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- S-B312 -
Halo Saga

As the war with the Covenant Empire continued, the demand for high-risk, SPARTAN operations deep within enemy territory rose exponentially. This demand lead the UNSC’s Special Warfare Command to commission several new breeds of SPARTAN teams in both S-II and S-III classes. SPARTAN B312 (later known as Noble Six) was chosen to join this gifted few.

Daily Drawing Challenge 83: I was fiending to draw some Noble Six fanart, and I sorely miss the ‘tactical, utilitarian’ halo aesthetic of olde. So i thought I’d scratch that itch by drawing S-B312 patrolling with a nameless comrade on a nameless world. The smoking corpse of an Sangheili beside them. Also keep your eyes peeled for some Halo Wars 2 fanart! Moreover I’m thinking of doing some commission work - if you’re interested, message me (more on this later this summer).


The backgrounds of the Master Chief Collection

I’ve managed to capture the backgrounds for each of the games in Halo The Master Chief Collection. Going from top left to bottom right we have:

  • Halo The Master Chief Collection
  • Halo Combat Evolved / Anniversary
  • Halo 2 / Anniversary
  • Halo 3
  • Halo 3: ODST
  • Halo 4

“Deeper than blood
Greater than love
Theirs is a union
The ‘Demon’
 and the Goddess” [LISTEN]

  1. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
  2. Within Temptation - Lost
  3. Amanda Lee - Erased OP/ED
  4. Thousand Foot Krutch - Hurt
  5. Bastille - Skulls
  6. Nightwish - Forever Yours
  7. Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son
  8. The Unforgiven II - Metallica 
  9. Two Steps From Hell - His Brightest Star Was You
  10. Nightwish - Alpenglow
  11. Katie Herzig - Human Too
  12. Wolf Alice - Silk
  13. Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream
  14. Future World Music - Eternal Love
  15. Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  16. Starset - Halo
  17. Red - Pieces

A revamped fanmix dedicated to my favorite space-faring pair, John and Cortana. 

(Special thanks to @decade-dance @cortnan and @aflamebeyondtheveil for their contributions!) 

how to ask questions in french 💗

1. Est-ce que

literally “is it that,” can be placed at the beginning of any affirmative sentence to turn it into a question:

  Est-ce que vous dansez ?
  Do you dance?
  Est-ce que tu veux voir un film ?
  Do you want to see a movie?
  Est-ce qu'il est arrivé ?
  Has he arrived?
Place any question words in front of est-ce que: (eg. quand, quel, où)
  Quand est-ce que tu veux partir ?
  When do you want to leave?
Pourquoi est-ce qu’il a menti ?
  Why did he lie?
 Quel livre est-ce que vous cherchez ?
  Which book are you looking for?

2. Inversion

A more formal way to ask questions is with inversion.
Invert the conjugated verb and subject pronoun and join them with a hyphen:

  Dansez-vous ?
  Do you dance?
  Veux-tu voir un film ?
  Do you want to see a movie?
  Est-il arrivé ?
  Has he arrived?
Again, place any interrogative words at the beginning of the question:
  Quand veux-tu partir ?
  When do you want to leave?
  Pourquoi a-t-il menti ?
  Why did he lie?
  Quel livre cherchez-vous ?
  Which book are you looking for?
You can use inversion to ask negative questions.
  Ne dansez-vous pas ?
  Don’t you dance?
  N'est-il pas encore arrivé ?
  Hasn’t he arrived yet?

3. Statement as question

A very simple but informal way to ask yes/no questions is to raise the pitch of your voice while pronouncing any sentence:

  Vous dansez ?
  You dance?
  Tu veux voir un film ?

  You want to see a movie?
  Il est arrivé ?

  He arrived?
You can also use this structure to ask negative questions:
  Tu ne danses pas ?
  You don’t dance?
  Il n'est pas encore arrivé ?
  He hasn’t arrived yet?

