  -  ‘Cleopatra’s Daughter’, Jane Draycoff