CDRP AU || Relationships


Elsa’s younger sister. Because of their close ages, they have a very good relationship. Elsa knows that Anna can take care of herself, but that doesn’t stop her from jumping in and protecting Anna when things get sticky. When they do have their one free together, they spend it outside beneath a tree talking about nothing and everything


Childhood friend. They drifted apart before high school, but a year and a half ago, they became friends again after she noticed that he has a crush on Anna. Elsa being the shipper that she is, has been trying to get them together. But even so, they are good friends. They like to poke fun at each other. Don’t tell him, but he’s the only one that’s allowed to call her princess. They’re very protective of each other. They have this unspoken pact that they’ll scare/humiliate any one that tries anything funny with them. 


Elsa’s “little sister”. They met during orientation and Elsa decided to take Melody under her wing. They go shopping together, do each other’s nails, talk about boys and about life in general. Because she considers Melody her little sister, Elsa is very protective of her. 


Childhood friends. Their parents know each other so they basically have known each other since they were babies. Elsa loves talking to Merida because she’s mature for her age. She also loves Merida’s little brothers


Good friend. Elsa is Aurora’s math tutor and they became good friends as a result. They sometimes play tennis together because they both love to have a good time. They even go to the beach. 


Good friend. Elsa and Alice have a few frees together and they spend that time talking to each other rather than studying. Elsa is rather protective of Alice and glares at anyone that gives Alice an issue. But she knows Alice will keep her head up, but she can’t help but want to slap people who tease her.


They know each other through Student Council. Elsa finds him rather funny and wishes that they’ll be friends before graduation. She thinks it’s hilarious that he’s intimidated by her. They have a class together so hopefully this year, they’ll be friends!

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*whispers* listen here, dearie. I have a potion that could anyone fine you IRRESISTABLE. And I see you have found yourself, well, in quite a fix. Thought the offer might appeal. Think about it. You would be doing both of you a favor, you see how he struggles to even talk with your sister? But with you, there's none of that tension. Your choice, my sweet

“You must think that I’m a cruel person if you’re offering this to me,” Elsa snapped. “I would never do that to Kristoff, to my sister! I want him to fall for me not because of a silly potion, that for all I know is poisoned. Besides, it would hurt Anna and I would rather die a thousand deaths than be the cause of her unhappiness.”