4. N'est-ce pas?

If you’re pretty sure the answer to your question is yes, you can just make an affirmative statement and then add the tag n'est-ce pas ? to the end. This is also informal:

  Tu danses, n'est-ce pas ?
  You dance, right?
  Tu veux voir un film, n'est-ce pas ?

  You want to see a movie, right?
  Il est arrivé, n'est-ce pas ?
  He arrived, right?

5. Notes

The French equivalent of the verb “to ask” is demander, but “to ask a question” is “poser une question.”

There are two main types of questions:

  1. Yes/no questions, also known as polar questions or closed questions (questions fermées), ask for a simple yes or no answer.
  2. Information questions, also known as WH questions, constituent questions, or open questions (questions ouvertes), ask for information with question words, like who, what, when, where, why, which, how, how much/many.

When using inversion with the third person singular (il, elle, or on) and a verb that ends in a vowel, you must add t- between the verb and subject pronoun:

 Aime-t-il les films ? - Does he like movies?
  A-t-on décidé ? - Have we decided?
Écoute-t-elle la radio ? - Does she listen to the radio?

There is a special French word, si, that is used only when responding in the affirmative to a negative question.

- Vas-tu au ciné ? - Oui !
- Are you going to the movies? - Yes! - Ne vas-tu pas au ciné ? - Si !
- Aren’t you going to the movies? - Yes (I am)!
- Est-ce que tu veux venir ? - Oui !
- Do you want to come? - Yes! - Tu ne veux pas venir ? - Si !
- You don’t want to come? - Yes (I do)

J'ai couché avec une fille l'autre fois. Et, dans ma chambre il y'a une lampe sur pied. Que je voulais allumer. Et elle, non. Elle voulait qu'on reste dans le noir. Le scénario cliché à l'infini. Quelqu'un veut allumer la lumière, mais pas l'autre. Pendant que je n'allumais pas la lumière avec regret, j'ai un peu réfléchi la fraction d'une seconde: de cette lumière que tant de femmes ne veulent pas allumer, alors que leurs corps sont si beaux, naturellement, même s'ils ne sont pas parfaitement minces, ou parfaitement bronzés, ou parfaitement lisses. J'aurais voulu lui dire, que je m'en fichais de sa cellulite, de ces rondeurs, de ces 4 poils mal épilé. Que je m'en foutais, qu'elle était parfaite pareil. Qu'elle n'avait pas d'excuse, comme elle s'est excusée de son corps. Que ça me brisait le cœur, que je ne voulais pas que je voulais me boucher les oreilles. Et crier pas l'entendre s'excuser, s'excuser d'être elle-même, physiquement, qu'est-ce qui lui prenait?
—  Le cahier: allume-moi
the halo antagonists and their motives

the flood: absorb all life in the cosmos to become a mirror of the domain, but twisted from the misery and suffering of the minds it’s consumed
the ur-didact: composing humanity as punishment for what he accuses them of and to serve his quest to destroy the flood and save the galaxy
the covenant: activate the rings and achieve transcendence
mendicant bias: [see the flood]
the created: ???


Umm el-Omad (“mother of all needles”)

Wadi Nefud, Libya

200-400 CE

The tombs offers a couple of suprises. The Corinthian columns are completely Roman, but the shape of the monuments is Punic. The epitaph, for example, is flanked by two eagles, which is customary in this area. The false doors have their closest parallel in the art of ancient Egypt. Oddly, the false door in the northern monument faces the southeast, and not - as one would have expected - the west, the realm of the dead. Perhaps the person who lies buried here, a man named Ben Hamdan, wanted to connect his tomb to the Unconquered Sun (Sol Invictus), which in December rises in the southeast.

Weekly content update once again on my drawing…

The forearm design is in the rough stages. Using Tekka-Croe’s design from DeviantArt for the Mark V arms and legs. I am so not used to using a tablet, that I am comfortable with showing little-by-little progress, rather than one big surprise at the end. :P

I will also do little design changes to make the Mark V helmet up to date with Halo 5′s Delta variant of it. :)

More updates to come. 

