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Hey do you guys have a way to search for otome games only? When I tried on the main site it would keep giving me BL games too, and all the otome games with no bl are tagged as yaoi too (´・ω・`)

Uwah…that is sorta funny how everything for girls is tagged as yaoi (Sorry about that! I’ll let my supervisors know. Plus, right now we are having a survey campaign to hear what users have to say. Please feel free to let us know!

As for finding otome games…if you go into the advanced search section/genre box, there should be a “women’s viewpoint” box. If you click that (along with selecting “female” for audience), otome games/otome oriented works should pop up. Hope this helps!!! 

@rose-bertram: this right here is A DREAM COME TRUE!
thank so much to the team @si_swimsuit @mj_day@ja_neyney @yutsai88 i can’t express my feelings right now! i’ve waited so impatiently to share this with you guys.
i could write a book about how i feel but ill keep it short! work hard, believe in yourself, and don’t let anything stop you.
i came from nothing and always got told i was too short to make it into the modelling industry.
today im gratefull and blessed❤️
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