✧ * º • ☾ surnames masterlist. ❜

because when you’re searching on tumblr for surnames, barely anything shows up and i think surnames are just as important (if not more bc ethnicities and what not) as first names, so here’s #30 of my favorite surnames that i like to use for my muses that vary in ethnicity. they’re not organized in any way, because i’m a piece of garbage. antiways, enjoy my dearest pals.

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Question time! Nu va fie frica sa intrebati!
  • 1.De la ce vine numele blogului tau?
  • 2.Cand l-ai facut?
  • 3.De ce l-ai facut?
  • 4.Care este blogul tau preferat?
  • 5.Iti place sa primesti mesaje de la followeri?
  • 6.ce fel de mesaje iti trimit?
  • 7.Iti pasa de problemele lor pe care aleg sa ti le impartaseasca?
  • 8.Ai prieteni?
  • 9.Care e persoana care ti.a schimbat viata? (asta daca a fost cineva)
  • 10.Care e cel mai bun prieten al tau pe care l.ai cunoscut pe tumblr? (daca ai cunoscut o asa persoana)
  • 11. Care e cel mai bun prieten din viata reala?
  • 12.Esti la fel si in realitate?
  • 13.Blogul tau exprima gandurile tale? Pe toate?
  • 14.cum era inainte de Tumblr?
  • 15. Ce crezi despre Tumblr?
  • 16.Ce crezi despre oamenii materialisti?
  • 17.inca mai iubesti un fost/fosta?
  • 18.Ai prieteni buni? sau doar prieteni falsi?
  • 19.caini sau pisici?
  • 20.Ce animal de companie preferi?
  • 21.Cum a fost vara asta pentru tine?
  • 22.Ce ti.ai fi dorit sa faci vara asta si n.ai facut?
  • 23.esti fericit/a ca se termina vara?
  • 24.ce faci cand esti trist?
  • 25.Ai pe cineva care iti asculta problemele si te ajuta?
  • 26.Preferi sa spui ce te framanta sau te interiorizezi?
  • 27.Acum esti in depresie?
  • 28.Ce vrei de la viata?
  • 29.O dorinta de.a ta?
  • 30.o poza cu tine? (daca vrei)
  • 31.Cum te vezi?
  • 32.Exista relatii perfecte? De ce?
  • 33.Ce fel de muzica asculti?
  • 34.Preferi muzica la casti sau tare?
  • 35.Iti pasa de parerile celorlalti?
  • 36.Sunt oameni care te critica? De ce?
  • 37.Melodia ta preferata?
  • 38.Lucruri la care tii?
  • 39.Persoane la care tii?
  • 40.Pesoane care tin la tine?
  • 41.Ce vezi cand te privesti in oglinda?
  • 42. Preferi ziua sau noaptea?
  • 43.Au fost nopti in care n.ai dormit din cauza cuiva?
  • 44.Te-ai simtit singur/a printre prieteni?
  • 45.Parintii tai te inteleg?
  • 46.Cui ii spui cand ai o problema?
  • 47.De ce ai nevoie in acest moment?
  • 48.Cum te simti?
  • 49.Esti genul de persoana care spune ca e bine , dar defapt nu e?
  • 50.Ce aduce fericirea?
  • 51.Ai motive sa fii fericit/a?
  • 52.Ai motive sa fii trist/a?
  • 53.Singur/a sau ai pe cineva?
  • 54.Piesa ta preferata?
  • 55.Poti spune ca cunosti bine o persoana?
  • 56.Iubesti?
  • 57.Ai vrea sa iubesti?
  • 58.Ce poate desparti 2 oameni care se iubesc?
  • 59.Cui ii spui "Buna dimineata!" prima data?
  • 60.Ce faci de obicei intr.o zi obisnuita?